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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Pedro de Pacas, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Pedro de Pacas

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    I pulled a small Mango bud from the water curing bucket yesterday, gently dried off the worst of the water from it with a paper towel and dried it in the dehydrator for about 8 hours.

    Okay, lesson 1, pluck all the leaves off the bud before trying to smoke it, it was harsher than what my brother had me try last month.

    Describing the buzz I felt is hard to describe: it was like hyper-ventilating though I was breathing deep and slow. My limbs and chest were tingling, not quite pins and needles but it was like a semi numbness. My head felt a slight vertigo ...

    I remember when the buzz first hit me thinking "here it is, put the bong down". Then I needed to go to the bathroom, I had to steady myself. I made it there without incident, but it felt like being quite drunk minus the nausea or hang over.

    I remember shutting off the lights and going to bed. Once the vertigo stopped, I fell asleep, quite soundly. I woke up with dry "cotton mouth" and no other side effects ... okay perhaps a bit of tightness in the chest, but that might be due to me also toking up while having a bad cold ...:(

    All in all, no palpitations, but I need to make sure I pluck out all leaves before using the bud, and stop after a few tokes ... wait a few minutes for the buzz to hit. The way I did it last night I kept going at it until I could feel the buzz!
  2. daima

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    alwayz trim your bud. Use the leaf to make kief or water hash, or cooking.

    dai*ma :stoned:
  3. LIP

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    You mentioned toking up while you had a cold. I had a very bad cold and a very bad chest infection one day when i woke up, and usualy i would go to the doctors and he'll give me anti-biotics. I read that skunk has anti-biotic properties, so i went out and got 14 grams of K2 bud. Some of the nicest smelling stuff i have ever had to pleasure to smoke. I smoked the whole half ounce in just 2 days, but it completely got rid of my chest infection, and to much surprise also my cold. Basically, i got rid of a cold and a chest infection in 2 days, and as far as im concerned it was the skunk that did it. Dunno if this has happened to anyone else, but id absolutly love it if it turned out skunk can be processed into the cure for the common cold.
  4. skunksmoker006

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    clearing my sinuses

    i dont know for sure about curing colds,sinus infections, or other things like that but i i have gotten rid of a few stuffy noses and it always makes me feel better when im sick.:thumbsup:
  5. skunksmoker006

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    pot does'nt lead to harder drugs, it leads to carpentry-denis leary
  6. opiuser

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    any kind of weed works for me... it always speeds my recovery, and i can function while im sick. otherwise i'd probly be in bed all day long
  7. daima

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    Small hits of cannabis are great lung expectorants. Marathon runners will use cannabis before and after running to help clear their lungs of Phlegm(sp), air pollution, dust, and other intruders of the lungs. Natures lung expectorant numero uno :thumbsup:

    dai*ma :stoned:
  8. beachguy in thongs

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    Any size hit of cannabis is a great lung expectorant. The doctor told the patient "if you don't cough, you don't get off", but I've no reference for that. I could find it.

    If you smoke cigarettes, it's necessary to smoke weed. Well, to a certain extent.

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