OMCA rally at statehouse

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    posted somewhere else but figured the Ohio forum obviously needed it

    Ohio Medical Compassion Act (OMCA) Rally
    Show your support or learn more about Ohio's proposed medical marijuana legislation, the Ohio Medical Compassion Act of 2010. Saturday, October 16th from 11am to 3pm at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus. This is a joint effort headed up by Central Ohio NORML and Ohio NORML with support from Ohio Compassion (Ohioans for Medical Marijuana) and other groups to be announced.

    ** This is in support of Ohio House Bill 478 which was introduced this year. It was assigned to the health committee. If anything check out NORML's Action Alert and contact some representatives: Contact Officials - NORML
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    I missed it!! I hope this gets through but have heard it wont even though 73% of us approve of it. How do we get it on our ballot?
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    I just wrote my elected official... I suggest you do the same and lets get behind this

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