.Ogie$el. First High Pressure Aeroponics Grow .Ogie$el.

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by OGiesel, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. OGiesel

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    Got the pressure gauge in place, it takes about half a second to peak at ~110 psi. Not too shabby

    This morning I introduced 10 gallons of bloom nutrients to the reservoir . It's about a 50/50 ratio atm. Half bloom, half grow.
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  2. OGiesel

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    I have some horrible news guys & girls, turns out, both my plants are true hermaphrodites. They are shooting out mainly flowers but I've noticed a few nut sacks forming. Makes total sense since I got the seeds from bag seed. Bag seed = hermie plants. Fyi for anyone who didn't know. You might get lucky with a bag seed that shows only female traits , but the trans gender will always be in its genetics, unless of course it turned tranny via stress. That's a whole different story. So long story short, I'm throwing these two plants out. I hate to say so, but it's true. Rule #1 kids, id you're going to start a grow, start with good genetics. I can't risk budding them out because they will spreat pollen to every nook and cranny in my tent, Which will taint my future grows. I hate the fact that it has to come down to this, but there's no other option. Instead of just tossing them in the garbage, I'm going to frow them outside in a greenhouse, and let nature take its course. Ill probably end up using the bud for hash anyway. :hungover:
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  3. Wagonweed

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    Ya that sucks but hey at least you got your system dialed in.
    Your gonna still grow them outside? Aren't you worried that the pollen will still transfer into your grow room when your around those plants.

    Now it's time for strain shopping!
    What are you thinking of getting?
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  4. OGiesel

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    True true, the grow wasn't a total waste. I did actually learn alot from it.
    & Yes it is still possible for me to cross pollinate, I'll just have to be extra carefull. I really don't want to throw them away because they're doing really good, despite that fact that they are hermies lol & IT IS TIME FOR STRAIN SHOPPING! haha I basically have three options. I can either

    A. Go to a dispensary and buy two clones.

    B. Plant 2 of my 8 clones that I have taken from and earlier grow I had started. Kona Gold. I wad a litte late when i cut the clones. They had already transitioned into the budding faze so they are trying to flower at the moment, even though they're only like 4 inches tall haha. Id have to re-veg them for a little bit before I try to flower them again. I've done it in the past, but it's somewhat of a hassle.

    Or C.
    My buddy purchased some "feminized" seeds from a well known seed company, (I forget the name) but he's offered me a few of them. He has white widow and white rhino.gm I'm not sure if I want to start from seed again though.
  5. OGiesel

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    I'll upload some informational pictures of my plants, showing her true tranny traits. Also if you guys like root porn, STAY TUNED! im going to snag a couple pics of my root chambers. Mind.....blowing.......
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  6. OGiesel

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    We'll start with the roots, here's a pic without flash with the lights on.
    With the lights off and flash on
    The root structure is incredible . Both totes are identical
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  7. Wagonweed

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    By the time you reveg it would probably take the same from seed. Clones is the fastest choice, why not call up that place and see what strains they got.

    Also what was your plan for the clones you took? Just flower them or reveg, or keep one as a mom.
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  8. OGiesel

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    True that, I think I'll keep it simple and just buy clones from the club. During my last grow I had going before I made the transition into HP Aero, I had two Kona Gold plants going from seed & they were already at a somewhat decent size. I couldnt set them up in my new aero system because they were already too big. So I ended up throwing those ones outside . A few weeks after that I noticed both plants were female so I took 8 clones. Im giving a few to some friends and i was going to keep two to grow for myself , but im not too sure if thatd what im still going to do. The plants are still budding outside atm and they are looking delicious. Kona gold wouldn't be a bad strain to grow either. I'f I remember correctly though, kona gold has like a 10-12 week flowering time or some shit like that & that's kinda what turned me away. I have all my clones thriving in my aerogarden atm. They're getting a jumpstart on re-vegging as we speak. But yeah like I just said, I don't know if I even want to bother with it, when I might be able to find some just as good genetics with way less of a flowering time.
  9. Wagonweed

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    Ya I wanted 9 week flower time or less but my reason is I grow to smoke, so without any kinda stash built up I can't wait 10+weeks. But after another round I'll have enough to last during a long harvest. Super silver haze was incredible and it's a super long flower time. I want more different hazes. Then some crippling indica for night.
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  11. shelton abbey

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    sorry too see these hermie on you man,true it really is too much effort to take a chance on some random bag seed ,, love those rroots though,

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