On oil 5 months for throat cancer

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    I am looking for someone of similar experience, This has not been an easy thing to do . The THC is devastating but I preserver in order to continue my fight using the oil method. My Drs want me to immediately begin a course of 35 radiation and 3 chemo. Something I have been trying to avoid...My studies on The hashoil cannabiniod treatments have been extremely encouraging but there actually is very little on throat cancer caused my HPV16,. It Has been a difficult time for me as I have not been able to chew or easily put food into my mouth and as a result I have lost 35 -40 lbs. The mass coming from my tonsil is causing pressure on the mandibular joint and on the saliva gland so there are TWO areas on extreme pain when attempting to eat,.,,,,,,therefore the weight loss.
    The oil itself causes me a huge head ache as well but if I keep busy it is bearable .
    SO here I am....I began oil on Sept 4 2014, I had 3 different times when I ran out and waited a week to restart (try not to do that....Getting broken in again hurts). but here I am !!! I am in the process of reestablishing my intake after this last 10 day wait for oil. this part really sucks. The Week before I ran out this time some of the lump in and on my throat began to shrink . My voice which has been almost gone has shown signs of strength and normality . The saliva gland let up most of it's pain but after my wait it appears to be horrible . What I need is someone else who wants to share the headaches and the fear with. This is a deadly game in uhcharted waters. I only want those with real experience. .......How long should L continue without more and better results before the Cancer Clinic gets me
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    Soldier on brave Gary, and for an added boost I have you in my prayers too. It sounds like you are starting to see improvement and for that I am overjoyed. When you have beat this along with your documentation as to how you did it, it should get worldwide coverage, and just think how many lives you will save with your effort. You are my hero Gary, Godspeed in your recovery.
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    I hope that you win your fight anyway that you wish to fight it Gary. If you go the other route,know that Michelle Aldrich,a famous cannabis activist,beat lung cancer with oil and chemo combo. Rebecca Forbes,another famous Cannabis activist has all but beaten lymph node cancer with an oil chemo combo as well...
    Good luck with everything man...
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    Thank you for your words of support. My goal is to be an example to others But if this method fails then people should know that as well. There are many testimonials on many of a variety of sites but most that say they are cured are people that have been through Radiation and chemo .with the exceptions of skin cancer most disease is internal and can't be observed as easily, and going to the Dr for scans etc is time that is determined by busy patient schedules. Last month my dog showed a subeaious lump or cyst on her lip . I had the oil already so I gave it a try ....It took 4 days to disappear.. unreal......I wish that would be the case with me. The days have long and trying to say the least but if this method of curing cancer works ....yahoooo. My main problem has being finding tonsil cancer results
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    garry, anything might be better than nothing, at this point however,
    the headache you are experiencing just doesn't sound correct, for me. The oil in a correct dose takes away any headaches I've had. What is my concern is the solvent used to process your oil and if there is some residue or something in your oil of the solvent used for processing.

    Check out this thread: http://boards.cannabis.com/concentrates/200017-my-experience-rick-simpson-oil-4.html

    IF that oil helped your pup, it should do wonders for you and I would suggest you start reading all threads you possibly can of "dosing" with the oil. No one really knows what the correct dose is. When I took the oil 2 years ago, it just didn't seem to do very much for me, at all. Until, I took an entire pea sized dose and it made a BIG difference. Explore dosing..is my suggestion.

    And Heres a big hug to you for trying one of the safest and most effective medications! Good luck and please keep your thread here active with your results etc. :Rasta: pr
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    Hi there- I was wondering how you are doing. I have been on the oil for a few days, but also started chemo and radiation. I have the same cancer as you do.
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    Best of luck and positive thoughts towards you for a clean bill of health Godspeed,Ray...
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    Good Day ! I just discovered this thread I am in dire need of advice my mother has throat cancer, its the most devastating thing to ever hit me emotionally its just too much to think of. We had mom on heavy doses of cannabis oil from as soon as she discovered the diagnosis which was november last year 2016. But she became really tired and almost incapable of eating when she was on the oil also she become I guess its normal uncomfortable on it maybe because we dosed her too much too quickly....we dont know why she had bad reactions to it then she decided to discontinue taking it because of those reasons. We then put her onto gersons treatment but things like her saliva glands which were not working so well showed signs of improvement from the i guess 6 weeks that she hammered herself with the oil before so there was positive effects..I have no idea what type of oil was or which kind etc which is exactly why im here today to find out and try to convince my mom to take the cannabis oil again, but this time i want to get the doses correctly and then know when to increase the doses etc to prevent her getting uncomfortable when taking it,. I read also different oils should be taking and combined? has anybody any advice about this?? time is not on my side I want to act on this quickly..to save my mom.

    Also I guess it obvious but I cant rub the oil directly onto her tumor because its under her skin on her throat..please searching help and advice fast <3 hope that somebody reads this and can reply.

    greets and love and light
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    That is probably the case.

    Internet advice on dosing is incorrect and counterproductive.

    I was taking 750 - 1000 mg. per day and it did slow my prostate cancer progression at that dosage but not by very much.

    Then my dog presented with mammary cancers.
    4, large, fast growing tumors. Vet called it terminal.

    We started her on about a half grain of rice size ~ 50mg. For a 30kg. dog.
    When I tried to increase dosage, she stopped eating!
    So I held the low dosage and hoped for the best.

    Well, the "best" occurred.
    All tumors shrank rapidly. She regained her lost weight and became my frisky pup again. Took about 1 month.
    Been a year now, and she is still doing well.

    I had been overdosing myself out of fear and bad advice.
    Cannabis oil, like other medication has a dosage "bell curve".
    There is a minimum amount that has an effect. As you increase dosage from there the effect increases in a curve. The peak of that curve is the optimum dosage for maximum effect in mg. per kg..

    If you exceed that dosage the effect drops in a mirror image of the rise until there is no effect, and perhaps toxicity.
    Fortunately RSO has no practical LD50. :)

    Dropped my dosage to ~120mg.
    The result was rapid and impressive.
    It not only slowed the rise in PSA, but for the first time in 11 years, the PSA numbers actually dropped!

    So, I'd start mom back on a very small dosage, and leave it at that.
    You should see signs of remission within two weeks.
    She does not have to get high to get well.

    You mentioned Salivary problems. Is her Parotid gland involved?

    Wee 'zard
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    hey thank you Wee zard! the message that you wrote me makes alot of sense the problem now is my mom is afraid to take the oil :( and we are a family of 6 siblings all with different ideas and perspectives ...if only they and mom would understand that this is a actual real chance then maybe they would listen but nobody listens to me ..If i just put hemp oil in her food/juice? would she be able to tell?

    I am doing everything i can to make this right for her.
  11. Weezard

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    Perhaps, perhaps not.
    I understand your frustration, but that would not be an ethical thing to do.

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