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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by 395Buds, Aug 23, 2009.

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    my first time growing, got my hands on a og kush mother today i have her in the bathroom with light on but need some advise to keep her alive and help me with the grow process thanks...:Rasta:
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    start reading threads and use the search function of the forums is the best way to answer your questions:)
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    welcome to the boards 395buds. there's no need to post the same thing in two different forums. if you ever have any doubt, post it once and wait for some advice. if the MODs deem it necessary they will move it.

    as far as help with the OG....well it sounds like you've never grown before. incandescent light bulbs are sufficient to keep your plant alive. you might want to start reading some.

    these links should get you started:




    all aboard the OG kush express!

    good growing!

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    I was in your position 4 weeks ago and I've been successfully growing at a great pace from everything I read here on these forums. I'm still very much a new grower, this being only my second attempt. BUT this time is much more relaxing because all I do now is "babysit" the little guys. Anyway, some links I used a lot were :


    I kept reading the posts on the above link when I first planted just to get an idea of what it should look like in the upcoming weeks, so I'll know if It's going as planned or if I'm messing something up.


    This link, answered a lot about lighting. Which turns out to be MUCH more important than I ever imagined. I decided to go with CFLs and I have 5 1,800 lumen output cfl lights in the space. That's 9,000 lumens per square foot which is more than enough :)


    Another HUGE important factor to pay attention to : Ph.
    The bulk of what I learned to help fix my problems and even prevent them for some other plants was from this post.


    Sadly, I admit to reading the complete noobs guide to growing indoor dank.

    Other good reads are :


    NPK Charts - Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments For Marijuana Cannabis Plants

    Marijuana Plant Abuse

    The Flowering Phase of the Marijuana Plant


    It's all very overwhelming at first but I used these links to help push me into the right direction. From what I can see I'm satisfied and confident in my grow. All the information you'll need may probably not be in here, but if I understood it all and started successfully while making minimal mistakes, anyone can. Lucky growing to you and I'll keep paying attention to your post.
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    thankyou ima have to check the links, one other ? im putting the mother an her babies in an addict space but i got a reading of almost 95f:( during peak of day and its on top of my garage so i cant get no cool air any solutions?
  6. 395Buds

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    i ment attic

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