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    I am almost ready to start my first grow. Just got my beans from Alien. Unbelievable fast shipping to the states. I will be using a 18 gal res the lid dimensions are roughly 15" wide and 21" long. I will be using 5" net pots. I bought a 4.5" circular saw (thanks latewood for the tip) I will be using a 400W MH for veg and change to 400W HPS for budding. What do you all recommend as far as how many plants I should grow to get the best yield.

    Merry Xmas :smokin:
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    2 at the most! Believe me, I am growing 2 in a 10 gallon tub and I wish like hell I'd have used one of my 18 gallons instead..
    Better yet would be 1 plant per 5 gallon bucket so you could space them out even more, and use the 18 gallon as a remote res.
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    I am thinking you are talking about an ebb and flow set up and if so and growing from seed, I would start 6 or 7 and hope for about 4 females to grow out and this is with about a 4 to 5 week veg, but believe me it will be a tight fit, but if you are able to get a good set of clones from the first run I would put 6 to 8 in there and veg for 2 weeks.
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    This will be a top feed drip system that I designed. The seeds are feminised so I have no worries there unless the seeds are unreliable but I doubt it. I was thinkin maybe 3 or 4 at the most. Because one of the plants I will probably quarantine as a mother but I am not sure.
  5. latewood

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    there are many factors to get females even out of feminized seeds...FYI (another whole story...I did a thread)

    We have had so many of this same question over and over and over. I bet I don't have to go 2 weeks back in the boards to find 2 or 3 of the same thing...OK I have ranted.

    the point is; some of you newbs, don't realize...there really is no such thing as growing hydro in one container...even if you have one plant in a container you are still in need of flower containers as well as veg containers...

    i.e. You could take the tub you are talking about and put 4-6 clones in it, but from seed; you can't put any more than 2 in a tub, even that bigger one if you are starting from seed. The roots will become a problem before you can sex and move all of them to individual or 2 to a tub after sexing.

    Now you said you made a homemade drip...In my room I veg 2 to a tub in drip. I just got thru growing out some SexyOrangeSkunk from seed...I started in rockwool, then I put them all in netpots filled with hydroton and placed them in my homemade ebb and flow propagation trays. Once roots poked out of netpots...I set 2 to a tub in my veg room. I was gonna do some drip, but I decided to use DWC,on these SOS, due to the difference in size of the 4 plants and the fact that I had tto restart my perpetual coning program...I take 4-6 clones every 2 weeks now...anyway. I placed these SOS plants and 1 fantasma(AK-47x) in 5 gallon buckets to flower. I just can't get away form the size these suckers get in 5g buckets. Now how many tubs do I need???

    So you see what I am getting at? When you ask how many plants can you grow in one tub? Just one tub? One. peace
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    Thanks for the comments LW. Okay what about this. Since you say you put 2 to a tub in veg. Then what about this. I dont have two separate areas at the moment but that wont be a problem. Just like you said I am a newb but is it possible to start 2 seeds in 2 separate Rockwool 1x1" cubes then place them in the hydroton on a drip system from Veg all the way through to buds without moving them. Is that possible?

    Thanks man
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    Put it this way, my plants are each 16 inches tall, and over 24 inches wide, do the math and you'll know the answer. You said your box is 21 inches long. Your fan leaves and branches will be jamming up against the other plants main stalk, and thats if you put only 2 as far away from each other as you possibly can.

    I started from seed in 5.5" netpots in 1 container and left them in there. Mistake
  8. latewood

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    1st I wasn't insulting you...peace...OK; You are basically following the same path I went down...LOL

    Without seeing your setup...It is hard to give you a perfect answer, but I will try. You can always start your seeds in 1x1's and put into netpots filled with hydroton in the tub and run drippers...In an 18 gallon sterlite you could put 2, but if one turns female you would have to just snip it off at the bottom...Great start.

    Here is the other problem when trying to have more than one seedling per unit...From seed you have to veg minimum of 4 weeks, (now this is after rooting and all), minimum 4 weeks, but you should veg seedlings 8 weeks...follow me?
    By the time your seedlings are ready to flower, They are big!!! So therein lies the other problem...A fully vegged hydro plant spreads out way more than the area of the top of that tub.

    So you really need to concentrate on a small mom and a small cloning program.

    finally. If you want to try...plant a couple and when they root, place them in your unit. That is the best way to learn! When I started and even now...I talk myself into doing things that I know not to do from a trusted and experienced source, but I felt I couldn't truly experience the problems unless I created them for myself. Goodluck
    I would still like to know how you are going to top feed with just one tub???
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  9. GodBud

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    When I get some time I will post my set up. Its just really busy right now with xmas and all. I just mounted my lights today I should have some pics up within a couple days.
  10. BlackBliss

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    I use 1x 60.5 liter/16 gallon resevoir tub to 6 plants.
  11. latewood

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    You talking about clones?; because It is not a good idea to advise a new grower to attempt a 6in1 tubgrow, and then the poor guy has a tangled mess to deal with...:(

    Better off trying to do a simple healthy grow...learn how to deal with nutrients and ph/ppm meters and get a harvest:smokin: As opposed to getting in over your head...I think any experienced grower worth his "salt" would refrain from advising someone to grow 6 mmj plants from seed in 1 tub...c'mon, peace & Happy Holidays
  12. latewood

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    OH yeah...I can guarantee you that 1 plant if female will outyield 6 in a tub...Even if they are all female...Every time!!! peace
  13. xcrispi

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    hey god bud ,
    latewood speaks truth , 1 per res.
    i started out w/ a L&M 6 plnt. drip tub from ebay . i only did 3 of the 6 net pots . 1 choked the other 2 out to the point that the 2 smaller ones were useless , but the 1 dominant plant yielded approx. 13 oz. in a bloody 3in. netpot . i went to 5 gal. buckets 1 per bucket after that w/ insane results for a newbie in hydro .
  14. BlackBliss

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    Hey latewood mate, i just wanted to point out that in my previous reply back there that i was never advising him/her to do what i do, i was simply stateing that thats what i use.
    Cheers & merry christmas dude, :jointsmile:
  15. Alaric

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    I cringe when I hear...

    money thrown away on mh for veg--------hps has more INTENSITY for per watt even though the spectrum could be better.

    I've run side-by-side tests using hps and mh for veg.

    This shot is NL#5 vegged under 1K watters-------you be the judge.

    Happy holidays,


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  16. latewood

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    I had tp read this 2wice...I thought you were saying they were nop good...

    right! Exactly. I have1-400w MH and 2-1000w MH agrosun (gold) I use and finish with 1000w hps (hortilux)
    OK 1 pik of latest top cola...vegged w/400w then 1000w MH until 4th week of flower. I did change to hps to finish and I am glad. The buds grew long like finger with the MH and after changing to the horti...they went fat!
    Not exdactly sure why you brought nthis up, but I agree. MH are not a waste. I have said many times. 1000 watts after all is 1000 watts
  17. latewood

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    I forgot pik...And no not a stoner moment, givce me time to wrap one up...lol

    right about MH=IMO Exactly. I have 1-400w MH and 2-1000w MH agrosun (gold) and finish with 1000w hps (hortilux)
    OK 1 pik of latest top cola...grown with latewood's gh formula and lighting listed above...no Co2...

    I chose this pik so you could compare size of plant in week 3f next to plant finishing, being flushed.:smokin:

    strain:NYCD next to Sexy Orange Skunk

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  18. Alaric

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    sup LW...

    nice pics!

    IMO, potheads that have only one area (light) to veg and flower don't need to "buy Into" the the light peddlers claims that mh is better than hps for veg.

    my opinion is based upon my own observations using both and same results of my friends before cannabisworld and overgrow went down. Our weakest link to realize a plants maximum potential is light intensity (correct spectrum of course).

    As you know, mh can be used for veg and flower and produce some killer smoke-----just not as much.

    Thanks for the discussion,

  19. GodBud

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    Pics of setup

    Although not completed this is my basic beginner set. Still havent got the mylar up but thats next (sheesh there is a lot more to this than origionally planned) any way you were asking about how I am doing a self contained hydro drip system in one container well this is it.

    On the left side of the res is where the water is pumped out of the res into the pipe system I made, the nutes will flow back into the res in the tube you see in the front. On the right side of the res I have a drain valve thats capped off but when opened will empty into the res sitting on the right. To empty the res take note of the shut off valve located on the left side of the feed system. I will use a hole punch to place the drippers accordingly. Then I put a pic of the nutes and other supplies I am using. Also take note of the inline probe casings I built for the two probes of my hanna meter that will be displyed 24/7.

    Underneath the res this is what it looks like. I have a 200 GPH pump from the out of the pump I have a 4" hose that feeds into the in of a T connector. One side of the T feeds the main system then the other side of the T I have another T connected to it which leaves 2 more outs and those 2 outs feed up into the probes for my meter analysis.

    Tell me what you think LW and others too

    Merry Xmas Folks!

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  20. Alaric

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    you really don't need

    those drippers and pump. Just an airstone/s in the tub will do the trick----I've found that dissolved oxygen levels of over 5.0 ppm work very well.

    a small pump is good to mix/refresh the nutes (mix and adjust nutes then pump in).

    Like the bath tub------ready made drain and water supply.

    ditch the mylar-----pita------best stuff I've found is "foylon", a shinny fabric that doesn't crinkle and easy to clean. (in pic the other sides are rolled up for access. Note the 2x4's in the corner of the canopy-----ready made attachment for trellising (bud management)-----keep it flat.


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