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    Y'all probably already know this but NEVER even GO to Worms Way to buy anything...but if you cash. They TURN YOU IN IN A SECOND!! The MINUTE you leave the store they give the cops your tag # and whatever else they got on me. I KNOW this is true!! Used to work there until I found this out!! SO.....what have we learned here today? NO WORMS WAY!! does anyone know anyplace in RI/MA,(near the RI state line), that sells hydro equipment? Prefferably Waterfarms?
    Thanks much!
    Zoo ~~~^..^~~~
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    Thanks for the heads up. Just so ya all know........they also do a bit of buisiness on e-bay.

    Have a good one!:thumbsup:
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    Heya, kind of a hike, but there's a little shop in Holyoke MA that sells specialty gardening supplies. You have to call to see what's in stock, but they do all sorts of equipment, media, organics, and nutes. Sometimes I go in just because I happen to be in the neighborhood- the owner is a mellow soul and super helpful.

    Sometimes he gets trade-in lights that are in great shape and gives super deals on them.

    It's right on Route 5, just south of the 202 if you're coming of the Mass Pike, get on 1-91 north, take the 202-holyoke exit, get on 5 south, and it's like a couple blocks down on the left next to a small convenience store and I think a barber shop?

    Liquid Sun, 413-539-6875
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    try 'Organically Grown' at 768 Atwood Av., Cranston. they're a bit pricey but it's run by a guy that lost his arm and leg in Iraq so i don't mind spending a little extra. his partner is his older brother and they're both a couple of decent guys. they ARE pricey though
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    I know 2 people who have worked there. (it is right down the street from me)
    They are both calling BS on this statement.
    Why would a place turn in customers that spend thousands of dollars on equipment?
    Makes no sense.
    If this was the case there would be way more busts in both MA. and RI.
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    I have never had a single problem with (online) Worm's Way. I think more information needs to be given before a company is publicly discredited. It would seem like poor business practice to inform police that people are purchasing YOUR products. I can hear the conversation now....
    Cashier: "Officer, that guy in the blue car just bought fertilizer and lights.... so you might want to put him under surveillance."
    Officer: "Ummm, why?"
    Cashier: "Well, you know people ONLY buy this stuff to grow weed right?"
    Officer: "Uhh, we do now. Can I speak to the owner so we can shut this place down, since you knowingly sell products for drug cultivation?"
    Cashier: "Wait, what?"
    <Owner walks in>
    Owner to Cashier: "You're fucking fired you idiot! How do you think the bills get paid..... TOMATO GROWERS?

    I would still order from Worm's Way......
  7. furmaq

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    very well put TheMetal1.
    One of my friends even gave advise and tips to customers.
    Especially now, when there are legal MM growers.
    They dont turn people in...they would go out of business.
    I drove by the one in Mass today, it looks like they are expanding the place.
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    ive ordered from worms way several times evan useing checks and c.c. over the past 4 years and have yet to have any cops stop me while in rout to the store or on my way home from the store. and know a few other people from a differant forum that also have ordered from worms way over a span of a few years and they've never had problems either maybe its just the worms way thats nearest you or maybe you went to work with red eyes one time to many so they wanted you to quit you know bet it kind of tipped them off that you always turned ur check over for supplies every week instead of cashing there paychecks that tipped them off about you.

    and frankly i aint been in a shop yet that wont turn a person in if they go in there all stupid and ask for grow supplies for growing dope instead of doing a lil research for there cover story so they can at least sound like there doing what they say they are doing cuase if you say they turn in every single person who walks into there store to the cops then they would be out of bussiness part of the cover up the people you presumatly saw them call the cops about probably wernt smart enought to keep from getting high right before walking in the door or reaked of freshly grown dope cuase they didn't take a shower after they were last in the growroom then walked into a grow shop and asked for grow supplies and all that then coupled with not knowing what they were talking about when the sales guy or girl asked them what they used the supplies to grow and the people probably said something like i dont know or dope or if they said tomatoes or pepers and the person asked them a few question about there garden the person couldn't awnser the questions right i know i trust them i've spent at least a grand everytime i go to the shop and low and behold never been pulled over fo anything while on the way there or home so they if they turn people in would of got me if in fact they turn people in. i think it would better be described as your an unhappy exworker who was let go cuase you flunked a piss test or something maybe got cuaght getting high while at work
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    I think this is BS, when I went to the one by where I live there was a lil hippy chick about 19 years old that knew where exactly everything I needed was, was able to answer some of my tougher questions about hydro and they were playing a mix CD that had Jimmy Hendrix and Sublime on it. The people in there know what's up, but cmon, grandma growing her tomatoes and orchids isn't buying a 1000W HID, Can Fans, $2000 climate control setups, big ass carbon air filters and hundreds of dollars of nutes.... or listening to Jimmy or Sublime... Weed growers is how they make their money, trust me, you don't use a 5,000 sq ft warehouse to run a store aimed at tomato gardeners.
  10. Madmoney42

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    I almost went unconscious reading this, please use proper punctuation, it lets me know when I can breathe....
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    the thread is from 2006, I suspect their punctuation has improved by now ;)
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    I went to worms way today and bought a good bit of equipment. When i went to pay for it they said there computer was acting up. !!! Classic delay tactic. Girl was on the phone to her boss saying she was having problems with the computer.(she was most likely talking to the cop) I had to wait 20 minutes. While waiting an off duty cop walk right in. I was the only other person in the store. Walks right up to get a good look at me and says hello. I was at the back of the store. He then walks up to the front. Buys something cheap at the register. As soon as he leaves, the girl says that the computer is back working. I almost didn't want to pay for the stuff after that little act.
    I think that this place should suffer a huge loss in business because of this tactic. People be warned.
    If you go there pay cash. Dont drive your own personal vehicle. No identifying clothing ie uniforms, company logos, etc

    I took all precautions going out there, and i'm glad i read forums like this one before i did.( i wouldnt have gone to this one had i know that this would happen. But i was aware that it could possibly happen.)
    Otherwise i would be very nervous right about now..
    1. anything over a certain amount of dollars must trigger this response from the staff.
    2. owner was probably told from the higher ups in the police dept that all large transaction must be reported.
  13. futureboy

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    Operation Green Merchant, anyone ever heard of it? If this story is true than any information obtained by an officer from the store will not hold up in any court of law.
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    ROFLMAO!!! Dude... I love you man :stoned:
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    I know this is old shit(this thread) but I was busted in Jan of 2010, and on the discovery of evidence it said :shipping evidence obtained from worms way(appropriate name) and fucking hydrofarm.I have proof if anyone wants to dispute...
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    The change that your looking for

    Keep lo
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    could you please share more details?

    what portion of the country, how big was the bust?

    ive heard of people having their shipping info turned over by grow shops, but this is after the police were investigating them already.....
  18. OldHead09

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    I have also read that it was not just Worm's Way but a few different national shops. The kicker from what I understand is that it wasn't the shops actually turning growers in but UPS and Fed Ex that would supply shipping info to Police when it was suspected it was for illegal use. I have more fear of the UPS/Fed Ex guy trying to get a raise by reporting the 5 boxes from "Hydroponic grow shop for growing weed" store then the actual retailer. WW has been drug throught he mud for years, of course one naturally should be cautious and go with your gut insticts..
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    Lets just let the apple go!

    What does it matter. Obey the law, sleep better at night. Play the law, get your affairs in order. This is RI. Small, only in size. Not intellect...
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    If I'm growing I'm surely gonna stay within law by any means. This way I can care less who comes knocking.

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