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    out of this entire website i cannot find a single nutrient feeding schedule AT ALL! no stickies, plently of over fert and under fert issues...but no distinct schedule of any kind. so here i find a battery of questions, of which i shall list and hope that somebody smarter and more experienced may inform the rest of us idiots on how much is too much and how much just isn't enough and what environmental changes should change the schedule and by exactly how much! here we go:
    albeit in my experience, a short time, it's really hard to f*** up plants in veg...but we shall commense the questions anyway:

    What should be done before,during transplant (neem oil dunking etc.) how much and of what?
    How much during the first week of true veg (1month old plants) should which nutrients be given and how often? details example: once a week feed nutrients A, B & C following directions on said nutrient bottle per gallon, the rest of the time feed only water?
    how much during 2nd week? and 3rd and 4th and etc.????

    What should be consistent? example: Should blood meal (or any other nitro nutrient) be given as per direction on bag, applied once every month regardless of circumstance? what are the circumstances and how should it be changed according to each?

    How much co2 should be permitted in what size grow room and how does it affect feeding schedule IN DETAIL, how should schedule be changed to accomodate such? If forgoing co2, how much EXACTLY should nutrient schedule be lowered since the plant cannot uptake as much?

    What nutrients, if any, be changed or dropped or added when flipping to flower? Do the constants change (like blood meal?) or do they stay the same? What should the feeding schedule be in first week of flower, how much and of what and how often? should the co2 levels change and if so, how EXACTLY should the nutrient schedule be changed to accomodate?
    2nd week of flower, 3rd week, 4th week, etc??
    how to know EXACTLY when to stop giving nutrients because harvest time is just around the corner? What are the telling signs?

    throughout veg and flower, how often should plants be flushed?

    Does nutrient schedule change at all AND HOW per strain and is the difference enough to affect how the feeding schedule is wrought and how should it be changed and why?

    what kind of nutrients should be used and when and why and EXACTLY how much and how often? which should be avoided and when and why and how much and how often?

    Now that that is out of my system, let me say that these questions are all extraordinarily important and need to be answered DIRECTLY with great DETAIL and DISTINCTION. And also, the more in lamien's terms, the better! These questions are most, but not all of questions we idiots have about nutrients, and yet, no forum or sticky goes into any true detail. Everything is just very vague and incomplete and hard to find any REAL answers.

    We the noob, declare idiocy and pray that somebody take off our blindfolds and point us in the right direction! We all have invested a lot of money and time into our beloved plants and many diseases, insect infestations, over& under ferts issues, defiencies are attributed in large to the lack of knowledge on how best to care for our plants so that they may thrive and be strong enough to thwart most common problems!
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    Here's a good read -------> ----read the two pages in the thread and let me know if you still have further questions regarding nutes....

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    How about taking your own time to research your questions rather then demand people hold your hand and answer step by step. Everything you're asking can be answered with a little initiative, Google works great.
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    We the noobs??? When I was a noob u know what I did? I read everything I could get my hands on, and when I was done, I read it all over again.
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    Jesus the info you want is written on the bottle of nutes you bought. Read label, water when soil is dry. If leaf tips are burnt then your adding to much.

    You could try and figure stuff out instead of crying about it.

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