O i got for $30

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Harlem Blitz, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Harlem Blitz

    Harlem Blitz Registered

    I stopped by my dreadmans house and started smoking some haze with him then he asked me how much i payed i told him $450 then he looked at me like i was stupid for about 10 minutes then he asked me for $30 and he handed me this

    doesnt look like much but it sure was a hell of a lot stronger then the haze and dro i get out here in NY and he says it's straight from jamaica it also has a strong lemon type smell

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  2. The Colonel

    The Colonel Registered+

    Ive only smoked that bud once, and I was told it came down from NY.
  3. The Colonel

    The Colonel Registered+

    Oh and for 30, thats fucking awsome.
  4. Harlem Blitz

    Harlem Blitz Registered

    That there aint no haze i been smoking haze non stop for 5 yrs this was different it kinda put me on my ass...i usually do wake and bakes off the haze i get but it looks like if i smoke this in the morning i would go right bak to sleep
  5. Harlem Blitz

    Harlem Blitz Registered

    oh and that lemon haze you talkin about is pretty good too if you come by Ny u can usually find all those haze strains in Washington Heights i get my lemon haze ,strawberry haze, silver haze,and nevilles haze from up there...there not bad the best is the silver haze but it cost 550 for an O

    As for the jamaican stuff i got its different than all these i never felt this gone since the time i smoked hash any1 kno y? my friend almost had a panic attack..im handling it better but this is trong and can't snap out of it..........im gon try sleep now good night all
  6. newbieb

    newbieb Registered+

    what you got for 30does it have seeds
  7. Harlem Blitz

    Harlem Blitz Registered

    yes it does...I just got back from his house and he claims that his uncle in jamaica gives him all his plants that come out with seeds and i can keep buying half O's for 30 if i want but he said the only reason he gave me that O for 30 was because he felt sorry that i was paying 450 for the haze out here in NY.

    It's not that bad though i woke up this morning feeling brand new(the only way i can explain it)

    $30 for a half o of this isnt bad right?
  8. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    no that's a bomb deal
    i normally pay around $100 for stuff similar...
    keep buying
  9. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    your dreadlock friend is a very nice guy, if you ever get the chance, help him out in anyway:)
  10. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Looks like some good mids :).
  11. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    wow, an ounce of that for $30!? that's insane. You're so lucky
  12. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    I smell bullshit.

    Title says a full ounce, now it's a half ounce?

    Yeah, that's nice weed, but I wouldn't pay more than $90 for a half of that, so if you paid more than that, you got ripped off.
  13. Harlem Blitz

    Harlem Blitz Registered

    That there in the pic is 29.6g...i bought that for $30... he's selling it for $30 a half but gave me the whole O for 30 ...so from now on im gonna be paying $30 for a half which was wat i was trying to say
  14. xraided5150

    xraided5150 Registered

    I used to get deals like that in Southern Cali, but here in Seattle the prices are a lot higher, but at least it's all good shit. I miss getting weed cheap. I blame the president
  15. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    if that was thirty an ounce and is better than stuff selling for 50 an eigth that guy is either the nicest man in the world or a fucking idiot
  16. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    that cheap in so. cal?

    i'm in so. cal and stuff like that is around $100+ an Oz!
  17. Sauce

    Sauce Registered+

    You grabbed yourself a good deal. For a half that would be a good
    deal around these parts
  18. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    Grow a few plants in your closet, can't be more cost-effective than that with marijuana. Plus, you can grow whatever kind of weed you like to smoke :)
  19. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Wow! Confusing. Looks like a nice smoke though. :thumbsup:
  20. Zoosh

    Zoosh Registered+

    lemon haze now that sounds friggin awesome.
    Nice pick up.

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