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  1. sexy smoke

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    ANYone from northern Ireland PM ME PLEASE!
  2. cannabis campbell

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    And why would that be?
  3. stinkyattic

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    We do not have PMs because anything that you would need to discuss may be discussed right out in the open on the forums.
    This is getting moved to locals, and be advised that if you are looking for a hookup, look somewhere else.

    oh edit- Would you prefer that I move the thread to the Ireland local forum, or the United Kingdom forum? I don't want to insult anyone...
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  4. pass_the_dubbie

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    I dont think people here are too worried where you move it too, technically its about northern ireland which is its own country but a part of the united kingdom. People make too big of a deal of it really but I just tend to say im from the north of both ways..or something..
  5. stinkyattic

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    All right, I'm putting it in Ireland for historical reasons then.
  6. ned

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    Board Listings > > >

    United Kingdom.
    England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

    ..its about northern ireland which is its own country.

    WRONG!!!! It's part of IRELAND and NOT it's "own country" !!!!!
    Time to leave aside the ARROGANCE and read some history!

    Have a good one!!
  7. pass_the_dubbie

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    I know the history I was just trying to say that some people care about it...some people dont. I dont really care sorry if I offended you :thumbsup:
  8. HippyInIreland

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    Northern Ireland is Ireland thats just run still buy a forgien gorerment like the hole of ireland was untill 1916 and the north is 1 of the last of the great british empire,s money making machine
    We are all irish still, The same way the indians were still indains and are still divided like the north to this 2 this day the chinese were chinese still , austrailians were still oz,s and even the yanks at 1 stage were part of britian, I think a 1/3 of the world was britian thats even better than hitler did
  9. HippyInIreland

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    And if u claim to be British and the north is Britain best chances u come from a scot,s decent and sold out like Robert the Bruce for bread and water instead of staying like William (braveheart) Wallace and ended up here working for the people that stole your land and killed your people

    There,s my 2 bob,s worth
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  10. da dubs

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    :) :hippy:
  11. belfastben

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  12. moshmonkey

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    so we all liked to get stoned in Northern Ireland too :jointsmile:

    i consider the island of Ireland to be Irish, living in Donegal im in "the north" quite often, also cos my fiance lives in Belfast, and were gettin married in 11 days :hippy:

    anywoo, some great places to get toasted in northern Ireland, fave has got to be the giants causeway, but beware, climbing those bitch steps up the side of the cliff is no easy task when baked.
  13. TheBudBuster

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    Well said...

    And congrats on the wedding.. Go nutz. LOL party time..

  14. TheBudBuster

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  15. mc_phisto_man

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    Hey guys...I'm a newbie to this forum...Just wondering if everyone else is facing the dreaded "D" word in your area...I'm in Omagh and it is an absolute joke...Not a bit of anything...anywhere. Disaster.
  16. sunnyse

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    Freudian slip:D:)
  17. 26 + 6 = 1

    Stay high
  18. moshmonkey

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    really? thought with Omagh being a decent size there would be plenty, there is in Donegal :Rasta:
  19. ned

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    Philosophy's can Endanger the mind.. :p

    ned.. :jointsmile:

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  20. Keldog

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    Hello folks. I'm a medicinal cannabis user from California soon visiting N.I. What's the likelihood of finding some meds on the Antrim Coast? Thanks!

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