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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by WashougalWonder, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. WashougalWonder

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    Ok folks, I am so burned on some of the old wives tales. I want folk like Old Mac, Rusty, etc., to dispel the mistruths out there, we are seeing them refuted in posts, let's put it all in one place.

    My favorites.

    "You gotta hang the plant upside down to cure." This is purely convenience. It is just easier to hang the stems upside down if you choose this way.

    "The 12 hours of light make them flower." Not, it is the darkness that makes them flower.

    "If a hermie pollenates another plant all offspring will be hermies." NOT. If a hermie pollenated another female you would get female seeds........(Statements assume hermie was from stress as true hermie is very, very rare.

    I know Old Mac has a couple pet peeves on this topic, let's hear it!
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  2. Rusty Trichome

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    I can only think of a few right now. (waiting for coffee to finish brewing)

    'You need all 15 of our products to properly grow your meds.' No, but you need to buy them all to keep the nutrient company properly solvent...

    'Superthrive is a super tonic' Hardly. It's a band-aid to mask other issues in your garden. Good rule of thumb...if you don't know what's in it, likely it shouldn't go into your meds. Some folks are more sensitive to interactions than others, but if your life depends on the meds you take for your illness, think twice about smoking artifical plant hormones, steroids and snake-oils.

    'Organic compounds are different than non-organic compounds.' A chemical compound is a chemical compound. The difference between "organic" and 'natural'...? Price.

    'If a plant hermies, the strain is trash.' In most cases it's the gardener that has abused the plant that makes it hermie. (light leaks, bad nutrients, trying to 'overclock' the plants, no consistent schedule, too cold...) The ability to hermie is present in every strain. It's a self-preservation response to stress in it's natural enviornment that has been developed over thousands of years on all continents.

    'Horticultural and biological rules do not apply to cannabis.' Cannabis is not a 'special' order, class, phylum, kingdom...It's a plant. Quit treating it as if the rules of biology were inconsequential to cannabis.

    'Moon phase gardening is effective.' It has never been proven effective, but many scholarly studies lean twords it being an invalid technique to improve garden results. I read my horoscope once in a while for entertainment, but I'd never use it to raise my children.

    'Coffee grounds and egg shells are good additives to your soil.' Adding uncomposted table scraps is a good way to promote disease your growroom. Eventually the scraps will rot in your pot(s).

    Speaking of coffee...mine's ready...:jointsmile:
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  3. pinkdolphin113

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    Coffee grounds be added to a compost heap as a source of carbon and proteins. Adding them to growing medium has little or no effect on growth...something I found out myself. The only benefit from coffee grounds, I found through numptiness, was that infestations (spider mites in this case) prefer plants growing without coffee grounds in the soil. However, there is no real reason to suggest the coffee grounds had anything to do with it.

    How about placing plants into darkness 24hours prior to harvesting?
    I personally don't go with this anymore because...well...how much growth do you expect within 24 hours?
    I prefer to just crop at the end of the day after a week or 2 of watering and dry out over 1 or 2 weeks.
    Is this wrong?

  4. oldmac

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    This thread is a nice idea WashogulWonder,

    You guys have already hit some, Rusty, even before his coffee came up with many.:thumbsup:

    Putting your plant into darkness 48, 72 or ? hours before cutting down helps with bud development, trichome developement, potency etc. It dosen't do anything thing but waste time and allow for bud rot.

    Yes pink you have it right, but since plant growth is based on photosynthesis, how much growth ot development can you expect at all in the dark.

    OM :jointsmile:
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  5. tikiroom

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    Could leaving your plants in total darkness for 48 hours before chop help rid the plant of chlorophyll?
    Possibly shortening curing time.
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  6. Weezard

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    The myth of Chlorination

    The old wives tell ya to leave your water "sit" for 24 hours to let the Chloramine demons out.;)

    That is actually counter productive.

    What leaves the water, is not the Chloramine, but the air.

    "Flat" water will drown roots.
    Those same roots are happy as clams in aerated water.
    They are also quite happy in lightly chlorinated tap water as long as there is enough Oxygen as well.:)
    A few parts of Chlorine per million keeps the micro-herd in check and is no-where near enough to adversely affect Cannabis.

    I'll have a few more sometime soon.
    Gotta go bum a cup of that coffee from R.T. first.


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  7. pinkdolphin113

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    I assumed letting water stand for 24 hours was to allow the chlorine to evaporate?
    Chlorine, as many know, is added to water to kill bacteria and parasites making it drinkable.
    Bacteria are required, in terrestrial sediments, to break down (or fix) chemicals which are consumed by the plants.

    This means that giving chlorine filled water to ANY plant can significantly affect growth.

    Chloramine, on the other hand, is a combination of ammonia and chlorine (much more stable than just chlorine). This acts in the same way as chlorine levels (bacteria depleting/quick evaporation rates) so can be left to stand for ~24 hours, too. If you're lucky enough and the ammonia stays within the water after the chlorine has been evaporated (don't know if this is possible), you have a great nutrient for your plants.

    Simply letting the water "stand" will cause the chlorine to evaporate, but creating a lot of turbulation can allow it to evaporate quicker.

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  8. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    This is why it is an old wives tale. I switched from water that stood to just using it as I needed it, if it had stood so be it, if it was fresh out of the tap so be it. I actually think growth was better on the water that did not sit.
  9. oldmac

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    Another pet peeve myth;

    Roots grow during the dark period. Nope, all growth above and below ground level is a process of photosynthesis. "Roots grow in the dark but not when itis dark." There is cell division happening all the time at the tap/water root's meristem, but this cell division is the lubricant for the root tip growth.


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  10. VapedG13

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    Funny you ask that....I lost power for 4-5 days my plants had to stay in the dark..... they were 5 weeeks into flower.

    The buds actually grew in the darkness
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  11. tinytoon

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    Finally a thread that is gonna well deserve the right to be "sticky". Very good points on all that was mentioned but I got one for ya. What about min 36 hours darkness between veg and flower?? :weedpoke:
    As you guys know I live in the land of Hydro and probably the most confusing thing that I see being said over and over is topping of the res with nuted water instead of plain. How do you know what nutes the plants use and what nutes they still have abundent?? I have heard of talking to your plants but if someone is getting a verbal answer back there might be issuses!!! :abduct:
  12. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    "Miracle Grow soil is garbage for cannabis" Bummer to hear that. It's what I learned canna-gardening in. It get's real old watching new members come in her and parrot garbage they've obviously never tried themselves, but have heard somewhere. It's not the optimal choice, but it's not the worst, either. As with any soil or nutrient...it's something you have to learn how to use properly.

    Unnecessary. If they're ready to go into the flower shed, they're ready. Period. If they are not ready, and you are trying to force 'em to flower...you'll most likely end-up with less robust plants than if you'd have left 'em in the growth stage and flowered once you start seeing pre-flowers.

    Trying not to hold it against ya. :thumbsup:

    If what you are doing is working, the plants will let you know. Conversely...if you're screwing-up...they'll let you know that, too.

    Although they have no ears...I do let mine know that if they aren't going to perform as expected, I'll replace 'em with a healthier, happier strain. Not sure if this has ever helped the plants, but it makes me feel better.

    My plants talk to me every day, but they use BSL. (Botanical Sign Language)

    Adding table scraps to the compost heap (not your pots) is fine, but watch what you add. Fats and proteins act differently than does vegetable matter, and there is a balancing point when mixing the two. But some potting mixes have roadkill mixed-in and composted. I guess this is no worse than fertilizing with human waste solids...but still sounds pretty gross.

    I harvest when I get the time to do it. A few hours of darkness will not improve your final yield, it won't produce more trichomes, it won't mature the trichomes quicker...so why would you complicate your garden with more complications...? Some of these techniques, although harmless, are a bitch to un-learn.
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  13. pinkdolphin113

    pinkdolphin113 Registered+

    I've always thought that placing plants in darkness for a day or 2 before being put into flowering decreases the time it takes for flowers to show? This is probably an old wives tale too.

    As for talking to your plants...I've ALWAYS thought, as far back as I can remember, that this was due to direct carbondioxide being blown around the plant's leaves. Perhaps not though...maybe a carbon dioxide system would be better...

    ...so who's job is it to statistically analyse these old wives tales??

  14. oldmac

    oldmac Registered+

    Actually I did not ask that (putting plants into darkness for 36, 48, 72 or ?). I stated that it is a wifes tale and utter nonscence.

    I'm happy for you that 4-5 days of no lights you saw "bud growth". Keep doing it, maybe even try 7-10 days. But before you pass on that "grow tip" baesd upon your dubious (doobieous?) observation, I would suggest that you try to find some scientific plant based physiology fact or theory to support your observation.

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  15. oldmac

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    While I agree with Rusty that it is unnecessary, it will hasten the induction phase of flowering. Here's why. There are three distinct phases to flowering; induction, initiation and developement. When a plant is growing (vegging) everytime it has a dark period certian chemicals (auxins) and hormone (florigen) build up in the plant and every time it has a photoperiod these chemicals and hormones break down. This chemical cocktail must reach a certian level, for a few cycles to induce flowering and start the initiation phase. The usual flowering photoperiod of 12/12 helps to speed up this process, but it can be further hastened using an initial prolonged dark period of 24-36 hrs. Most of us, especially continuous grow growers, don't have the space or timing to do that. Some grower's use an application of certian supplemental lighting that can fool the plant to believe the dark phase is actually longer then 12 hours and we cut induction times that way.

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  16. VapedG13

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    Ok hows this.....I am forced to leave my flower plants in the dark for 2 days evey 2 weeks for the last year or so. I run pre 98 bubba

    It doesnt cause any stress to the plant....and there is definate noticable growth to the buds while in the dark.

    I will bet anyone in here $50 that if your plant is 4-5 weeks into flower and you leave it in the dark for 2-3 days you will notice bud growth:thumbsup:

    other people have already noticed this

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  17. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Why the Reader, of course. You have the best on the site giving their all.
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  18. Rusty Trichome

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    Flush the plant 3 to 7 days before harvest to remove the nitrogen and other nasty stuff from the plant. Actually, you are flushing the soil so the plant has less stuff to uptake, which means less stuff to burn-off in the curing jar. To flush the plant itself, you'd need special fittings and a special garden hose. (likely a low-volume drip line would do) :jointsmile:

    You are forcing it to use stored energy just to survive, and you are assuming there is no price to pay. This isn't a stress-free technique, as that energy must be replaced to resume 'normal' growth. You are asking the plant to go from 100 mph (daily light for it's energy) to 0 mph. (a dead-stop, but she'll still use her stores to survive) Then you accelerate her back to 100 mph, even though she's running on empty. Strains with weaker genetics could easily have a problem with flipping back-n-forth like that.

    Other people have "noticed" that Miracle Grow is crap, or they've "noticed" that organic is better than natural or they've "noticed" that you need 20 different products to bring a plant to harvest.
    But eventually you'll "notice"...if you keep parroting other's, that are wrong about their snake-oils or their bitchen techniques, you'll keep perpetutating wives tales and misinformation. That's what this thread is all about.

    And factually, you won't be getting more yield or any more trichomes in any of this. Although the plant goes through growth spurts, hopefully your extended darkness doesn't affect it's next spurt. But you just might cause stress and form nanners, stunt normal growth, slow the flowering process by depleting her energies to survive. This is not a technique worth fretting over, but I've heard from others somewhere...if you leave 'em alone they'll be fine.
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  19. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    No bro I've grown this way for the last year.... been a grower for 20yrs....I have been forced to give my flowering plants 2 days of darkness or 16 extra days of darkness in a 8 week flowering cycle...every 2 weeks they get 2 days of darnkness while I'm gone

    I travel alot.....It doesnt cause the plants to finish early or later...it doesnt produce more or less weight wise ...it doesnt give the plants more trichs or less.

    hasnt effected either way good or bad......I have sour diesel, chem4, pre 98 bubba, lemon skunk ,og kush. white widow, lemon larry and exodus cheese
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  20. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    sorry bros..... it 8 days of extra darkness in the flowering cycle not 16....so an addtional darkness of 192 hours
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