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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Nicole_Jasmine, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Nicole_Jasmine

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    Will my vaporizer get dirtier if I use essential oils in them? Which is better, herbs or oils? Any help would be most welcome, thanks in advance.
  2. Graywolf

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    What kind of vaporizer?
  3. purplelungs

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    i haven't vaped a lot of oils but i have vaped some and i've found that it depends on which one you're using. some don't want you to use any form of liquids, just dry herbs but there are a lot that are made for oils. one of the ones that i was kind of surprised to find could do oil is volcano's plenty vaporizer. it has a pad that you can dab your oils onto. i've also heard the atmos raw is good with oils but i never tried it with them.

    the ones that i have tried tend to get a little dirty, but it depends what you're using. i used one where you insert an oil cartridge and that worked good without making a mess. you might just want to look more at e-cigs cause they basically vaporize oils anyways, right? i think there's one called cannacig or something, don't remember the exact name but i'm sure you can find it if you look around.

    if your vape doesn't say you can use liquids, you might not want to lol
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  4. painretreat

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    I used one that had a small bottle of oil (you fill it yourself) and then attach the little bottle of oil to the contraption and heat up the bottle with a torch (a lighter will work, just not a well). It was around $50.00. And it comes in pretty colors. It is light weight and folds up into a pouch.

    Rather disappointed to hear that 'volcano' did not incorporate using a bottle, in the volcano's, to keep it clean. ;)

    thanks for the info purplehugs.:Rasta: pr
  5. Droogalo612

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    The product you're thinking of is Cannastick. They have an attachment for box mods that's is justhe awesome. I'm buying one myself in a few.

    Check out this link. It'll take you to the info.
  6. Bumer750IL707

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    There's a new company GoldenPharms. They got pre-filled cartridges online that get you faded.
    I just had my first order and the beautiful golden MJ e-juice hit perfectly ( i got strawberry flavor) and after like 3 solid hits got gone off my mind.
    They got a bunch of great flavors & also flavorless if thats your thing~
    Definitely ordering more from this place!

    Just a recommendation! Made me a happy stoner.:angelic:

    :panda::panda::panda::panda: W3st sid3:eggonface::eggonface::eggonface::eggonface:

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