Odor Control fan size & Activated Carbon Filter Scrubber

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bbc, Apr 7, 2007.

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    Fan size for grow room the room is 4`x6`x7`
    this is for Odor control use !
    The fan will be used whit a Activated Carbon Filter Scrubber
    fan size ?
    Activated Carbon Filter size ?
    Fan time or setup for on/off time`s (using a timer)
    my hood is 1000W air cooled !
    Growing in 2 x 2` x 4` tray`s
    right now I do not have a Odor control setup !......but no Odor problems !
    But I am going to flower very soon !
    Will the Odor get stronger in the flower cycle ?:)
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    Hi bbc Good air flow throughout your grow room is by far one of the most important aspects of indoor gardening. Plants need a constant supply of fresh air to achieve their maximum growing potential. Proper air exchange also helps to keep the temperature at optimal conditions to prevent any heat related stress on your plants. When choosing a fan remember that its better to have too much air circulation then not enough.
    Also remember that if your going to be ducting your exhaust, with numerous bends, or running it through a carbon filter you'll need to increase your CFMs to makeup for those lost due to back pressure.For a grow room 4x6x7 following the recomendatoin that air be changed every 1 to 5 mins the cfm needed to exchange air from a room that size completely every 5 mins would be 33.6 and to remove the air every minute it would be a cfm of 168 so any fan withing these specificatoins would suit you.
    carbon filter..Max cfm: 200/350m³/h @ 0.1 sec contact time should be sufficient.6inch one you get then that take 8 inch flanges.
    timing depends on the fan and carbon filter you choose.
    Yes the odour will get worsat when you get into flower if you are fulling that space then odour control of some sort is highly recomended.hope this was of help to you .i had the converters here cuase im in the prosess of planning a new grow box.be safe the postman.
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    Well for my room 5'x6'x7'=210' Cubic Feet of BAD ODOR in the grow room !
    Ther is not very many bend`s in the ducking & maybe 4 feet long duck`t to vent the ODOR out side of the room so a fan that is say 600 CFM will probably be ok ! ?????
    But this still levs the question or issue abut time`s or on/off cycles for the fan to dispose of the BAD ODOR ?????......it`s not like the plants just prudes BAD ODOR`S during a specific time ( 01:00 PM TO 01:00 AM ) during the day ! So a 600 cfm fan mite be big enough to suck the BAD ODOR out of a 210 cubic feet room BUT YOU DO NOT WANT TO RUN IT 24/7 ! So this still levs some unanswered issues ! ?????
    so I gees my question is how long will a 210 cubic feet room than to start permeate bad odor ?
    Or is a small fan say 200 cfm a better chouse and just leave it on 24/7 (bad odor only) to scrub the air in the room 24/7......?
    and use a second fan for a FRESS AIR SUPPLY TO THE ROOM ?
    Hope this makes senc to you !
    Just remember this is not for FRESS AIR JUST THE BAD ODOR ! ! ! !
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    u da man!
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    As the scousers say Calm down calm down.lol (sorry)To remove oudor and leave your garden and surrounding area stinky free you will have to get that stinky air out and fresh air in so i asume you are using a inlet fan and out let fan to create the perfect enviroment for your plants.so if you add a cabon scrubber of the specificatoins i mentoined then the smell shouldnt be a problem.I can only try give you advice that works for me and that is to have a carbon scrubber and exuast fan running to draw stinky odour out my inlet fan runs for 10 mins drawing fresh air in then stops then 30 mins later exust fan runs for 10 mins pushing bad air out air out through a scrubber then stops for 30 mins so on and so on But if you dont have the inlet or outlet fans then there is other ways to control odour,like a ozone genorator pic 1 or ona blocks/spary/gel pic 2 or i done a thread thats in the faqs on builing a cheap method of odour control pic 3 http://boards.cannabis.com/grow-faqs/59316-diy-inexpensive-odour-neutraliser.html hope this is of help to you as i only pass on what i have learned but whose to say ive learnt properly lol thats why we have all the pros.stinky HELP! this thread suits ur name to a tee hee lol be safe always the postman.

    The lenth of time it take smell to build up in ur room would be strain dependent some strain stink bad other not much at all for example ak48 or skunk# 1 would need a fan running constantly and odour mask products would be useless. but a strain like say aurora indica does not leave much stink at all so no need fpr a carbon scrubber. also temp cam make smell worst if ur room is running at high temps with stale air thats not being replaced the the smell will be worst than what it would be with the air being changed. imo i would say a carbon scruuber with the above specificatoins running 5 mins every 20 mins inlet and same outlet. as i said this is only MY OPINION. NO NEED TO FOLLOW . PS CAN ANYONE ELSE ADD SOME HELP WITH THIS.

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    Well this help`s me to make a decision .....ther is not hydro shops in town so I have to get all of the fan`s online and I can`t afford to buy something that will not work ,,,,the only vent I have in the room is being used for my air cooled light but there is air coming it to the grow room from the shrouding room`s but I hope to fix this some time before the next grow is started !

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    I run my carbon scrubber 24/7. Have my air cooled light hooked up so that it draws and exhausts only clean stink free air from outside grow room. The carbon filter works well but late in flowering she does emit some fairly fairly funky smells. The filter exchanges the air in my closet alot I guess since the fan is around 100 cfm, losing some through the filter and ducting, and my clos is only 80 cubic ft. Just got one of the small can fans

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