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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by Dnutz, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Dnutz

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    Hey all! I have been following the works of OG Raskal and recently read that him and swerve were banned from "the farm" and now there are no seed sellers that carry his gear!

    What I am getting at is this, does anyone know of any place to get his gear or clones of it? I havent seen his strains ANYWHERE so I figured it was worth asking!

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  2. Sowamazingseeds dot com

    was my little secret but here ya go.. They just dropped a bunch of new crosses yesterday!


    says they don't ship to us but they do wink
  3. Also I have nearly all of these now sorting thru them to find the keepers and breed with the males.. we will be giving out og rascal and swerve gear to our members only.. Which you are dnuts.. Aswell as top dawg gear..
  4. Dnutz

    Dnutz Registered+

    O damn thats awesome Jason! Ill for sure be checkin that out! What strains have you come across that you are considering keepers out of them??
  5. COfluffhead

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    great. just what we need. more hacks infiltrating the cannabis gene scene by producing shitty herm-prone female x female hybrids

    Thank god I know better. Wait till 30 years from now. Finding TRUE male/female seeds will be tougher to get
  6. LoL swerve and rascal are anything but hacks.. If you don't like fem seeds like many who know what they are doing then don't buy em.. Several of their strains are not fem if u look
  7. Dnutz

    Dnutz Registered+

    Fem beans were stupid the second they were thought of and produced... And saying that swerve and raskal are hacks is just not cool dude! Check out some real good grow journals on their gear and it will prove everything :)
  8. VapedG13

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    I bought Raskel OG from Cali conect .....Swerve and Raskel went in together on the OG:D

    Out of 10 seeds... 4 were female... 2 of those went auto after the cloning process:mad:

    Not a keeper in the bunch.....I have the Tahoe and the Chem valley too
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  9. Dnutz

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    Ya I was aware of the cali connection collaberation for the raskal kush, but I am looking for White Urkle and Alien OG, strains that are specific to Raskal.

    How do you like the Tahoe vaped? I hear its a good yielder for being an og kush pheno and wreaks of lemons! Does it clone well?
  10. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    Canna collective will be selling RASKELS gear Forums
  11. Alien og, blackwater, raskal og, tahoe og, deadhead og, Larry og, ceasers.. Off the top of my head
  12. Dnutz

    Dnutz Registered+

    Damn J! Im for sure gonna have to get a few of those! How do you like the blackwater and the deadhead og??
  13. COfluffhead

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    maybe not "hacks" but definitely not true breeders. Select true males, and name your seeds something other than the "elite clone-only" name that one of the parents carry, and I'll respect their work more

    A friend was disapointed to get a clone of the "tahoe OG Kush", only to find out it's the seed version and not the original :(
  14. Dnutz

    Dnutz Registered+

    Still with that happening, that was the person who popped the seeds fault for not selecting a good pheno... Check out some fools doin work with cali connect gear on thc farmer dot com if you are still skeptical. But hey, not everyone likes the same thing so maybe it was just personal choice on both sides (your friend and the seed popper).

    Keep it green,

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