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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by ottistoys, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. ottistoys

    ottistoys Registered+

    Has closed its doors-she closed Aug.28.
  2. TheReleafCenter

    TheReleafCenter Registered+

    That's a shame. She was the one person who called out Brian on the conference call the other night. Someone needs to have some fire in them. Hopefully Kathleen sticks around.
  3. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    really? are you sure?

    she sold ownership rights last minute?

    she's going strong on facebook and the site has current specials up.
  4. ottistoys

    ottistoys Registered+

    The sale with THC 2 out of co.springs fell thru.was there sat to say hi closed with a sign in the window stating the deal feel thru as of aug 28 I will be closing till my lawyers tell me what to do, it also says what she has said in the past she will not go along with all the bs on the forums.

    as for what her lawyers tells her, that I really do not understand because the new law is pretty are right her web site is still up and has been ???
  5. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    :D Kathleen had my back at a very tight squeeze. I wish nothing but success, peace and happiness for that woman.

    I would have loved to hear the above.
  6. ottistoys

    ottistoys Registered+

    She has my respect !!!! very good for the cause !!!
  7. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    Vincente needs her sitting at his side to keep him from straying :cool:

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