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Discussion in 'Idaho (ID)' started by bakedpotato, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. bakedpotato

    bakedpotato Registered+

    anyone from the treasure valley area? 2C driver from Nampa here.:jointsmile:
  2. twist n shout

    twist n shout Registered+

    Eagle here. Moved down from Valley Co about two years ago.
  3. bakedpotato

    bakedpotato Registered+

    There are BIG fish to be caught in Valley County. In any event, glad to meet you.
  4. celticpoet

    celticpoet Registered

    Nampa too(k)

    Hiya Folks,
    It's good to know there are some good folk in the area.
    Just moved to Nampa last September and didn't realize it was such a lean area. I was in eastern Oregon. How I miss those laws.
    Anyway, i'm glad to be able to vent and rave.:thumbsup:
  5. bakedpotato

    bakedpotato Registered+

    You're right about that. Nampa/Caldwell especially unless you like schwag or brick weed. Boise isn't too bad. You can usually find something if you look hard enough. Terrapin Station is a cool bar, good music, full of Deadheads who will smoke you out more often than not. Neurolux is ok as well - usually someone will show up with a bowl to smoke on the patio. But yeah, it can get lean here. Especially with all of the outdoor grow ops getting found out and shut down. Usually there is an abundance of good smoke during the fall/winter months. Hopefully that's the case this year, also.
  6. celticpoet

    celticpoet Registered

    I like the Terrapin station, and the Neurolux has some interesting folks.
    Me personally, I like to find my way to the Owyhee's and blaze while watching the stars.

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