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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Free iPod, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Free iPod

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    I got some dank yesterday that looked awesome. It was sticky and covered in crystals and red hairs; it had no seeds, and tiny stems. The buds themselves were surprisingly small, but the crystals, hairs, small stems, and lack of seeds made it look like some really good dank.

    The weird thing is that the weed has no smell. No skunk, no fruity smell, maybe a hint of pine but it was so subtle that it may have just been me. The smoke also didn't have much of a taste. I'm not sure about the smell of the smoke since I was smoking it.

    The high was really good. I was baked after only 2 bong hits (this rarely happens, and only with really good weed). It didn't make me sleepy at all, and it was a very pleasant high.

    Has anybody else ever encountered weed like this? It kind of sucks that it doesn't have a smell or much of a taste since that's part of the fun of smoking, but it produces a really good high.
  2. 3rdEyeVision

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    ya I've had weed like that ecxept probably took me like three or four hits to get blazed but the smoke did smell
  3. ukmonkey

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    Cant say I have i normally have to tripple wrap to hide the smell. From my experience, smellier he better
  4. Nocturnal Stoner

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    ive had that once,the weed was all grounded up an shit and i bought an eighth, i thought it was shit cause it had no smell, but i was wrong 2 hits i was out..4 in heaven..6 paralytic on the floor with floydd in the background,

    so i guess u shouldnt judge weed by its smell

    However i did have a friend who got sum real dank smellin shit, but it took us like 10 hits to get high, so it must vary, so u can't always be sure...
  5. newone

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    what does seeds have to do with anything... i can pick up a sack of stress and have no seeds it dont mean its good.
  6. Free iPod

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    You're cool
  7. mastahaze

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    id be grateful if i could get dank weed that didnt smell, once i had some dank ass sage bud, and i had to keep it in foil and 2 bags just to keep the smell under control. it was rediculous cuz wenever u even took it out the whole room would reak. it was worht it though. hehe

  8. seeds have everything 2 do with weed the less seeds the better cuz if the plant doesnt have 2 waste energy on makin seeds that means it can take more of its energy producing thc which makes better weed duh:D
  9. Stoned_Friend

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    marijuana bird when seeds produce thc production stops completly
  10. alexk1ng

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    sounds exactly like this half o i picked up.. can only see crystals up close and they are kinda yellow? basically looks like doo but smokes smooth:Rasta:

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  11. WildFire.ca

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    Sounds like it was cured poorly.
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  12. o ok srry my mistake but i was still right on half of what i said thanx for correcting me im a bit of a new noob but hey we're all noobs at sum time right :jointsmile:
  13. orangeman

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    If there is no smell then if it's really a concern (which it shouldn't be as long as you get high) you can try curing it and eventually I believe it should develop some what of a smell and possibly a better taste. But I don't think that'd even be necessary if you only have a small amount of it or what ever. Just smoke it and enjoy :)
  14. casper1

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    i had really wierd weed similar no distict smell or taste or look. but it had black dots in it (not seeds) one bowl with 3 heads on it i was gone. and i have been smoking every day for like 3 years. shit was unreal.
  15. MadSativa

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    No seeds means its sensimia usualy a very good hint the grower took much time in his ganja farm.

    I have smoked dank that has no smell however when I chopit for smoking it usualy lets off a pleasnt ganja smell
  16. Gorlax

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    That's weird as hell I usually have to like tripple wrap lighter seal wrap in plastic again to get that good old dank smell on the down low
  17. stonerman07

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    because, if you know anything about weed, when you kill the males before pollination, and the females dont have to put energy into making seeds, the extra energy goes into making more thc. learn your shit.
  18. wutang123456

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    hence, your name is new one

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