OK, Best Indoor Strain, End Of Story?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by faithlessxxx, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. faithlessxxx

    faithlessxxx Registered+

    I'm looking for the all time best indoor strain.
    These are the requirements, in order:

    *flowering time

    Potency is important, I want potency, but choosing between a top44 that flowers in 6 weeks and a super sativa that flowers for 3 months, and I'll take the top 44.
    I'm looking at Papaya, PPP, Big Bud, etc, but theres problems with them all.
    PPP for example is reccommended for outdoors.
    I'm harvesting top44 and Spontanica in 2 weeks, but now I want to go for the ultimate indoors indica.

    So give me your expert advice! :D
  2. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    i hear papaya is fantabulous.

    i have some dreamgoddess; as of now, it's my favorite (great for pain and insomnia) but there's lots and lots of goodies out there.

    if you want the best of all worlds, i suggest northern lights, or a cross containing it. i don't think you'll be dissapointed
  3. faithlessxxx

    faithlessxxx Registered+

    I also hear Papaya has hermie traits and is instable...
  4. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    hmmm, i don't know, haven't heard anything about the herm trait. i sure hope not...
  5. faithlessxxx

    faithlessxxx Registered+

    NL is perhaps not a bad suggestion. I ve always turned my nose away at ak47 and NL because they became keywords that dealers started using for any old crap, like "skunk" and "superskunk". But maybe its time to grow out of that. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    nl is a great yeilder with an incredible high. that's no shit. good stuff
  7. faithlessxxx

    faithlessxxx Registered+

    NL stink much?
  8. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    piney, hmm... i grew it outdoors, and i realy cant remember.

    but, if you search for chronic chrissy's grow log, i'm sure she tells all about it. she grew out nl and afghan.
  9. bejay

    bejay Registered+

    curious of what you think of spontanica?
    as per a potent mostly indica dont really know, you might check out oasis wich is dp version of nl#2.
  10. faithlessxxx

    faithlessxxx Registered+

    I cant tell, the 3 spontanica clones I have have been completely weird and failed since day one. I let the mutants come along for the ride anyway, since I had the space and they were female. I'll post some pics later once the lights come on. I'm not expecting more than 30g from the healthiest one.

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