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Discussion in 'Nebraska (NE)' started by Encatuse, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Anyone from there?
  2. haphsaph

    haphsaph Registered

    wow... are there really only 4 of us here from NE?
  3. ruzzosplinter

    ruzzosplinter Registered

    Lets make that 5 of us, im in Lincoln.
  4. OmahaSTYLEE

    OmahaSTYLEE Registered

    im in omaha... how old is everyone?
  5. VeeZee

    VeeZee Registered

    6 here...sup...from Omaha, 20!!
  6. cashripper14

    cashripper14 Registered

    we got one more
  7. shadows slave

    shadows slave Registered

    Howdy :) Bellevue here.
  8. hoteatscoldtreats

    hoteatscoldtreats Registered

    from lincoln

    what is up in the big o?
  9. dude abides

    dude abides Registered

    I'm also representing Lincoln.
  10. d00by

    d00by Registered

    im in omaha! what 8 now? 9?
  11. Drewfer

    Drewfer Registered

    Sheit mofuckas

    add 1 more to the nebraska count. I live in omaha and im just starting to grow and if any one wants to chill memorial park babay D block
  12. WalkaWalka

    WalkaWalka Registered+

    Dont forget the SouthWest i.e. North Platte
  13. True_Hippie

    True_Hippie Registered+

    i'm in Beatrice...anybody ever around there?
  14. rdavison100

    rdavison100 Registered

    From omaha here....couple here. (35m/31f). Looking for couple to hang with...just hang with. Lemme know if your out there.
  15. nepothead

    nepothead Registered

    Add one more 47/m/omaha medical & religious smoker.
  16. mjlupi

    mjlupi Registered

    Add me to the list. 38/m/dundee, omaha - vapor, cookies, and the green dragon.
  17. dirty hippie

    dirty hippie Registered

    Yeah im from lincoln
  18. Nebraskan

    Nebraskan Registered+

    From Omaha but go to school in Kearney.
  19. treasurechest420

    treasurechest420 Registered

    im from omaha i go to central
  20. justprimo

    justprimo Registered+

    From North Platte, NE and loving every min. HA HA. Hard to get good bud in Nebarska all the time. The number of people is a true reason why Nebraska will be like one of the lasts states to ever pass the medical marijuana bill. we need to gather all friends and foe that smoke the herb and try to get our state to help us out in the fight for Mary Jane everyones best friend.
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