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    No prob. Hoping for more Old Wives Tails.
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    letting tap water set overnight or longer will make it better for your plants.....did we do this one already?
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    ok found it on page one...as gilda used to say ..."never mind"
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    bump this baby ,good
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    read this thread newbes
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    How about cutting the "balls" from a hermie to revert to a female
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    Cheech, if it's only a single banana you're talking about, then yes, that could work. But if the plant is a hermi, then it'll replace the balls/bananas you cut with more. Mind you, you can't revert to a female, only prevent the bananas from pollinating the flowers.
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    Old Wives Tales: It is a Sticky Now! Check this Out!

    This is a thread, all new growers should look at.

    Too bad RT is no longer here!:Rasta: pr
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    Dutch Master Gold Reverse can straighten a confused female plant.
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    I just must say, some old wives have great tales, also sometimes think that;"we have forgotten more than we think we know"
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    thats the silliest spam ive seen yet
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    It's in the right thread. :D

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    I need away to detect gold
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    Plant your seed pointed end down

    I see this OWT all the time. Some seed banks advise this, some pot guru named Jorge says to do this and I say hogwash. Anybody that's watched seed sprout in a paper towel knows it uncoils as it grows. The fact of the matter is pointed end up is the most efficient way to sow a seed. Any seed. Fact

    There was a post earlier, page 1 maybe, it said something about urine as a source of nitrogen. I was unclear if the poster was for or against the use of urine as a nitrogen booster. I can say I have used it before to no ill effect and can state that Ed Rosenthall endorses the use of urine at a mixture of 10 parts water to 1 part urine. Any thoughts on this OWT guys?
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    A friend used urine in his greenhouse and you could smell it big time but his plants didn't seem to mind.
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    I have only used it on my outdoor stuff. No issues with scent, to me anyway, might even help with animals. There is another OWT to touch on.

    Do scents actually prevent animals from eating your plants?

    I have heard it all, soap, perfume, fabric sheets, moth balls, dog hair, human hair, varied urine and or scat the list goes on. Does any of this actually work.

    I have used the following in an effort to keep animals away. Moth balls, soap ( bar soap cut into chunks ), perfume and bring my dog along frequently. The results have been mixed. I have not lost any plants to animals in a few years. Had an issue with some beaver a few years back. They chopped down 6 plants of about 5' and I have been unable to use that spot again. BUT I have not stopped the animals from coming near my plants. Deer prints in the soft soil around my plants are quite common. Just the other day there was a fresh deer pile o pellets a step away from one of my plants.

    So the scents I've used don't keep the deer or beaver away.
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    Good point!
    Animals learn.
    Deer are good learners.
    The smell of urine carries for quite a distance, and has an "best if sniffed by" date. :)
    If every time they smell stale human urine, they find a tasty, seedling or three. . . .

    However, the dryer sheets actually bollix the scent receptors in CO[SUB]2[/SUB] sensitive insects.
    Mosquito's and Fungus gnats hunt by scent, as do the Moths responsible for bud worms.
    Plain old dryer sheets have solved three of my worries.

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  19. Sometimes with other plants to purposefully stunt root growth gives much better buds- I had wondered about this and was told no way- now I'm gonna try it - I have a strange facination with roots....
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    There is some truth to that.
    IF, the trichome density is preserved, having less vegetable matter along with it is, by definition, more potent.
    Of course there will be less of it, and there's no guarantee of trich density.
    That's why we experiment.

    So carry on, I'll pull up a chair and watch;

    lounge zard.gif
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