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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by turksteelman, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Plants in 3 gallon pots. I nutrient burned them pretty bad about a 12 days ago. When I water, I make sure water comes out the bottom of the pot. Would I have by now washed out the excess nutrients or should I flush? I also plan on repotting them into 5 gallon pails also.
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    If you're getting clear runoff at the bottom of the pot, I'd go ahead and transplant into the larger containers. Adding a dilute feeding of a complete fertilizer (with micro nutrients) isn't a bad idea after a long flush, just make sure to keep it a very low strength. Also, a drop of Superthrive per gallon of water probably wouldn't hurt when you move them into the larger pots.
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    Here are the pics from the nut burn. Some of the burn is from the side T5 lights that I had to try to increase the light. The 4' 8 bulb T5 just isn't cutting it alone. Any thoughts?

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    If this isn't a nutrient burn please let me know. Sometimes I find it hard to make the call.
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    Can anyone confirm that I have a nutrient problem by looking at the pics in the above post? I must have over fertilized them about 14 days ago. I have also decided to keep them in the 3 gal pots they are currently in due to HO-T5 light issues and the fact they wouldn't fit under the 4'x2' light fixture if they were in 5 gallons.
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    Help StinkyAttic!

    Can you help give me an experienced look. My plants seemed to have received too much nutrients about 14 days ago. I want to keep them in 3 gallon containers. Do you see any additional problems I need to be aware of.
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    Looks to me like the leaves tword the bottom were sprayed with strong nutes, or possibly got splashed on while watering, and got burned as a result.
    Kinda looks like overwatering a bit, too. Have you been watering a bit extra to help remove the nute build-up? Constantly wet soil can cause root rot. Let 'em dry out a bit between waterings.
    If it was too strong of a nute mix, every time you water the plant with plain water, it effectively cuts the ratio of the nutes you had added. By now, they are possibly starving for fresh (weak, at first) nutes and micro's. Any idea whaty your ph is?
    As for the lighting, I had been using a 4' x 4 bulb fluorescent shop light for veg for years, but have only ever used HPS's for flower.
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    Its very dry here so I almost have to water every 2 days, especially due to the 3 gal container and the size of the plant. Perhaps I will try to push it to 3 days. I use a moisture meter and only water when the probe inserted into the soil about 3 inches reads dry. However, you may be right about the overwatering. I will check tomorrow and see what the soil measures about 10" down. I also most likely washed out the nutrients. I will start with a weak solution tomorrow. Thanks for the inputs.
  10. Rusty Trichome

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    Good luck, and keep us posted. :thumbsup:
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    The T5 bulbs come in 1 bulb, 2 bulbs, 4 bulbs and 8 bulbs. The also come in both 2' and 4' lengths. I have several of the 1 bulb fixtures to go with my larger fixtures. They allow you to move around the lights giving great flexibility. I use 3 single bulb fixtures over my moms and use a 4 bulb fixture plus a couple 1 bulb fixtures for my vegging plants. I also use them for rooting cuttings. I use 2 single bulb fixtures about 2 ft. above 50 18oz containers--around 3000FC.
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    I use the New Wave 4' 8 bulb T5 and 2 additional single 4' T5 for veg and flower. Even then its not enough light! I keep the lights about 2 inches from the top of the canopy. Today I added bloom nutrients as well as some bat guano. It sort of looks like I developed a nitrogen problem.
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    It looks like heat stress or a manganese deficiency.
  14. daihashi

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    Those moisture meters suck. I would recommend you use either pot weight or your finger instead to determine if the soil needs to be watered.

    I use a combination of pot weight and feeling the very top soil between my fingers to see how dry it is. I can determine how dry the pot is the rest of the way down from this.

  15. daihashi

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    It looks nothing like heat stress. Though I could see where you got manganese from.

    I think the yellowing leaves is a combination of being splashed with nutrients and then the flush.

    A strong flush without being followed up by nutrients can leave plants with yellow leaves over a course of a few days if not fed a fertilizer immediatley after a flush. Reason being is that you've basically put the plant into deficiency.

    Good luck with the plants. :thumbsup:
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    I am definatly no xpert on growing, but, I don't really see the heat stress.
    Wouldn't heat problems show at the top, closest to the light?
    It appears to me the problem is at the bottom, where the leaves are shaded.
    They look to me as if spillage on the leaf has burnt them.

    Just my 2 cents for what its worth.

    Good Luck
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    Looks like you had early growth burn all over as evident of almost every leaf tip being effected and you can still see the effects. It appears to be under control now as evidenced by most of the leaves looking healthy. Sometimes a few of the lower leaves get burn all over instead of just on the tips. Looks to me like you are back on track.

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