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    Question about the dryer sheets Weez, do you completely cover the soil or ???. Im beginning to see gnats.
  2. Weezard

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    Yes. It's a scent barrier.
    But you have to address the source, seeing flyers means that it's getting crowded underground.
    The flyers do no damage, the larvae that spawn them are doing damage 24/7.
    Check the "what is eating my plants and how do I kill it", thread.
    I just left an explanation there and my fingers are tired.

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    Much thanks bro going there right now.:thumbsup:
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    Loving the info :thumbsup:
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    Coffee grounds are very good for a number of things. Worms love it. They add nitrogen to compost. They add nitrogen to soil (eventually) but they also acidify the soil and feed beneficial micro-organisms. Also they improve the water retention, improve drainage and aerate the soil. Used as a mulch they can keep snails and slugs away from your plants and cats do not like digging in coffee grounds. What more would one want for free?
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    How about another cup of coffee? :) My cuz told me last week that scrubbing a poison ivy rash with wet used coffee grounds stopped the itch. Well I don't get poison ivy, so I tried it on a mosquito bite & it worked.... but of course it could have been ths hazelnut... ? ...
    - Dryer sheets really repel mosquitoes? I'll stitch some together & make a jump suit! :)
    - When I was a kid, I told grandma I was going to debunk her wives tale about willow water. I was shitfaced embarrassed when I had to admit she was right! Stops a head ache & cures acne too!
    - What I hate is when people try to tell me shit like growing 3-D buds under black lights works! Where the HELL did this one even come from!?!? Got into a shitfest debate over that one. Wish I'd just walked away.......... (Ahhh... you just can't fix stupid!) :D
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    Wow. I live in washougal wa and there are LOTS of old wive's tales out here but damn....(SMILE)
  8. Rexford

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    BY FAR the best thread i've read anywhere so far!! Thanks....
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    There wasn't much talk about this one in this thread. I really would like to know the facts on this one.
    My mentor told me "Indoor was a much higher quality". And so I grew that way for a while, then took 2 years to learn to do good outdoors. Obviously I can get larger buds outdoors.
    The only truth I know about the differences between indoor and outdoor, is the price. Even my local dispensary/collective has different display cabinets for indoor vs. outdoor and the price difference is significant.

    So is this an Old Wives Tale? My logic tells me, if I give as close of an environment to indoor vs. outdoor (soil, nutrients, etc.) the final bud quality will be similar. Just the size of my plant may be different (I prefer to not hit the ceiling.)

    So what do you all say?
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  10. baybumbum

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    I would think the quality would probably suffer outdoors since you can't control whether your plants get pollinated. I know the buds can be significantly bigger outdoors, but when I used to grow I always had seed even when I was diligent about culling males.
  11. gardenermendo

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    I don't have males outdoors. I only grow from clones, all female. I grow in huge pots, I get 8 foot plants. During bad weather, if it becomes necessary, I can use a handtruck to move those pots under shelter (patio roof). I use the same soil as indoors, I fertilize the same, adding KoolBloom ripening formula during last months. My goal, high quality. Yet, in growing correctly, the quantity just seems to follow through. The same happens if you're growing tomatoes.

    So I have no suffering of quality outdoors. I have had the opportunity of observing others with just awful outdoors, even off larger plants. All I try to do, is help them, advise.

    I want everyone to succeed with growing. Only when more in this world learn first hand about cannabis, will opinions change.
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    In CA, outdoor grown gets a bad rap because there is so much commercial/mediocre quality product grown outdoors. The dispensaries all have mediocre outdoor stuff available for a lower amount, and most of their high end stuff is provided by indoor growers who use good genetics and put a lot of work into keeping the plants healthy and happy.

    The quality of pot is not determined by whether it was grown outdoors or indoors, it's a matter of genetics and how it's grown.

    Old wives tales or not, a lot of opinion and misinformation is presented on internet forums as if it was absolute indisputable fact.

    On the first page of this thread someone states absolutely and unequivocally that roots do not grow during the dark cycle. That is absolutely not true.

    Both plants and roots grow at night. During the first weeks of 12/12, the plant and the roots grow virtually the same amount during the dark cycle as they do during the light cycle (unless they're getting too cold at night). Anybody that has ever used any type of lattice above the plants for training has probably seen tops/tips that were below the lattice when the lights went off popping through when the lights come back on. I had some tops pop through my training lattice last night.

    If they're not getting too cold at night, roots grow about the same in the dark cycle as they do in the light cycle. You can chop a plant off at the base and the roots (if they were healthy and growing before) will continue to grow for a few hours whether its dark or not.

    If you have roots that are just starting to pop out of a net pot, you can check them at the end of the light cycle and again at the end of the dark cycle, and see that they grew just as much as they do during the light cycle (not being exposed to light). Or take a freshly rooted clone with the roots just starting to pop out and put in the dark for 12 hrs and see if the roots don't grow.
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  13. baybumbum

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    My problem is with wild or weed cultivated by others locally. There used to be a rather large grower close by, my friend bought the place after the big bust, and there are still plants found growing wild on the property every year. Would be nice if my friend were a stoner, he just chops them down. :-(
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    Here's a funny one I heard hmm like 15 years ago but I always remember.

    These people would cut down their plants then hold them upright and submerge the stalk in a pot of boiling water. They said it forces all the thc in the stalk and branches into the buds. LMAO.
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  15. Cory Steele

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    Here's an old wives' tale: Democracy will give you equality, and democracy is fair and square. Democracy.
  16. Rayjar

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    Anyone heard of testing for a good flush by sucking stem juices and tasting how "clean" the water is? I've been told that you'll start off tasting chlorophyll then as it flushes it tastes more and more like water.

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