norcal lifer moving to Orofino...what can you tell me??

Discussion in 'Idaho (ID)' started by trainwreck530, Dec 14, 2007.

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    hey whats up guys. im moving to orofino in about a week. i am a little worried about what the bud situation is there. its going to be like a whole diff universe. if you have a zip or less 99% of the time the cops here will just make you stomp it out. ive even had them give me my herb/scale back.....before i had my script.

    ive gotten to used to the lax attitude toward weed here, i know its not like that in the rest of the country. anyway im wondering what you guys can tell me about the town, area, culture, people, or just the herb situation in general. my friend says she knows a couple people who blaze, but i want to get an insiders view on the reality of the scene. one thing i am looking foward to is the snow/cold:dance:


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    lol, prepare to be SHOCKED, in a very cruel way. I looked, and looked, but i have been successful, it was not easy though. Yeah I am in Boise so thats far away, but I am originally from Sonoma County, so coming to Idaho was quite a shock. In Hayden, ID they have actually decriminalized ganja. Like last week. There is counter culture, but its kind of hidden. It will find you. peace.

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