OMNI Drank Does It Really Work???

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by stilltippin863, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Ok I Am 20 I have Not smoked In Like 1 year and the other day i decied to smoke 2 blunts and now i am trying to get a job the date that i smoked was 03/22/2008 and i weigh 260 LBS 5'10 do not work out and i was wanting to know how long it would take to get out of my system fully??

    and another thing i went and bought the omni drank just in case for $28 does it really work and i smoke cig's so i heard if you smoke 2 hour proir to the drug test you can fail is this true???? and how many gallons of water and i suppost to drank before drug test like 1 gallon and pee like 2 or 3 times before drugs test??

    please help me out thanks alot
  2. Deige

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    A one time high can take 5-7 days minimum, but with your body size it may take longer. If your going for a pre-employment drug screen then substitute and keep on toking. Take back the detox drink and buy yourself some Quick Fix, its 100% effective if you get the temperature right. If your uncomfortable with that then i would hold off for a couple weeks and exercise. Buy some test strips and test yourself, drinking lots of water is not going to get you clean.
    Metamucil is a great source of fiber and will also help to rid you of thc metabolites. Read the dilution and substitution stickies above and do your research. There is alot of great info here that can help you.:thumbsup:
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    thanks alot homie
  4. stilltippin863

    stilltippin863 Registered

    anymore input how long do some other people think it will stay in my system>????
  5. bullitt

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    I think Deige pretty much covered what you need to know.
  6. phatsesh101

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    listen to him diege . i use a drink but i have too not smoke for 48 hours but other than that follow whatever directions are on the bottle
  7. Deige

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    Your doing nothing but wasting your money when u could use the dilution method. Listen to FBR:

    "Detox drinks will contain will contain fiber and salts such as potassium and sodium. Those salts will raise your specific gravity slightly and fiber can help slightly. But you can get potassium and sodium from sports drinks for a mere fraction of the cost as well as a bottle of Metamucil for a mere fraction of the cost of a detox kit".

    As well as vitamins you will also need to get your creatine levels up. Detox drinks will also claim to have creatine, but taking it 3-5 hours before the test is useless. FBR:

    "Taking a product with creatine shortly before a test is useless. They do not measure creatine, they measure creatinine and it takes your body 48-72 hours to metabolize creatine to creatinine. So you see taking a product with a creatine 5 hours before the test will not raise creatinine clearance".

    All of this being said... If you feel more comfortable wasting your money thats your choice. I would follow the dilution method and spend that extra money on weed.:jointsmile:
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    A lot of this boils down to how important passing the UA is to you.
    If its vitally important sub. If its not try dilluting.
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    If its REALLY not important dilute with a store bought drink then go home and flush some dollar bills down your toilet, and light your doobies with 20's. Dilution as of N2's thread is effective (nothing but subbing is 100% effective however). If you follow the directions and test before you go in you can eliminate the risk in the same way as the drink, except with a higher rate of effectiveness, and a fraction of the price.
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    Detox drinks are the biggest scam going. Total waste of money. Lesson learned.

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