Noob's guide to growroom set-up : a work in progress

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by rhizome, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Man where were you a few months ago when I started my rooms. Ha ha.:thumbsup:

    Keep her comming, dont stop now:Rasta:

    Pay It Forward
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    Great informative thread
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    Should the white paint be flat white or glossy and will it reflect enough for fast growth.
    Thanks I just signed on to your site and just starting to get started in a bedroom.I really like the way you go into detail makes for good reading.
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    Welcome. Flat white reflects better than glossy. There is a roof coating called Cool Seal that has worked well for me. Home Depot and lowes should have it and it will be in the roofing dept. It is just like paint as far as putting it on but I think it holds up better. So what do you have in mind for your set up?
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    got some nutrient tips?? and no i don't want a list of guano and stuff i cant find or afford. hardware store, garden center would be ideal:thumbsup:.
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    advanced multi spectrum CFL lights

    I suggest to research more on CFL lights. Nowdays there are CFL lights that would be no less efficient than HID or sodium lights.
    If you are interested to purchase them and if you need a complete indoor system check AEROPONIC and HYDROPONIC INDOOR VEGITATION GROWING SYSTEMS
    They got that all.
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    Their CFL light fixtures look like bathroom fixtures you can get at Home Depot or Lowes.
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    Ha, that's funny! :D

    I just put one of those (a 3 bulb) in my bath 2 weeks ago. The 3 bulb fixture was like,.. 8 bucks?
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    Ya, this is one I made with a 3 light fixture that was going to be thrown away. I bent a reflector and painted it silver. After this pic I covered it with some leftover mylar. Added "Y" splitters and use 6 42w bulbs. I also used some eye screws, light rope and a jam cleat from a sail boat so I can adjust it up and down. I use it for seedlings and vegging.

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    I was going to set up a room that is lined with windows going around the entire thing. These windows have screens, but I was worried about pests. Also, I was thinking that it might not be good because the light isn't fully sealed out. I appreciate any opinions on this that you might have, and thank you.

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    This thread is awesome for the first timers. It should be required reading before posting questions to the board! What a great community asset. I am a noob. In the design phase, studying and researching for a room that I will build in the next 6 - 8 weeks. This info is invaluable. I have a few observations.

    1. You could employ a few iris valves into intake duct or even directly into the wall. Coupled with a fan controller this would allow micro adjustments for flow control need to defeat noise.

    2. In the venting calculation it would be useful to have a multiplier that accounts for a reduction in the vent duct - say you have to drop from an 8" duct to a 6" duct.

    A practical question - is there any reason to not leave the fans running all of the time? My major concern is odor control so I would prefer to just let the fan run. Also, can anyone comment on carbon filters? I am willing to invest what ever is needed for odor control. Will a good carbon filter completely eliminate odor? Completely? If so, any recommendations? Perhaps coupled with a ONA type neutralizer?
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    Great info here, I am new to this and I am like a sponge right now reading everything I can get my hands on, thanks for the info.
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    Thats an awesome homemade light fixture for seedlings, I am going to make one like it I use 2 4ft flos but its not very bright for them, thanks
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    Hi people :))
    im an outdoor grower 5years and now its time for indoor.

    i have space with no windows, enought electycity power.
    i've planing to separate 3 spaces
    1-st 110cm wide 185cm long 2,45m tall,plan to growing ordinarry seeds from my past outdoor yields
    2-nd 210cm wide 110cm long 2,45m tall,plan growing 2 seeds white widow,2 power plant ,2 super skunk#11 and 3 super skunk fenimized seeds
    3-rd 100cm x 100cm for clones from the skunk seeds

    would difrent seeds grow together in same space?
    the ventilation bothers me and controling the heat and humidity
    any sugestions people?
    regards to this comunity!
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    rooms verses Cabnets.

    ok so far loads of good stuff but I still after reading many of the post suggested to me not found the one question answered I was really looking for. Maybe I am just old blind and senile or simply seen the answer and it did not lodge in my brain pan correctly.

    I am transforming my old terrarium into a hydroponics set up.
    Privacy 100%
    Water availability 100%
    Others wandering in or out, no prob it is a terrarium and stood workin in this same spot for 5 years.
    I plan to put an external covering of plywood simulated sticky paper on the external side of the walls, this is not glass but made from reinforced 2CM thick plexiglass. My friends use to call it the Iguana mobile (pope Mobile) as it is umm Stable and HEAVY built.

    Nice part about this is unlike glass I can simply use a drill or cutter to make needed holes mounts or such wth no worries of broken glass.

    Humidity no prob, adjustable even with humidifier intakes on the top for a downward flow of water particles if needed, Lighting set up is two slidable adjustable lamp sets which run from top of the back wall to 1/3rd down the full heigth. with secondary inlets for the sides halfway down the side walls towards the front if needed.

    So by the time we cover the outside with the imitaiton wood paper it will look like any of the other large "shrunks" Portable closets, in the house, also making it light tight and easier to clean from the inside when needed.

    Question is though, this monster is 6.5 feet long, 6 feet high, and just over 3 feet front to back.

    Gives an average size if 117 Cubic Feet or 19.5 Square feet of space. Which do I use to calculate for the Watt of light I need for this?
    Cubic feet says I need 234000 Lumins
    Square feet calculations say 39000

    As I can run 1 or 2 lamps from the upper back wall, or smaller lamps one on each side half way up the side walls, or should I best go with an all around approach and run 4 smaller watt lamps from each socket for a combined lumin output overall?

    Plan to use high pressure Sodiums off set with Metal Halide between vegative and flower periods.
    And yes, the inside of the upper 1/3rd of the structures walls and full ceiling will have reflectice foil applied as well.

    Only real problem I see to date with the entire location not being optimum by the questionair to date is the ventilation issue (Good tips on that also by the way), still trying to figure how to work that since German windows do not rise up and down like american windows but tilt from the top inward with the bottom of the window still staying flush with the base of the window opening, or they can swing open like a door inward giving no real option for a partial ventelation.

    The window in question however looks out onto our back yard (All 5 acres or so of it) So will not be a real eyepopper if I simply open the window during days and lay the vent tube out the edge then close it off at night, EXCEPT for winters which can be bitterly cold here. As I said, still working on the vent issue for now, house walls are 3 foot thick soild stone and morter so no otption to drill or make a seperate vent hole for this operation through the wall.

    Also private growing is frowned upon in my part of Germany but not illegal so long as I do not trade brater sell or transport what I grow. So a small amount of fragrance is also not a big problem I just do not want the entire house smelling sickly sweet or some such.

    Still reading maybe will find the answer as I go on, but any ideas and suggestions are helpful. If someone can explain how I can also maybe post some pics of the terrarium so folks have a better idea of that which therof I speaketh, HUmm not good at fancy smancy words :)
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    this really helped me ALOT! im a total newbie at growing. still confused about nutes and when and what to feed the plants. just found a 600w cool tube and a bunch of other grow equip. that my landlord left behind lol cant wait to start!:thumbsup:
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    Lighting issue

    humm ok so far no replies to my question above which then leads me to wonder and thus ask, Am I simply making this too difficult or eggheady for myself. Am I "over simplifing" the entire light issue, making it seem more complex than it really need to be?

    Just wondering.
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    Tolmarex get seeds for Hashplant :) Im growing one and the odor is so good from close but disopates fast. Also good ventilation controls the odor.

    And for the lightning 35000-135000 lumens is what direct sunlight produces :S

    my grow setup is 3 square feet with 1 plant and i only have 6 bulbs that each produce up to 1300 lumens :) in flowering stage.

    for veggie i have 3 21w CFL 6500k wich each produce 1000 lumens for 1 square feet area
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    where has teh Rhizome gone
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    I almost have nothing to say. Loud and clear. Maybe this should be a supplementary.

    The dry environment of your house may present another problem in growing your plants indoors. If your house doesn't have a whole-house humidifier (I certainly don't!), you can still provide the perfect humidity for these plants…and it won't break the bank.

    First, remember to finely mist the plants with water weekly. (See? I told you this wasn't going to cost you an arm and a leg!) You can also add humidity to the specific area where the plants are by simply setting a dish of water near the heat source in the room. As the heat source operates, it naturally evaporates the water, which in turn adds moisture into the air.
    Carmel Santos
    CEO of Herb Gardening Guide
    The Australian Guide to Herb Gardening

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