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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by BerZerk, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. BerZerk

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    hi people :)

    i have a little bit of a problem, i have 4 bottles of nutes that someone gave me and i'm not sure what one would be ideal for veg growth, heres a list of what i have.

    canna terra flores n p k 2/2/4

    tomatoe food 5/5/10

    plant feed fertilizer 6/3/6

    organic liquid seaweed

    is any of this good for veg? i know the canna terra flores is for flowering/budding.

  2. BerZerk

    BerZerk Registered

    forgot to mention that i have another one also what is 3-4-7
  3. keeko

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    for veg you want something high in nitrogen. the tomatoe food. (wouldnt use the plant feed fert because ive never used it).

    for flowering you want something high in p-k. the canna terra loers would be my choice

    ...and remeber to feed 1/4 stregth it says on the lable and work your way up:twocents:
  4. babystarbud

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    the 6-3-6 is probably best for veg

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