Old Navy; do they screen new employees?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Junglism, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Junglism

    Junglism Registered

    Hi everyone,

    First thread, does Old Navy screen new employees?

  2. SonicHaze

    SonicHaze Registered+

    They usually don't when I buy my grandfather's birthday gifts there.
  3. Junglism

    Junglism Registered


    No I mean do they make you pass a drug test when you get hired?
  4. insomniasucks

    insomniasucks Registered+

    I couldn't find info on Old Navy but GAP might. Google companies that drug test and you will find searches for companies that test employees.

    After my recent experience I just assume that companies will drug test.

    What are you stats and smoking history? When was the last time you smoked? Do you have an interview or offer coming up?
  5. Junglism

    Junglism Registered

    I got an offer for a retail position. They basically said I just need to fill out an app and I have it.

    The last time I smoked was 5 months ago, I was thinking about smoking tonight for the 4th of July but that's passed. I guess at this point it makes more sense to just wait a bit longer until I find something and get in.
  6. insomniasucks

    insomniasucks Registered+

    If you have not smoked for 5 months then don't worry. Your system will not have detectable thc metabolites. If they drug test test it will most likely be a urine test with a 50 ng/ml cutoff. You have a sensible attitude about abstaining. If you have waited this long, a few more weeks or days won't hurt. Good Luck with your new job.

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