Noob's guide to growroom set-up : a work in progress

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by rhizome, Sep 6, 2007.

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    2 x 6 closet space

    How much lighting for this small space? 4 plants. Looking at CFL's. Either full spectrum bulb or cool/warm mix to get veg/flower best combination.

    600 watts for 12 square feet with proper mix of yellow and red light spectrum?
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    Greetings all, I am new to the forum, and I did rather extensive research before building my growbox, basically by combing through forums and looking for any help online and the aspect I am still the most unsure of is ventilation. My box is not too big-just for one plant- about 40x24x24 (inches)and my light is a 40 watt 5000k CFL. I built a passive intake system(cutting matching holes parallel to each other on two sides) however it seemed like a lot of light was escaping so I built a hood for the holes, just an angle piece of cardboard to redirect the light, the openings are still there. I was concerned about ventilation still so I put a fan in the box, it is just a bit too big for me to put it anywhere but it does fit. I have angled it upward in hopes that with the passive intake and air flow from the fan would be adequate ventilation. Does anyone have any good advice for me? Am I doing anything terribly wrong or will my setup work for the entire lifespan of my plant?
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    You do need or at least have some kind of fan to push freash air in or draw it out. On one of my boxes i have a window type box fan mounted over a hole in the top of the box to draw the upper hot air out and pull the cool air in from holes i cut near the bottom. Computer fans also work good and can be used different ways. I've used them to make inline fans and to just blow air onto the plants. I mostly used the larger 120mm fans i think. Just be sure of the transformer you use. You should try to add more light when you can. I have a box about that size and had 6-8 of the 40w cfl's. You could do some seperate side lights to it. I still have the box but now have a 400w hid ballast to run it.

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    Favorite Thread

    One thing that seems to be missing for me is equipment recommendations. I mean actual brands. Perhaps I am just not seeing it, but I am surprised to find that no one has started a discussion on equipment reliability, efficiency, and quality.

    By now I have read enough books that I am ready to take the next step in planning that would allow me to budget for equipment. Lights, ballasts, CO2, hydro, environmental controls, etc. There seems to be so much available out there, and knowing wattage seems to be the tip of the iceberg.

    Can someone point me in the direction for equipment reviews?
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    You need to start by deciding what size space you can do. And you don't have to start big and build it up as you go and need. This is a good place to start shopping:, Hydroponics and Gardening Supplies they have good prices and are someone you can trust.
    Check there prices and brands and then go to Ebay to compair. They do have an Ebay store also. So what size do you want to start and how much money do you have?
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    passive air vent?

    where is the best place for the passive air intake vents? i have a romm , 5x13 split into 2 rooms , veg 5x5 and flower 5x8 , i plan on to share the output fan, bewteen the rooms, and was wondering ,about how large do the passive intake vents need to be? and should i put them in the waLLs? or use the ceiling in between the rafters? ,
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    ive seen friends grow ops good and bad ones and ive recently started my own small one .. i set up the natural 50/50 cow manure and compost i bought at wally world. i am also experminting with the 5 gal bucket homemade dwc hydro system. i am wondering the amounts of nutrients and the what to look out for for both systems. i havent started the dwc growing yet but hope to be within another week or so.
    so anybody with tips or there own proven way the help would be greatly appreciated

    stay up there ppl :p

    ps it is a closet op but plenty tall and no more than a few plants approx 3x3
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    I've been debating my choice of spots, so this really settled it for me. Well, I had already made up my mind and started to purchase junk, but I scored a B (180pts) so that's not too bad.

    Are there any negative multipliers? I live across the street from a Christian school . . . but I don't know NONE of them damn kids!!!!!
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    Yes, this "will work", but IMHO it's not the best idea in a lot of states. It lacks stealth. If you're venting to the outside, vent your room through the floor if you're in a pier and beam structure, or through a dryer vent in you're on a slab. These are innocuous to that FLIR camera. The underside of the house will allow the heat to dissipate by venting through the floor, and a dryer vent can be in use any time of the day or night - so they're "innocent" heat sources in the eye of a FLIR..

    Anything written here is purely hypothetical as I cannot morally condone doing anything illegal and my presence here should not be construed as an interest in nor my endorsing anyone breaking any laws. Any terminology used here such as “I”, “me”, “mine”, “her”, “hers”, or “ours” are simply being used for the purposes of role playing in a purely hypothetical scenerio.

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    Rhizome, much appreciation goes out to you for post this grow room setup guide! Just read the entire thing (it's 2:14 am and I couldn't put it down--like a good novel), bookmarked it, and plan to follow it, step by step, during my setup over over the next 4-8 weeks. Better info than my Cervantez growers bible. Thanks again bro!

    As for folks who asked for brands / prices, I found it easy to use the "gardener's digest" or "sunlight supply, inc" catalog for quick ballpark prices on all the aforementioned products. Of course you can google, but both catalogs are arranged by system (ventilation, lighting, etc) so easy to use. Best of all they were free at the local grow shop or download online here Gardeners Digest. A Comprehensive Year Round Gardening Resource
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    really appreciate the thread..

    mad ups to ya Rhizome. Your knowledge and wisdom is appreciated.

    Learn of others mistakes, your time will be easier...
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    rhizome, thank you, thank you, thank you your presentation style is perfect for someone (like me) who needs plain English step by step advise!
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    If you are planning to grow take this advice. Tent 2'x4' $79, T-5 2'x4' 8 bulb light $100, 8 T-5 4' (4 of each) extra bulbs for flower and bloom $35, Recipe for succsses (nutes) $45, Air pump with stones $50, 6" Ex fan with duct $45, Containers for growing $15, 2 -10 " fans $25, Electronic PH and PPM meters (1 each) $25, Timer $10 (better ones with humidity meter are more), bug strip $2 and a misc amount of crap $50 but the most important thing you will buy or get are your SEEDS!!!! I can not put a price on that, thats up to you! Without seeds cost is around $480.I spent more than that because I tried to make my cabinet and make shift light fromt he begining and I regret not just buying them both from the start. If this help great if you dont agree thats ok as well but..... I already see a huge difference!!!!! I have a new thread in cabinet growing for the new growers. I am on my second and have learned so much from the people here its not even funny. Check it out and it may help some of you. You can ask any questions you like as well and if I can help I will.....I have dealt with so much my first time that for all the new peeps I may be able to answer you a lot easier since I didn not understand at first but now I know it like the birth marks on my wifes ass!
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    Thanks for all this great info. I wish, I wish, I WISH I had found this forum and been able to have read it BEFORE I started. However, paranoia and stupidity stopped that from happening. It's really nice when people with experience are willing to share with the rest of us!
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    Thanks for this info! I'm very new to growing and I'm finding it's not easy being green. First attempt is with DWC. Very useful!
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    1st time growing in a tent 120,80,180 was thinking 6 plants veg for two week under a 300w cfl before flowering 12/12 with 600hps any advice.
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    What if I have a cabinet that is in a shop Jimi can lock it so that kids or other adults cannot get inside.
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    What do you think about grow lights?

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