not here now ...but i wuz lol

Discussion in 'Idaho (ID)' started by Rollin420, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Rollin420

    Rollin420 Registered

    Well i seen that there is like NO ONE posting in this forum and since im from Idaho (born and raised) AND since i do smoke weed i thought id put a post up and try to make every one feel better
  2. nomadherbman

    nomadherbman Registered+

    i lived in moscow and potlach for 7 years
    its been along time since ive been in the northwest tho...
    i miss it..dont want to sound like a hick but after living here in detroit the sticks sound great!
  3. grim green

    grim green Registered


    i was in priest river for 10 years
  4. akornpatch

    akornpatch Registered

    Boise-Eagle area since 1992.
  5. T®auma

    T®auma Registered+

    indiana 17 years.. the kind of stick part.

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