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  1. Dream of the iris

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    Anyone here know of any info regarding a medicinal use of weed and OCD? I have obsessive thoughts that are hard for me to get rid of without medication, but unfortunately the medication sucks and I'd rather not use it. Meditation helps a bit, but not that much. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Oh, btw I haven't smoked in a while and when I did smoke I used medication. So it was hard to tell if it was weed or the medication working. Probably a combo.
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  2. Purple Banana

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    Try it out... I've got Asperger's syndrome, and parts of that include ritualistic OCD-esque behavior... I saw a noticable decline in those behaviors when I began smoking.
  3. killerweed420

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    Theres been some positive results posted here from people who have had OCD and the weed helped. I have a relative who had OCD and he was pretty much cured by weed. He's off all the prescriptions and just smokes.
  4. Markass

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    I use it to treat my OCD..it's nothing severe but definitely rather moderate..One thing though is I can tell you that marijuana has been shown to reduce the amount of meds taken by people, so it's possible the cannabinoids were also helping to enhance the effectiveness of your rx meds..
  5. sociobud

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    I, like you, have obsessive thoughts that are hard to control. Its actually rather debilitating and ruins my damn life if I let it. So I know how sucky it is.

    Personally, smoking alot while I would have my "obsessive bouts" did NOT help me. It definitely changed my mind, but I'm not sure for the better. It just made me think of other things, that most of the time weren't much happier.

    The best advice is to try it and see what happens. I do know for me, cannabis can NEVER be a substitute for medicine and therapy. What actually worked the BEST for me is CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). My therapist has really taught me how to control my thoughts. I never thought I would see the day where I am in control of my thoughts. Now I just use pot for fun! So much better if you ask me.
  6. HotCocoa

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    Hey I just want to tell you I have OCD and and ocd- related eatind disorder, and self medicating with Marijuana Really helped with my problems. It eases my mind. One thing to remember is Just make shure your in a smoking situation that dosen't make you really parinoid; cuz that could just make things alot worse.
  7. TheSmokingMonkey

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    In my experience... now, I don't have OCD, but OCD-related behaviors run in my family, and I believe I have a genetic predisposition to OCD but with subclinical symptoms... I have found that smoking occasionally really helps my symptoms. It doesn't "solve" them, it's not a magic bullet, it's not a panacea, but smoking in my home a few times a week seems to make me (1) less anxious, (2) less obsessive, (3) more functional, and (4) a whole helluva lot more fun to talk to and be around.

    I have wondered in the past whether I have depression, bi-polar, anxiety disorders, etc etc but understanding more about my family history leads me to believe that what I thought was anxiety is actually obsessive/compulsive thinking. So, while I don't compulsively wash my hands, gamble, or shop, and while I am not a hoarder or anything like that, I have found that marijuana helps me to stop "sweating the small stuff" - which I do *ad nauseum* without it.

    My primary symptom is self-doubt: did I do it right? Did I say the right thing? Have I attended to all the details? This, may be described as "perfectionism" by some, but given that OCD is genetic and these things run in my family (both sides), I think it's "perfectionistic OCD".

    The use of marijuana has helped me straighten my life out considerably. Now, my shrink has told me to quit, and I have, and let me tell you, I have been sideways til Sunday with obsession. I need to move to a place where I can get a medical permit.
  8. Storm Crow

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    I don't have much on OCD....

    Improvement in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Dronabinol
    Improvement in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Dronabinol -- SCHINDLER et al. 165 (4): 536 -- Am J Psychiatry

    Dronabinol is a synthetic THC and is supposed to give results similar to THC. I wish I had more in the way of studies for you. I do have several studies on Tourette's which I believe is treated in a similar fashion to OCD, so they might be of some interest. Just click the link below in my sig.

    Granny :hippy:
  9. kshchrn831

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    I used to have similar problems. It was very annoying to keep having those feeling/thoughts unwillingly judge my actions.

    Over the past year or so though, I have dedicated a lot of time trying to understand what the problem really is though.

    The problem, is simply your EGO. Within you, the voice that gives that 2nd opinion or tries to justify things, is a diseased ego, which damn near every one has, but doesnt like to admit.

    Think about it.

    Lets say your OCD with being clean.. You dont HAVE to be a clean person, but within you, your ego is like "No! it must be clean! that is the only way to feel comfortable!"

    The ego works in a type of "Fight or Flight" method.. If it finds it self being comprimised, it will scream out at you saying "fix the situation, make me happy!" in a type of fight mode

    Or, you'll use flight, and if the situation is way too much the ego brings you fear, and run away or ignore or do what ever to not insult the ego basically..

    I am very serious about this, because the more time you try to understand what the ego is, and how it operates and effects you, you'll begin to understand alot of personal problems exist because of your abusive and controlling ego.

    Smoking pot helps me step "outside of the box/ego" and recognize things for what they truely are, and I can control my ego and be like "Nope, not gonna let my ego control my life/thoughts/actions"

    Adventure into some psychedelics and you will truely understand the ego.
    (Marijuana is a mild psychedelic)
  10. TheSmokingMonkey

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    I agree with you that it is ego. I have been obsessed with (only correct way to say it) religions for a long, long time and have done a lot of thinking about such matters as a result.

    While I have ventured into the psychedelics, as you suggest, I feel that I cannot solve my problem exclusively with spiritual remedies. Just as we are not only physical bodies, we are also not spiritual bodies exclusively, and thus I feel a multi-pronged approach is the only correct one.

    But yes... it's exactly like ego.
  11. boaz

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    I think that sums it up well. All those things that seemed so important and worth getting stressed out about all of sudden become almost funny after a few puff of herb. :) Its not a solution to the problems, but immediate relief from the unneeded stress of it anyways, kinda like taking a rolaids for heartburn. its immediate relief. :Rasta:

    "I have let go of ego. Ego is no longer me. . . . all aboard ..." :smokin:
  12. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    So true, so true. You actually said that pretty well Boaz.
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  13. onlettingo

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    I've had OCD tendencies since I was about six, I'm a certified germaphobe.
    I've been so low that I wouldn't leave my bed, exlcusively ate packaged foods, and wouldn't keep keep any socially physical contact with anyone, including my loving parents.

    I've seen all sorts of different doctors, been in both out and in-patient clinics, and probably taken at least five differet varieties of pills. While the therapy (I recommend dr. greyson at the anxiety treatment center in bala cynwyd, pennsylvania, nothing else comes close) has given me better compulsive control and coping skills, the anxiety would still remain in full force.
    The anti-depression medications, unless you feel are currently your complete savior, will just hurt you in the end. I noticed about a 20% decrease in my anxiety while taking it, and wouldn't do it again due to waste of money and wasting my body away. The human body wasn't built for chemical waste.

    A friend of mine turned me onto smoking for anxiety about three years ago. Since then, I moved out of my parents house into my own apartment, held about three different jobs, currently going to college (and doing damn well!), and can finally own a cat. Finally.

    I currently smoke about four times a day using various methods (hash oil ftw) in order to keep my anxiety at bay. I remain to have prevalent compulsions, but the obsessive thinking has been cut down to 75%. While it is not a permanent solution, it is the best thing I have come across in my search for wellness. For me, personally, chron has been my savior and aided me in getting my anxiety to a level that I could live my life again. I would never go back to medications, ever. Legalize it!
  14. onlettingo

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    also, keeping a vial of real lavender oil is a realllllly good idea for moments when you're under indecent amounts of stress. The aromatherapy forces your brain to sing a different tune. They're about $10 at whole foods and last forever.
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  15. Markass

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    It puts my mind at ease...I think it does a great job at allowing a person's mind to slow down and think in a different manner..hard to explain but I'm sure there's plenty of others that can relate..
  16. TheSmokingMonkey

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    IDK about aromatherapy but I have this lavender tea The Republic of Tea - get relaxed - No.14 (36 Tea Bags)
    that I LOVE.

    I am taking a break from smoking :( and the tea has helped a lot. Also, I take a taurine supplement and that helps too. Oh, and my counselor taught me that CBT technique where I imagine putting my anxieties in a box and putting them away for later. Sounds cheesy but it keeps me accountable for my emotional state.
  17. Fourzer0

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    I have (or had, I'm not sure yet) OCD. I have mild 'ticks', like muscle twitches, especially in my arms and legs. When I watch movies, my girlfriend notices them and laughs. I love to organise things into shapes/colours/size etc. Also, my workplace is extremly tidy, and my home is extremly tidy, it's too weird.

    When I smoke, I feel calmer and I do not have ticks, nor do I feel the need to organise everything. Which is sort of bad, because my room has become a little messier. Oh well!

    I also had major anger management problems. My phone's alarm didn't turn off one morning, so I punched the wall and broke two bones in my hand. That's just one thing.

    My anger has disapeared after smoking the good stuff. I am much calmer and my thoughts are clear now. I realised, that before smoking, my head was cluttered with many many many many different thoughts about everything which all built up over the day and then I released the tension.

    I haven't smoked for two weeks now (ran out!) and I haven't been angry, nor have I had any of my OCD ticks or tendancies. The only other thing I take is Magnesium vitamins but I have never had perscription drugs other than painkillers.

    Thanks to our favorite plant!

  18. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    Thanks for posting... I had a rough time of it at the therapist today (basically a fight about marijuana - he saying I shouldn't do it because it's illegal, and me saying I should do it and that it should be legalized) and your post makes me feel saner. :)
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  19. Storm Crow

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    Hey, Monkey!

    Show him this! -

    Newsvine - Is America ready to legalize marijuana?

    At the moment, the poll stands at 98.2% in favor of legalization! I think your therapist may be a BIT out of touch with REALITY! :wtf:

    Granny :hippy:

    (The school-assigned shrink I had as a kid, ran off to Tahiti with a guy some 20 years younger than her. BIG scandal in the education department! :D More power to ya, Dr. Mac, wherever you are! :thumbsup: )

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