OMMP grower need a new patient

Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by nicktheslick1992, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. nicktheslick1992

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    Ive been an OMMP grower for about 5 years and am looking for a new patient for i have 1 extra spot open i live in Eugene Oregon area and am quite experienced would love to hear from you all! message me for more info. Im very fair
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  2. smokeeatsmoke

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    Good morningggggg
    your right up my ally so to say. Please see group for info, yes desperate, I'm a patient also in need of vise versa. Now that said , the good life of California, boy oh boy glad you choose our beautiful state of Or also Glad to see activity from Oregonians we are here and thanks to compassionate of many we can meet the needs of ALL. This I found to be a GREAT START( meaning " a central info. Assisting in need of.... Is here still deciphering site rules as with ALL information (opinion obviously) guidelines so that I'm respecting/abiding ( i do not want to ruin a good thing personnel not imply nothing respect to this post) and also learning descreptency. Whether we have our ommp cards or not their still wrangling( they...Feds) with... What's this crud with Multiple states asking / applying to Feds to dissolve and be on their own..what's up with this peep's? Anybody know if this would be good or bad? I do know from education aspect that MILLIONS have given their life to creat the "United States of America" . Is this tearing our country apart? Is this another example of leadership and or the competency and outcome of our "Feds" in question and or fighting to keep our meds etc? Scary! ! ! I don't know not that deep but I know some how some way good or bad it will effect ommp and other mm alike ? Sorry for off the search subject.
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    Hello, do you still have a spot for a new patient? I am an OMMP card holder in need of a good grower, my email is on my profile. I would like to talk :)

    Thank you

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