O i got for $30

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Harlem Blitz, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. invoke

    invoke Registered+

    Wow... I must have been getting ripped off for the past 6 months like a dumbass.

    I usually pay $40 an 1/8... and it might or might not be as good, who knows. I must be stupid or something... I feel like shit now. :(

    Seriously, try to STOCK UP on all of that you can while the deals still good... you never know when an unexpected house bust comes and you're shit outta luck without your bomb bud.
  2. luvbud

    luvbud Registered+

    450 for an O? Thats crazy. It is good you met a new friend. Looks like decent stuff, but not haze. I once smoked some lemon hash plant. That stuff was double bagged and still stinky!!:D
  3. newbieb

    newbieb Registered+

    60 for an o is it reall shwaggy
  4. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    i can get 25 for a half o 4 some good mids and 50 a full o, but your bud looks better though than what i could get 4 that price
  5. ChronicMike

    ChronicMike Registered+

    Damn i need a dealer like that...

    tight hook up
  6. Blunt420

    Blunt420 Registered+

    Buying is to much work, Just grow it
  7. hookasmoka9

    hookasmoka9 Registered

  8. nah...growing is too much work...and needs place....and equipment
  9. bluntblaze

    bluntblaze Registered+

    dude is that a toilet seat that your bud is on??:Rasta:
  10. blazea50

    blazea50 Registered+

    30 bucks bro? DAMN lucky good shit, have fun.
  11. BDubz26062

    BDubz26062 Registered+

    thats a very good friend you have
  12. Visualize

    Visualize Registered

    No way, 40 for 1/8 is the norm here. Its a non negotiable thing.. much like the 70$ QO. If its decent, smoke it and dont worry about the price. i do however reccomend buying the largest amount you can at one time, as it keeps the price stable and low, and usually your dealer will treat you as more an asset rather than the normal guy off the street.
  13. albertatoker22

    albertatoker22 Registered

    that weed looks like the shitty homegrowen i grew when i was 15, i wouldnt smoke that for free
  14. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    yeah, i've heard of that, they sell it here like 30 bucks for 2 grams
  15. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    that could be some jamaican bud...
    A Pound in jamaica is around $200 for stuff of that quality
  16. smokeafatty420

    smokeafatty420 Registered


    i like that bud, it looks potent
  17. Thr3eViL

    Thr3eViL Registered

    DUDE im gonna drive out there and GETR SOME OF THAT ACTION
  18. CheebaMan

    CheebaMan Registered+

    ey thas nice smoke, i smoked tha shit 1nce the taste wuz like pine
  19. johnnyAKABob

    johnnyAKABob Registered+

    so you would turn down free weed? why?
  20. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    Only weed that go's for $450/oz. around here is either really amazing purple urkle or amazing kush... OG, Bubba, master etc.

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