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    We need your help in nebraska reforming our marijuana laws please contact us at 1-866NEB4THC or email us at
    our website is
    please folks we need you to help us! the bill wont happen if we dont have the people behind it peace
    Ryan Skipton :thumbsup:
  2. Grandma111

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    sshh... Nebraska is still sleeping.

    I'm already a member of NORML. I do believe we need to make more noise. Need to get some attention on this matter. Any great ideas? How about a state July 4th Independence day smokeathon at 4:20? Nebraska will probably be the last state to pass med. cannabis. Look how they worded the gambiling vote several years back. Everybody wanted it, but they made it confusing. That is, if you didn't do your homework before voting. Nebraskans are stagnant thinkers. Cannabinoid deficients. Try eating some hemp seed(omega3,omega6,10 essential amino acids), it is very good for the brain and the body.

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