Nursing school DRUG SCREEN!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ashray, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Hi ive read all the sticky threads and searched for so many remedies but i dont know which one to trust with my own situation. I have stopped smoking for almost 3 weeks, im about 240 LBS, ive been drinking lots of water and green tea, and i havent been working out as much as i should be knowing that i have two separate drug tests coming up (nursing school drug test and a job drug test) within the next two weeks. I've heard from a couple friends that readyclean and omni clean drinks work, also certo, cranberry pills, drinking a jar of pickle juice, and this mexican remedy called palo azul work. I just don't know which to trust does anyone have any suggestions on what would work best for me?

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    hey, i'm in nursing school too...thank god we don't have to drop lol.
    anyways, not smoking is obviously #1, so good call on that. try taking at home tests (go to rite aid or any pharmacy or walmart, etc) and see if you fail those. if you can pass those, you'll probably pass the lab ones.

    how heavy of a smoker were you? like how much a day/quality of weed/how long you've smoked...these will all play a big factor

    if you still drop dirty on the home tests and are getting desperate, try i used it to pass a job test. they sent my sample to one of the biggest testing companies around and i had no problems.

    good luck fellow nurse :thumbsup:

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