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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Dreadscale, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Dreadscale

    Dreadscale Registered+

    Hi All

    First attempt at cloning and I got a problem.
    Cuttings are a week old, soil PH 6.8, 4X100watt CFL, temp 75 deg. medium is jiffy peet pellet, rootone rooting hormone.
    Medium is wet always.

    Any Idea what's making them bleach out ? :detective1:
    Looks like a neut. burn or something, but shouldn't be.:eek:

    At this point should I just water with PH adjusted water or some type of nutrients? :i feel stupid:

    Thanks for any input I may recieve.

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  2. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    1) lights appear close to a foot away. they should be only inches from the leaves.

    2)no humidity domes. get a big clear plastic try or cups overtop so that the plants will have absurd amounts of humid air to suck up.

    3) for future, the bulbs are 100w EQUIVELENT, they use 23-26w by brand. saves confusion with the high-output ones.
  3. Dreadscale

    Dreadscale Registered+


    Thank you hybridlove420 for the quick reply.

    I have a humidity dome, I removed it for the photos.

    Will get clones closer to light source.
  4. PharmaCan

    PharmaCan Registered+

    It's best not to give people advice when you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

    Dreadscale - take all the lights out of that cab except for one bulb. have it about 8" - 12" above your dome.

    Why are you watering the cuttings? The cuttings have no roots - what are they supposed to do with the water? Keeping the peat pellets wet will do more to cause the stem to rot than anything else. After you have the cutting in the pellet, mist the pellet every 2-3 days to keep it moist - that's all you need. Peat pellets, in my opinion, suck. But some people swear by them so :wtf:. I use Clonex and a drop of Superthrive for cloning in Rapid Rooters with a pH of 5.6. Don't give any nutes right now... they have no roots to drink the nutes. Mist the inside of your dome and keep the environment humid.

    PC :smokin:
  5. Dreadscale

    Dreadscale Registered+


    :postgood:Thank you PharmaCan

    Makes sense to me, no roots :i feel stupid:

    I should have known about the lighting, Stinkyattic mentioned in another post about too much light on clones.

    Thanks Again!
  6. PharmaCan

    PharmaCan Registered+

    Dreadscale - You're welcome - I'm glad I could help. I like to emphasize the "no roots" thing to people who are new to cloning because, when you start thinking in those terms, it makes your course of action much more clear.

    PC :smokin:
  7. gainesvillegreen

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    PC already covered everything relevant, so I don't have much to say. The problem was most likely related to the large amount of light in the area; your cuttings will still process all of the light they receive. Combine that, with the NO ROOTS (as PC emphasized) to uptake nutrients, and the plant catabolizes itself in the process.
  8. Dreadscale

    Dreadscale Registered+

    Thanks gainesvillegreen for your reply.

    Yes, it seems PharmaCan has a pretty good grasp on my problem.

  9. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    ooh. my bad, sorry. i was thinking ahead a bit. didnt really consider that too much light is possible.
  10. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

    Your original post would have been dead-on had the plants been in the vegetative growth stage rather than the rooting phase. As I said, the problem with too much light while you're trying to root cuttings is that they will photosynthesize with as much of it as possible; since they have no (or very little) ability to uptake nutrients, they eat themselves alive.
  11. Dreadscale

    Dreadscale Registered+

    Thank all of you for the great replies.

    I'm pretty much a Newb here but, I am reading a lot of information on growing.
    I still have my Revised 1990 Edition Deluxe Marijuana Growers Guide I used for my
    greenhouse grow, in 90.
    I also have some old Sensimilla Times, with great growing sections. The information is a little dated by now :)
    These forums provide me with much updated information and access to expert opinions.


  12. Dreadscale

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    Well the clones haven't died but its not looking good.

    I revamped my nursery area, and invested in a heated dome.
    I ph'ed the jiffy peat pellets I was using and, "DAMN" the ph of runoff was 4.0.
    I removed all of the cuttings from the pellets. The cuttings that starting to root I planted in small pots. The ones that had no root growth I re cut bottoms and re-applied hormone to them and put them into a soil mix, mix is ph 6.5. Custom Blend from local nursery.

    I also acquired a Real McCoy clone in a different brand of pellet, it seems to be doing fine.

    I took 2 cuttings from a Strawberry Cough I acquired, and 2 more off my Northern Lights. I am rooting these in Planters Pride gel2root containers.
    I'll let you know how that works out.
    I also germinated a couple of seeds from an unidentified indica strain brought back from s.e. Asia.
    Everything seems to like the heated humidity dome and the 15w fluorescent, with indirect light from below.
    Am going to change out 15w bulb to 6000k when I figure out how to get it out of the fixture, it ia Aquari-Lux at moment.

    Please give me any ideas or comments you have. :hippy:

    Last Words:
    I DO NOT recommend Jiffy Peat Pellets for cloning!
    Beware of Dog "Chuck Norris"

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  13. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    maybe thats why my previous clones all failed. i figured the new ones lived because of the plastic cups for humidity, but maybe they also redued the light reaching the leaves.

    tell me: my one clone has some light grren tufts up top, but hasnt changed at all (worse or better) over the last week or two. why?

    also my other clone has root tips sticking out the container bottom, but all it recent leves are one bladed things that stick up at about 70 degrees and are incredibly long and ugly.
  14. Dreadscale

    Dreadscale Registered+

    hybridlove420 I am the worst person to ask any cloning questions.

    You will be much better off if you start yourself a new thread.
    These people here know lots of stuff.:thumbsup:

    By the way, mine are looking really sad. :toilet_claw: I took 2 new clones, just in case.
    A friend of mine is great with clones, I acquired a Strawberry Cough and a McCoy from them.
    Theirs are real healthy.:woohoo:
  15. Deepwinter

    Deepwinter Registered

    Came across this thread, as i was having similar problems, thx for the info, i hadnt realised that to much light can be a problem, i had my clones in with my veg stage plants under a 600w MH, oops

    anyway cheers for the advice even though it wasnt for me, it still helped


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