'NORCAL DADDYS GIRL' seeds available very soon ...

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by the image reaper, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Hemp Depot is currently germination-testing IR Seeds' pet project (well, it had to have a name :D) 'NorCal Daddys Girl' should be available in a few days, I should think ... a very limited supply, too, so don't delay, if you've been wanting this one ... the wildfires put a deathblow to my seedplants, so only 250 were made available this time around ... do NOT purchase NCDG, if you like a couchlock strain ... NCDG has very little body effect, she is primarily a mood-elevator, pretty spacey, and excellent for treating depression ... an active, daytime smoke ... and, oh, so lovely of a girl, too :yippee:
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  3. xcrispi

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    Congrats old school .
    Your hard work paid off .
    Crispi :stoned:
  4. the image reaper

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    LOL, 'old-school', why, that's one of the nicest things I've ever been called :thumbsup: (and, I've been called everything :D) ... thanks, my friend :jointsmile:
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    :clap::clap::clap: And the crowd goes wild :clap::clap::clap:

    TIR, Damn bro, I'm so happy to see this...Congratulations no one in my opinion is more deserving.... I wish I had the cash to get some of those beans, I live in Nor - Cal and nobody local has even heard of it yet...

    So are you still OTR.... I haven't heard much from you man...I'll be watching for more NCDG grows I know Tree and WT got some going, so I'll get my fix for the Daddy's Girl vicariously through them.... I just love that name you chose, Maybe cuz I've got 3 daughters, and we all live in Nor Cal....

    Keep up the good work Brother....:thumbsup:

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  6. LolaGal

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    Boohoo! Can't afford the Daddy's Girl today, and I bet they don't last long enough for me to get some after Christmas.

    She looks mighty fine IR, and I'm proud of you. Anyway, got the page bookmarked and will keep my fingers crossed they don't sell out before I get any.
  7. the image reaper

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    thanks for the kind comments :) ... I had to go with a seedbank, to allow you folks' access to my NCDG seeds ... I got a lot of requests, but is just too risky for me to attempt distribution myself ... this way,it takes some of the heat off of me (I hope) ... I did request that they be priced economically ... I ain't in this for the money (which is why I'll die broke :D) ... as for the naming of her, I always called her 'Daddys Girl' (I called ALL my plants 'daddys girls', my whole growing life :D) ... then, awhile after naming her, I discovered that 'Kiwi Seeds' already had a strain called 'Daddy's Girl', a strain he developed from an African sativa (no similarity whatsoever to my NCDG) ... anyway, I communicated with Kiwi Seeds (a very nice guy, in a family operation) ... Kiwi was very cordial, said 'no worries' about me unknowingly stealing his name ... I think it was StinkyAttic that suggested tacking the 'NorCal' tag to its title, to avoid confusion ... she also came up with the 'IR Seeds' name, (I think she may be my manager/promoter) :D ... hmmm, any fringe benefits with that title, Stinker ?? :computerlove1: ...
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  8. Treetops

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    Congrats Reaper...its great seeing you be rewarded for all your hard work and desire for the good of the plant...NorCalDaddys Girl will always be in my stable...Again thanks for all your efforts and more....

    To Reaper and his continued success with NCDG!!!

    Treetops :thumbsup:
  9. d4twamp

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    Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray....:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. whodii

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    Anyone had a germination problem with these? I've only gotten 1 out of 3 to pop so far. I use the paper towel method.
  11. DTRave420

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    Havn't had the pleasure of trying them...Might need a slight scuff...Nice to see you whodi...Havn't seen ya since HG...
  12. whodii

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    Hey rave! Ya I miss the good folks from hg420.. good to see ya:jointsmile:
  13. the image reaper

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    germination info ...

    here's the best germination info I've run across ... NCDG seeds are fresh, scuffing or pre-soaking are not advised ...
    Germination :thumbsup:
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    Great germ info "IR"...Tell ya man,lookin' back,I'm kind of embarrased at germ advice I've given to people over the years...My thing has always been germin' in a warm bathroom with the paper towel method...I'd even turn on a hot shower for a few moments to make it more humid...Seemed to work good but after reading that article,I'm spooked...The thing I never liked about germin in the medium is not being able to see the seeds...I grow two plants at a time and if one pops its head 2 or 3 days before the other it's very tempting to stick a tooth pick down in the dirt to see what's going on before one plant is a week older than the other...
    Sorry to ramble,great info...:thumbsup:
  15. Treetops

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    Hey Gang,
    Thanks to Image Reapers method from Mike Mandala I now get almost 100%results in germinating my seeds every time...
    I too like to see my seeds cracking, and this can be done using this method....Just make a slit or pull the rapid rooter apart, making a "rapid rooter womb" ...drop a seed in it...and sit back,watch and wait...

    Try it, if this rookie can do it so can you...

    Treetops :thumbsup:

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  16. antman2

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    my daddy's girl experience so far

    I ordered the seeds soon after they were avail from HD.
    Had no problem germinating ( in wet towel ) but had most plants die after breaking surface of soil. Looked like the root /stem just withered. Seems the seeds that were planted that didn't sprout out of the shell survived.I got 3 plants out of 10 seeds . Doing ok after a month but I burnt them a bit with a worm castings tea.
  17. veggii

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    "IR Seeds" your a celebrity know congrats !! better copywright the name ! and make more seeds!! what lines can we expect to see in the future ? hint! hint! is IR Seeds hiring? I come with a couple good strains! lol way togo IR congrats :thumbsup:

  18. the image reaper

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    I'm very sorry to hear that ... the withering stems after emerging is textbook "Pythium Wilt', or 'damping off' ... it's a fungal bad-boy that is caused by a too-damp environment ... that's one reason, I don't use the wet-paper towel germinating, it's a breeding ground ... an old tip was to use add a bit of bleach to the wet paper towels, but I feel more secure, just using chlorinated tapwater during germination ...
  19. whodii

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    *** UPDATE ***

    Well i tried germinating 3 NCDG seeds in paper towel

    1st one germed in 2 days or so.. planted in straight coco and it ended up sprouting above the coco just fine and looked good. 2 days later it stretched a lot and it fell over and the stem got real skinny. Well I just put mroe coco around the long, skinny stem. It seems like it's gonig to survive, so we'll see. I'm not sure if it was some kind of fungi or not; but my 400watt MH was 3ft above the seedling and I think this is what caused it to stretch so much and fall over.

    The other 2 wouldn't germinate in the paper towel so I burried one in straight coco and about 5 days later it looks like it's about to sprout above the coco anytime now.

    The 3rd one I put in rapid rooters a day ago so hopefully it'll sprout in a few days.

    I also germed 2 more NCDG in paper towel but didn't wet the paper towel as much as the other ones i tried to germ in the paper towels. THese germinated just fine within 2 days. Got them In coco and should be sprouting in a couple of days.

    I'll continue to update and let you all know how it works out. Thanks for the seeds IR
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  20. whodii

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    Too damp environment or too damp medium? Damp as in really humid? I thought it was good for it to be humid. What are ways you can prevent this; running a fan once they sprout above the medium?

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