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    Hey, Guys. So I have a question that needs a somewhat precise answer (or as specific to this situation as possible). I have two strains growing, a Grandaddy Purple@ 30" and a Bubble Berry@4.5' I was just wondering whether or not it is getting close to harvest. i live on the central coast of california and have these growing in my backyard. I thought these strains would not be ready until october, bu they are exhibiting some signs of harvest coming in a few weeks (based on what I have read).

    The Plants

    1. Bubbleberry has about 5-10% amber trichomes (some still clear and majority are milky) and about 20% red hairs (majority are still white/yellow hue). About half of the fan leaves are yellowing, 10% have wilted and needed to be removed/fallen off (mainly on the lower portion of the plant, but some on upper portion). The colas have packed on some decently resinous flowers, but still seem a bit leafy to me.

    2. GDP is exhibiting similar attributes to the Bubble berry), but all of the fan leaves are still dark green (unlike the Bubble Berry).

    On both plants, not all the buds are exhibiting these traits. Some are still looking very much like they are in "development stage of flowering.

    My Questions

    1. I am wondering if I need to start flushing these in order to ready the plants for harvest in a couple weeks?

    2. Should I harvest them a bud/branch at a time?

    3. Am I jumping the gun a bit?

    4. How much longer would someone estimate I have until harvest?

    I am sorry if these are rudimentary questions, but this s my first grow, and I just want to make some good smoke. If they are close to being ready< I need to get to constructing a drying cabinet.

    Thanks, Guys

    1 Bubble Berry (notice yellowing leaves)
    2 Bubble Berry top cola
    3 GDP
    4 GDP top cola
    5 Top of GDP top cola

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  2. oldhaole

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    Cool your jets.

    From what I can see you are a month or more away. Those buds will double in size.

    Now to your questions.

    If you must flush them wait another three weeks. I don't bother to flush my outdoor inground plants. And though they are small and insignificant they do taste good.

    Taking them a branch at a time will get you a slightly bigger harvest. The buds in the shade will fatten up so you will get a little more by staging.

    Yes you are jumping the gun...big time.

    The bigger one... five weeks. Smaller one...more,

    If you must make a mistake, let them go longer than shorter. Nothing says "I screwed up, and I don't know what I'm doing" more than busting out young weed.
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    Haha! True dat! I figured they were a bit premature (or in this case a lot), One of your comments brings me to another question, if you don't mind? That GDP is a really bushy plant, and some of the foliage is blocking the inner buds. I have trimmed a little bit, and tucked/tied a lot, but she is still as bushy as a 70's pornstar. Which makes me wonder if I should just trim a lot of the excess foliage off of her? Would this be ok to do? Where would be the best/worst places to trim from? Should I wait til a later date to trim, and when should I do that? Any advice on this topic, or at all for that matter, would be greatly appreciated. I am a newbie to cannabis horticulture, but I am trying to cure myself of that affliction
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    Leaf me Be

    This year I was given some seeds from California. Leafy as hell. Many will disagree with me. Once the girl is midway into flowering I will take off as many leaves as I want. I remove the bigger ones from the bottoms and let the small ones stay behind.

    Here is an example Pic 1 is before and 2 is after. Pic 3 is the last shot I took of her. As you can see removing the leaves that shade the center of the plant can be done with no long term effect.

    If you do this before she starts to bud, or too early, it will hurt your yield. There is no reason the center of the plant must stay shaded for the last 6 weeks. Those yellow leaves can be removed.

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    This is the hardest time of year. We all work for 4-6 months on outdoor plants, the buds are looking great!. Yet, they are still not ready and we have to wait another Goddamn month before we can even start drying.

    In my experience, removing buds/arms individually will provide a 25-40% increase in yield. I did the same thing with my native non-herb flowers here(bee balm flowers)at the house a week ago, and am already getting a second bloom.
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    So, are you saying that I should cut the most ripe branches, then wait another week or two? (or until the others look like they are completely done)? just to clarify
  7. oldhaole

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    Stage Harvesting

    Take the top and tips of the middle branches below. Leave bottom branches alone. Wait 14 days. The take the rest. This will let the bottom nuggets to get light and they will swell.

    When I stage harvest it increases my yield by @15%. Your mileage may vary. If you have the time it is worth doing.
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    Thank you for the advice, it is greatly appreciated. I am just getting antsy as I have spent the majority of my time making sure these plants are taken care of very well. HOwever, I really have nothing else to do at the moment, so my down time has been spent very well (as far as I am concerned)
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    Here is the best I can do with this crappy camera. I am going to try and rig it to my microscope to take some close up of the trichomes. Until then, here are some pics the more mature buds on the plants

    2-GDP Whole plant before a bit of a trim
    3-GDP after a trim
    4-GDP most "ripe" looking bud on the plant

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  10. NoVaCracker

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    Another Newb w/ questions

    Hey People, how are ya today? Good I hope.

    I dropped this in the ground about July or August here in No. Va, currently I'm sitting at 70-75 in the day and low 60's at night. I dont add fert, I dont even water unless it hasnt rained a few days. I beleive its straight Sativa sensimilla. Anyway, from just looking at the pics posted, whats up, how long and I should I be doing anything else to it, such as trimming, staging or anyof that. Be aware I dont even know what "staging" is so please speak to me on a 1st grade lvl. I'm poor also so no crazy fertz please, simple & basic is all I'm looking for. My main concern is when and does she look like she is doing ok?

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  11. jake1166

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    hey guys i was just wondering by staggering your harvest like that when u actually do that do you just cut the top off or do you have to leave the stem intact in order for the plant to do anything worthwhile for the bottom buds in those last weeks? im a newb as well and im really unsure about how to do this without harming the plant to the point that its not worth it. dont want to intrude on your post just figured the answer could help others as well. have a good one fellas, and happy growing!
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    Damn i guess we get nothing
  13. canniwhatsis

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    It's Forum Etiquette, not a lack of desire to respond to your posts,... its an attempt to keep the OP's thread on track.

    HyJack ON! :D

    NoVa,.... Since you don't even know the strain your dealing with, there's NO WAY for anyone to answer with any kind of certainty. But it looks like a sativa, and it's less than 1/2 way there. It's plugged in the ground, and your not using nutes. Ok, that's how it was grown for thousands of years!

    Go to Radio Shack and get a microscope. Illuminated Microscope - and let the Trichomes tell you when they are done. :jointsmile:

    Jake, I've never taken just part of a plant at harvest, but I believe Haole was referring to taking the more mature "top" of the plant and letting the bottom buds get more light to fatten up more before harvesting them.

    Check his thread out here,.... It's a LONG read, so browse thru it all before posting.

    TTFN HyJackOFF!!!!!!!!! :Rasta:
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    Forget the magnifying glass, sample the product and you'll know.

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