One Hit - Drug Test 5 days away

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    I took ONE HIT on Friday night via the shotgun (kissing) method. I weigh 200 pounds and am 5'6". I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. My drug test is this coming Friday. What do I need to do to make sure it is clean????

    I am panicking at this point. The last time I used it was over a year ago.

    What do I do? I need this job. PLEASE HELP.

    My test is with Labcorp - 5 - panel. I am assuming it is a urine test because that's what they do around here.
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  2. dirfjiggler

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    First you need to relax. It will be a urine test and you will prob pass if you do nothing. Just in case, drink lots of water (3 gal a day) and flush your system from now until Thursday (piss alot). The day of the test do not drink lots of water, just normal amount. Piss when you wake up, do not use your first piss of the day for your test. When you take your test, piss out half of your pee into the toilet and use the second 1/2 of your pee for the test....(just incase there is any buildup in your system).

    You will be fine.
  3. Blindman0v0

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    You should be fine.Just do the usual,drink lots of water a few hours before the test,piss a couple times before the test and take the midstream of your piss,not the first or the last.
    I'm 6'2" 280lbs smoke once a week and I'm clean 3 to 4 days after.Its not written in stone for thc level retention but for 1 time user you should be fine.

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    OK...and I started my period. Is that going to be an issue?
  5. dirfjiggler

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    Only for your boyfriend.
  6. Blindman0v0

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    Just bleed all over the cup and nobodiy's going to want to touch
  7. reality0

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    ahaha eww
  8. 1tokeoverthelin

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    With just one hit in a year, you will be fine. Don't worry about your period. Females do that. I won't be an issue.
  9. J-dubb206

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    is it a saliva test? or piss?

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    piss test
  11. FakeBoobsRule

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    Yeah most people can get clean from a one time high in about 5 days. You just had 1 hit so you should be good to pass.
  12. Youreface

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    I know fakeboobs has said this numerous times and I guess i'll reiterate, drinking a ton of water days before the test does nothing. If you really feel flushing your system necissary then there is a sticky at the top of the page
  13. The Colonel

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    actually ive gotten clean many times that way.
    when i was in rehab i smoked on a sunday
    and passed a piss test on the following wednesday
    by drinking lots of water.
  14. Youreface

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    But you have no, none, absolutely zero solid proof that drinking days prior helped your case. If you want to dilute your sample it doesn't matter until the day of.

    I'm not saying water doesn't help, in fact i'm definately with you there. I'm saying that you cannot clear your system out faster by drinking days before the test.
  15. FakeBoobsRule

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    Good for you youreface. You signed on looking for drug testing advice and now you are helping to spread the right info.

    The colonel, face is right, you didn't flush anything out you just lowered THC concentrations in the urine by increasing fluid intake, the dilution method. It isn't called the flushing method or cleaning method.

    Blindman, it isn't 3 gallons of water for most people to dilute and sports fluids are preferred over water.

    The acidic cranberry juice will not help get you clean quicker. That works for only one drug and it's not THC and niacin is a myth started by the crazy founder of scientology. I think you are also thinking of trytophan that is found in high amounts in turkey. Niacin is vitamin B3 and is found in many food naturally and added.

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