Nutrient levels for ebb and flow WW grow...??

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by zoomatl, Jan 30, 2007.

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    :confused: I have been doing a lot of reading but i cant seem to find a simple nutrient chart for PPM levels for marijuana plants in hydroponics....
    i have a 4x4 foot ebb and flow table that gets flooded 4 times a day i germinated my white widow seeds on January 1st(1 month ago) and they are about 4 inches tall now ....they have only been getting low level nutrients for the past 2 weeks using GH flora nova grow during this veg state but i don't know what the ppm should be.... there is a growth chart on the side of the bottle but I'm not sure if that applies to marijuana...please help if you can ...this is my first full grow...i had bad nute burn on my trial plants so i wanna do this right:confused:
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    also ....

    I'm concerned because the growth seems a little slow and the leaves have a uniform paleness to them they are not dark green they are actually kind of yellow but not dry or brittle just light light green....the watter is ppm at about 375
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    bongerstonerd00d...i could not get your link to work ....even looking at the charts that i could they say the ppm should be between 1000-1400 that seems awful high especially for nute sesitive White Widow....nute burn reall gave me a scare with my first attempt....the plants are 4 weeks old...born jan 1st ...
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    I gave you the same link that took you to 2 charts you can use.

    If you can't get simple links to work or even read; then how in the hell can you expect to grow this great plant to full term and produce quality buds.

    Good luck, you will need it!

    I have tested both links and they work FINE!!
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    hey there i am growing 30 white widows 2 friend...there in my 4x4 ebb and flow ..but will be transfering them to bigger 9 inch net pots in 2 the 4x8 ebb in flow ..anyways i been growing in dirt for a year i kind of understand you ...anyways i use FOXFARM FEEDING SCHEULED and its just working great... do you have any pic's of your grow i will put some pics of mine ....get the feeding scheuled in there web site...aka use googlecom to fing it something lol
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    My White Widow was at 1400ppm in veg cycle and its currently at 1400ppm in the first week of flowering. The plants are about 5 weeks old. There is no sign of burning. A smaller weaker plant will not be able to handle the nutes of a larger and healthier plant. So depending on your plants, nute accordingly. Its obviously always better to error on the light side of things first time around.
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    there is no standard, and this guy doesnt understand that ppms are up to your and plant. I could tell you that 2000ppm works but it may not for you. I run 300-400 in veg and most people use double that, but mine burn. WW also has many different cultivators for seeds, so there is alot of fluctuation between what your using. its trial and error. start low and build up. your nutes should have the suggested amount to use, go from there.
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    Sorry Zandor..!!! AOL(openride) program does not handle links normally ...i got it to work today and by the way...bongerstoner's link did not work..... yours worked fine...and you shared no useful information with your reply ....(sounds like someone needs a joint/life) ...But for the other replies thanks SO much...i followed the suggested nutrient PPM levels on the bottle of flora nova grow with my practice grow and i got some nute burn i will under shoot that number and work my way up this time...for everyone with simple helpful replies of useful information...Thank You ..!!!!....I have a degree in Accounting and a guess what Zandor i can read...Im sorry but i despise hateful arrogant people....:D
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    dont mean to offend anyone....

    But i have about 20 plants right now and i want this grow to be i said this is my first full real grow and I'm nervous as heck ....and i don't have the greenest of i have some pretty descent seeds that i started from ....also i want them pretty healthy so i can take cuttings and use a ezcloner to begin my next grow...;)
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    I boosted my ppm up to almost 800 last night ...and i could see the difference this morning got 2 feedings over night and they looked about an inch taller and the growth is very green now...i also topped off the resevoir with fresh water ...i cant wait to get home tonight and check them out thanks again for the advice......
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    I know how you feel. One of my degrees is in Electrical Engineering and I do have more then one myself. (just don't tell me you are a trojan and we can get along fine)

    I would have thought that someone with a college education would read more......guess not all of us are book worms.

    But you are correct that morning I was a bit stressed I guess as well.....My bad.
    Happy growing & good luck to you
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    Racerx Registered+ really know how to ask for help from the right people... Zandor is one of the most knowledgable and helpful people on this entire server. But I guess some people are not here to make friends so why be polite and thankful.......
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    I do appologize...!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry .....If nothing else ...if i felt insulted by Zandors second reply.... i should have dismissed was not necessary for me to interpret his intension's and give a smart Aleck again i do apologize for my rude reply ....wont happen again...:Rasta:
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    If you look at my threads in hydro it will give you an idea about ppm and ph in flower. You just have to look for it.
    generally the bottle directions work. you won't have any problems, if that is all you feed them...well maybe a slight deficiency here and there. but you can address that. ph is most important to keep consistent at 5.8...learning to adjust ph (as Z mentioned above) also allows you control over which elements are most available to your plants.

    lastly...growing is a trial and error talent. you must go thru trials to make errors and learn. Nutrienbts are a perfect example. Good luck. We hope you find this info helpful. lw
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    All is well dude....some day's are good and some are not so good.

    Today is a good day :p .....tomorrow......who knows? :wtf:
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