Northern light vs Amnesia Haze

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    Hi Folks.

    I've a few plants on the go, 6 weeks into flower. One is fairly sickly, or so I think! 2 of them are grand. The eldest plant is going well, skunk#1.
    The other 2 are the same age and I'm thinking I may have inadvertently labelled them wrong.

    If the sickly (drooping, insignificant bud growth) plant were the amnesia then the sativa appearance and given she's only half way through flower might explain the symptoms!! Have never grown such sat dom plant before.

    I'm keeping close eye on the trichs and would like to flush final time before harvest now, but with another 6 weeks on Amnesia haze to go I thought I'd refer to the wisdom on here.
    The sickly plant is bigger than both others as well making me think I erred! The pic is labelled as I think they are but am doubting myself!

    What do ye think?

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