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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by hemodilator, May 30, 2007.

  1. hemodilator

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    Hey guys do you guys have a list of Northern California Cannabis Clubs?

    In the past 2 months all 3 of the Cannabis Clubs i used to go to all got raided down for wierd reasons.

    I already have a doctors recommendation thingy but a few of my friends were wondering how does this process works. I explained to them basicly you hafe to be 18 i think... find a weed doctor pay 100-200$ get recommendation get the club card. For me i need it for legitimate reasons but for my friends no lol.

    So it will be nice if you guys could give me a few list around the Bay Area.
  2. happiestmferoutthere

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  3. hemodilator

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    thanks.. anymore people out there? i know alot of u guys are from the BAY!

    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    ok do we have, or is there a list or site, for co ops near the eureka arcata area? moving that way soon. I have all my Legitimate medical records. So when i arrive and get situated. I would like to have all my duck's in a row. there was a list of DR.s and i cant find that anymore. As i said my conditions are legitimate so i shouldn't have any problems. I HOPE!:thumbsup:
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  5. Humboldt215

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    humboldt clubs

    when ya get up here, ill shoot ya the info.

    when is the move?
  6. smokinbomb

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    California NORML look here and they have links to other lists of clubs


    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    Im trying to get it done around the 2 nd or 3rd of Sept. Fuck bro im having a hell of a time with this apartment shit. I have been looking on the net at. Eureka, Fortuna, Arcata. I think my employment prospect's are better towards eureka/ fortuna. But the rentals are just not there. I did get a response from Weott?? but not sure about that. any ideas or info on Apts in those area's?? I spoke with a guy at a restaurant about a job he told me to call when i arrive. thank's bro!!:thumbsup:
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  8. Dr. Bloor

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    Forget Weott, there ain't no weott in Weott! Nay as rule out Meters Flar also. A real slice of heaven
  9. Humboldt215

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    ya if your movin up here for 1st time, weott, redway, myers flat, garberville, alderpoint, honeydew them places might be a good place to stay away from :)

    Try Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville. That is where u will be able to find a job and housing at, along with making new "people".

    All the jobs down there (which arent many) will go to established locals, or friends of.

    September eh? your going to make it just in time for outdoor harvest!!!

    Then the rain starts.

    You'll dry off around june :p

    edit: I checked the link

    Northern California - Cannabis Co-Op Directory / Cannabis Club :

    its pretty outdated and the only dr they have on there isnt worth a damn. They arent even posting the several clubs up here.

    There is a good Dr that is a supporter of the local District Attorney and helped to write part of the 215 guidelines, I would suggest him.
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    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it I will let you know when I arrive and where im at. PEAC:thumbsup:E.
  11. MadSativa

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    Berkely got shut down too it looks like it is getting grim over their, those of you who arnt that sick need to help the fight for those who are to sick to fight. You must use the very sick as you examples and you who are healthy enough to fight must fight, protest, letters, start showing up on the Governators time, take him a doctor to set him strait and be relentless caus the cops are doing the same. You must fight harder than them you got the numbers but they are strong this makes them slow and hard to menuver, while you are fast and agile. Do not let them win

    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    I have been looking at Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna. I havent checked out Mckinleyville. out of Eureka, Mckinleyville. Which one do you think would be easier for housing and employment?? I think I have a job at. Well I will let you know that when I arrive. Due to my disability I just cant stand on my feet for long periods without pain pills. 13 months post op Back surgery. Tha Cannabis makes it easier, And i also have to take less pain pills. I was on oxycodone for severe pain,20 mg x1 every 12 hrs. and i am was supposed to use the hydrocodone for breakthrough pain between the oxy's. Then not to mention they also have me on alprazolam for panic attack's. I am off the oxy's, but need the others in order to do my day to day chores. I am trying to minimize the hydro and alprazolam. there was a time they had me on so many med's i didnt know if i was coming or going. I am doing a lot better now. My back still causes me pain but there are thing's that make it just a nlittle more tolerable. And i have to work cant stand to just lay around and veg every day.:thumbsup:
  13. Humboldt215

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    Dude, what the hell are you talking about? This is humboldt. The DA and Pot Dr's here are 'friends'. The cops give back pot to 215 patients ALL the time (if confiscated when med script cant be verified at first), and when you do flash your 215 card they tell ya to go on your way assuming you arent being dicky and smoking in the park in front of a bunch of kids or blazin while ya drive.

    Anything less than an ounce they just toss if your not a med patient, its the mecca for cannabis users.
  14. Humboldt215

    Humboldt215 Registered+

    Arcata is too expensive because of the university students. Eureka is mid priced and McKinleyville is lower (12 miles north of eureka), I'd suggest the later 2 towns.

    Whelp 5.56am and I'm off to Redding before the heat hits.. see u stoners in about 12 hrs.
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    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    hey humboldt the more i look and research. It may make more sense to go to the Redding area. Job Mkt. For one and the housing seems to be cheaper. I know it's bigger than the latter two we talked about. But for all practical purposes it would make more sense to go there i think. Do you have any input on Shasta county? I looked at housing, jobs, etc. And from what i can tell i can get a recomendation there as well. Or is it harder, Or do you know? Again my Pain is legitimate with documentation so all should be good ya think? trying to put this together with all my duck's in a row. Thank's for all your input. Peace.:thumbsup:
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  16. inbud

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    i am near redding...and also a medical patient...not in shasta county.....the area is warm/HOT, and the housing is available.....a freind in Shasta Lake City says the law there is six plants in flower...1.3 lb in possession, the whole county the same...tho not as loose as Humbolt county. i just mentioned to my doc (cronic pain also)that i tired MJ for pain, and next thing i know he is writing a recomendation for me..i didnt even know he was a MJ recomendation writing doc. look between Humbolt and Shasta, tho the jobs are not readily had, it is a beautiful place. For housing, try the outlaying areas around Redding, like Shasta lake City...further you go...more reasonable rent....dont know what you are looking for employment wise..but redding is a pretty big town, seveny thou i the job opportunity there (unless you are in construction which is down now) is better prolly than the county between humbolt and Shasta...trinity.

    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    Thank's for the input. I appreciate it very much. I am seeing where the surrounding area's are cheaper on the rent.:thumbsup:

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