on probation applied over a month ago, violated will i win in court?

Discussion in 'Michigan (MI)' started by d940217, Jan 19, 2010.

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    That is the question, its been 35-40 days since i applied, my check has been long cashed and today my probation officer started testing me for MJ and i told her i have been approved for my card and smoked. she said i had to let her know and that its illegal regardless if i have a card or the paperwork that serves as the license. soon ill be in front of the judge. iv had adhd for over 10 years and am currently prescribed vyvance which causes me to forget to eat and gives me problems sleeping..also have had back pain for a few years, never been prescribed meds for that as i didn't want to be poping vicodin..but it was part of the reason i got the license. she wants letters from my doc's as to why they couldnt prescribe me something else...obviously i chose tree as its organic and i dont want to be poping more synthetic pills than i have to..sooo what are your guys's thoughts on the situation? when i go to court do i have a good chance of winning?
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    Proposal 1 gave you the right to smoke. However, when you signed your probation papers, you gave up your rights. Its bullshit that they take away your rights, but they do. The judge has to power to do whatever he feels like. Since I'm not a lawyer, I can't really give you any advice, but as a smoker, I recomend you say fuck your probation and spend a couple weeks in jail. For me, not smoking is just as bad as jail so I ended up blowing probation off, and serving 4 days. Of course my probation was paid off and I had become a legal patient since my original sentence. Law is all about money....if there was no such thing as money, there'd be no need for law.

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