Nutrient dillution and feeding schedule help!!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Masterkush666, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Im using fox farm nutrients for my plants but i cant seem to get my feeding schedule right. I get curled leaves and the bottom leaves will start to yellow. How much nutrient should i be using per gallon of water? Any help is much appreciated.
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    What does the instructions say? I usually start a little lower than the instructions and after a couple weeks will add a little more if everything is going ok.
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    fill out the trouble shooting form, it might be something else.
  5. Masterkush666

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    Other Nutrients

    Thanks everyone for the help, does anyone recommend any other nutrients for soil growing?
  6. Rusty Trichome

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    I've been using the Botanicare Triflex for a couple of months now. (twas on sale) Am sorry I got it, as the Fox Farms liquids for soil, gives me better results. The only problem I have encountered with the FF, is the salt build-up. Monthly flushes with ph'd water fixes that problem, tho. :thumbsup:

    With the FF, I go by the weekly feeding chart they provide. However, I split the dosages in half, and feed twice weekly. (weekly totals are the same)
    For instance...if it says to give 1 tsp:gal, once a week...I give 1/2 tsp:gallon, twice a week. :jointsmile:
  7. Masterkush666

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    ph'd water

    thanks for the info.You mentioned ph'd water, what is the ph of the water your using to flush with and whats an easy and cheap way to test the water if there is such a way? Also while im on the subjuct, what do you reccomend to adjust the ph in soil of its getting high or low? Thanks again for the help.
  8. Rusty Trichome

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    If you are using regular potting soil, and not a cactus mix, or African Violet mix, I wouldn't worry too much about the soil ph. Easier to adjust water, and check run-off. If broke, I'd at least get a freshwater aquarium ph test kit for $6.oo or so) Problem with those are that you can;t get an accurate reading on your run-off water. Since the run-off water isn't clear, it affects the color-coded results.
    One of the best gadget purchases a gardener can get is a ph pen. Mine is a $60.00 Milwaukee that's worked great for almost a year. I consider it indispensable. :thumbsup:

    You can google ph up, and ph down for stuff to adjust water.
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    If I understand your post, you feed your plants with fertilizer every feeding, right? Instead of fullstrength one time, and plain water the next, you always feed a 1/2 strength mix of FoxFarm nutes?

    I'm loving these nutes but definately have noticed the salt build-up issue. Can you talk about why you decided to feed 1/2 strength nutes at every feeding, rather than alternate full-strength and plain water? Thanks!
  10. Rusty Trichome

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    I go with 1/2 strength twice a week, mainly because it's easier on the plant. I live in the desert and I flower in an outdoor shed, so my ladies are stressed already. And when it's 100 degrees f. in the shed, the full-strength dilution stresses them even more for a day or two. gives me the flexibility to make little adjustments mid-week if necessary. A little calcium here...some Silica Blast there...

    During the summer, I water up to 1/2 gallon or so per 3 gallon pot...daily. Were I to go with full-strength once a week, I'd be 'flushing' most of the nutes away. Or at the very least, making them settle (accumulate) in the lower regions of the pot.

    Very doubtful you are seeing the effects of salt build-up. It doesn't happen overnight, but over a longer period. (at least a month or more)
  11. FatSean

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    I grow Barney's Farm Northen Lights. I am going to adopt your technique of including nutes in every watering, but at half strength.

    Well the effects I see happen about 4 weeks into flower. Suddenly the mid-level fans start forming rusty dots in between the veins. It doesn't look like any magnesium deficiency pics I've seen tho...these leaves don't yellow like an N deficiency. The dots spread on the leaves and spread over time mostly up but some down the plant, turning the first leaves affected almost 50% white as time goes on. A week after the dots appear, the leaves near the top start taking on a purple cast which worsens and the leaves go crispy.

    My ghetto climate contol keeps temps between 65 at night an about 80 during the day. Plants are 14" from a 400watt Metal Halide.

    I feed RO water, supplemented with 1tsp/gallon of 'CalMagMax' as a base for all feedings...with ferts or without. I pH the solution going in to about 6.6pH give or take a point us GH pH UP. I go for enough input solution to produce 2 - 4 cups of runoff from a 12" pot. The run-off pH varies from 5.6 to 4.8.

    I'm thinking my soil (Farfard red potting soil) might be too acid? I got some lime for my lawn, I'm considering mixing that in for the next plant. What do you think? I get decent enough yeild but it's sad seeing the plants in week 5 of flower with all the big fan leaves nearly dead and the leaves at the top of the buds (I top twice) all crispy and purple. I'm thinking I'm losing alot of yield.

    Any advice appreciated.
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  12. FatSean

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    I checked my CalMagMax bottle. Apparantly, one teaspoon per gallon produces 15ppm of Magnesium and 60ppm of Calcium.

    I think perhaps I have too much Ca and not enough Mg or something. I'm going to get regular old Cal-Mag you guys reccomend.
  13. Rusty Trichome

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    Re-read above posts more carefully, raise your ph, follow Fox Farms schedule, and start your own thread. Doubtful it's the CalMagMax at issue, except that it lowers your ph even more. :thumbsup:
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  14. FatSean

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    Thanks man. I'm going to top-dress with the garden lime and then flush in an attempt to correct the pH of my current plants, and use the lime in soil mix of new plants. If you don't see a new thread from me in a few weeks, I'm doing well :)

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