Omni Cleansing SoftGel plus B Plus and DILUTION-Need Help!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by DigitalFreedom, Oct 25, 2008.

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    HI folks. I'm new to this site and registered mainly to discuss current drug testing, and my problem. I'm in a rather complex situation. After a long time of unemployment, and running a small business that went bust, without me expecting it a dream job was suddenly offered to me. Everything went great, except that I had read online and misunderstood that there was NO pre-employment drug test. Of course, at the last moment a smiling face handed me the directions to the drug testing collection lab for a urine drop-off for a full scale drug testing company everyone knows as Quest Diagnostics. This lab is known for testing for dilution in the urine samples.

    Folks, don't make the mistake I did and read some forums in which employees claim a certain company never drug tests and believe it. That is what got me into this mess. I thought this place would not drug test me, but it turns out they DO drug test all applicants.

    The urine was sent to Quest Diagnostics for the basic Alcohol and 5 panel test. I'm a chronic-pain patient that is prescribed morphine in small 15mg pills. I can not function correctly without my medications. I function fine on them. They do the job without getting me stoned. However the very day of my surprise interview I had forgot my pills and was in very bad pain and my closest friend gave me some percocets to tie me over until I got home. Here is my problem. Yes, I realize this is a WEED Site only, but I have to worry about the 'scripts as well. The last time I touched weed was three weeks ago at a friend's house, I don't normally do it, however many years ago I was a full fledged hippy. Anyway I told two job recruiters of BOTH my Morphine prescription, AND my Klonopin prescriptions that I must take daily for chronic pain and nasty full fledged panic attacks. So, even after to admitting to my prescriptions the interview went so well they actually still want me on their team. Man, I was almost shocked and Thank God! I never seen this coming, and it's for a very good job, maybe the best job of my life. So....

    I knew it was still possible for that little bit of bud I smoked 3 weeks ago to show up in the LAB test by Quest Diagnostics (America's largest drug testing lab except for MedTox). But, I was also worried about the Oxycodone could show up, but based on the paper-work the only opiates they were looking for were Morphine and Codeine (which is what Heroin breaks down to in the body). So, I don't know for sure if they will even be looking for Oxycodone, but I do know I'm 5 foot 8' and 185 lbs, and it's only been three weeks since I smoked a 1/8th oz of da-bomb strictly for recording music on while I was high (creativity is improved sometimes when I'm high).

    So, I realized this perfect interview and all of these forms I have filled out could all fly out the window if either the THC OR the oxycodone (which I was on during the interview!!) show up. I have my prescriptions waiting for the lab to call me for my pain and nerve medication- I'm covered on my meds, and they told me not to worry about my medication. There actually a real nice place to work for from what I seen. I want and need this job badly, and I'm not getting any younger. I'm middle age, and some places already treat my generation as if were too much of a medical risk.

    So, what did I do? I only had 24 hours to drop my urine. I waited until the next day to go. I could not risk taking a drug test while still under the impact of Oxycodone (strictly for pain!). I went to the local herb store and told as much of the truth as I dared to the herb store owner who I had trusted many times in the past. He even called the makers of the stuff I purchased, and of course they said it would work perfectly for me. He wanted $40.00 for one pill, a "Omni Cleansing Softgel" capsule..... I told him I had been a steady buyer of his Kava Kava which helps my panic attacks a lot, and that I really needed a discount because I had no job. So he came down from $40.00 to $30.00, and I realize this stuff is sold online for as little as $15.00 at some places. But time is money!

    Here is where I need the help of my brother & sister weed smokers (I used to smoke a 1/4 pound a month in my younger days, I think it's the safest thing to party on and there the most beautiful plants under God's blue skies): I realize my drug test outcome can come up many different ways. I know the whole idea is to water down the urine enough to pass the cut-off limits. I followed the directions which I had to hunt up online for because the makers seem so afraid of a lawsuit that they call things "Toxins" and pretty much leave the purpose and directions missing from the container. I think it's all legal chit to help keep them out of court in the future in case anybody ever cracked down on these types of items..... as in the state of Texas. Ya don't dare say it's for passing a drug test and try selling it and get caught by the wrong black suits! Never forget what happen to Tommy Chong! He should of left the pot leaves off the bongs, it might of helped his case.

    On the hour I swallow the softgel. Over an hour or so I drank 50 oz (4 water bottles) of water. Then I start the LONG drive back to the big city where the collection lab is located at. I kept drinking water until I was pissing clear. Then I started taking my B-Complex pills to color the urine yellow- all the time I drove and stopped to pee on the way to the lab. I drank somewhere near 7 16.9 oz containers of bottled water and pissed every time I could go. My total water intake that morning was almost 120 oz of water, and a few pills of B-Complex. I pissed within 5 minutes of going to the lab, and it was yellow again. By the time I got to the lab I had to get another large glass of water and wait in the waiting room before I could go again because I had just pissed 5 minutes down the road from the lab!

    I took this test was last Thursday (Oct 23). Today is Saturday, and I read that Quest Labs works 24/7 365 days a year. But they only call those being tested on the weekdays to ask any questions. I expect fully to hear from them sometime next week, maybe even on Monday. Or, even worse, I had to sign my rights away which allows the company to have full rights to the testing results (more than just positive or negative!), so it's possible the company may call me with questions regarding my drug test.

    If you paid strict attention to all of these details, what do the experts here feel is likely to happen to me?

    I'm worried about getting a DILUTED SAMPLE phone call. But the Omni Softgel has 250mg of Creatine in it, and the evening before I eat a large T-Bone steak. I'm covered if the Morphine or the Klonopin shows a positive, which is perhaps likely. I'm NOT ready for a DILUTE, THC (which I feel is unlikely) OR I'm really scared they might go further than the paper work claims and test for oxycodone. I took the test about 3 hours after I first started flushing and swallowed the Omni pill. The herb guy claims that is within the timeframe that one is supposed to test negative for ALL "toxins" including 'scripts. Then, on the other hand, if I test totally negative for all drugs I may be asked the question about why I told them about being on PAIN and NERVE meds. So, I guess I just want some ideas as to what to expect. It's a awesome job offer doing what I love to do for GREAT PAY and benefits. This economy sucks badly in my home town, and this is the first big break I have had in over a year!! That's why I wasn't prepared in time for it. I never seen it coming.

    Is it likely the THC could still show up? Is a DILUTE outcome more likely? Although the opiate test did NOT mention oxycodone (only morphine and codeine), could maybe the oxycodone show up because it was taken less than 24 hours of this test?? I smoked about 1/8th an OZ of da-bomb three weeks prior to the drug test, and that's the last I will touch it until I have a secure and safe job). I had also taken my friend's percocets (for pain only!!) the very day I was unexpectedly called in on the spot for an interview that went very very well for me, yet it still went great. They really seem to want me on there team, and have already gave me their blessing for the two prescriptions I'm prescribed. What worries me is a strange unexplainable outcome to this drug test.

    I know we have people of all faiths, and non-faiths here, but for me, I'm going to be doing some hard core praying this week!!

    Thanks for reading!!

    D.F. :D
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    Well realizing the rules and following them are apparently two different things. Normally if someone has a legit prescription and they want to know how smoking weed, their valid prescription drugs, and drug testing all go together but you kind of blow the post by talking about using your friend's script as well as you are really more worried about the prescription than the THC so here is you answer and thread closure all in one.

    It doesn't matter who the company is that tests the urine, they still follow the same set of regulations and standard practices. It's not like Quest tests for dilution while Labcorp doesn't. Unless there is mandatory testing for the job field ( such as DOT testing) the employer gets to choose whether or not to drug test and how extensive it is. It's not up to the collection center or lab.

    Next there's HIPPA and privacy. To protect your privacy, you don't have to tell anyone but the medical review officer, MRO, what you take. If you fail a drug test and it is because of a prescription drug, the MRO will call to see if you have a valid script and verify it by calling your doctor or pharmacy.

    The lack of drug metabolites in urine for a prescription you have isn't a failure.
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