One-Hitter Cigarette Pipes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ndhawk, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. ndhawk

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    To those of you that have them, do you maintain them at all? Do you clean it or ever do anything at all to keep it good to hit? I sometimes just use a pen to remove any ash or resin left over.

    Do you also have a dugout(extra space in the pipe's case to store weed), and if so can you use it so that you never have to actually pack the pipe just put it in the dugout and bring it back up? Is there some particular special way to do this so that the weed stays in the pipe when you pull it out of the dugout? I always end up packing it by hand in little bits really full so I can get at least 3 or 4 decent hits off of it.

    What's the closest you've been to someone while using the pipe? Did they know?
  2. parundrum

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    I live by the Dugout / onehitter pipe (stem / bat). I use some bristle pipecleaners for the pipe part and a knife or something similar to scrape the bowl clean. (Q-tip also work great. Just break off the head and stuff them through. 2 will do the trick)

    For loading... I never really thought about it, well until I thought about it. I either put downward pressure in the "stem" while moving it back and forth. That will break up the bud if you were too lazy to and load up a good hit.

    OR If the smoke it nice and clean, I will just stick the "stem" in the stash put downward pressure while spinning the stem back and forth. (kind of like a cookie cutter)

    Never hand-loaded a dugout "stem" / pipe.

    The closest I've been is while family is visiting, I'm upstairs while they are downstairs. Take a hit or two and blow it out an open window. Those exaust window fans work great.

    One note. If you are using a brass pipe / stem / bat... Get rid of it they suck. Get an aluminum one.
  3. hydro420

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    i just got a oney and a dugout jsut about a week ago. tehy work rally nice. i never keep weed in the dugout out part so i wouldn't know bout that. when i got it it was full of resin and i don't think i will clean it for a while. i also pack it by hand. i think it works nicly. i always smoke in my basement w/ some incense and my parents r ussually upstairs.
  4. DrGonzo

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    hows the incense working for you hydro420? does covering smoke with other smoke work? I usually just use Febreeze...Febreeze fixes everything.
  5. crystal clear pepsi

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    when ur by urself and only got a lil bit of weed onies are fuckin AWESOME , their also the best for smoking resin too
  6. Maniac777

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    Dude my hitter F*ckin rocks,just load it up and hit the bowl, and resin hitting = awesomeness.

    I clean it out using a peice of those wheat looking plants, put it through where you inhale and it get all the gunk out.

    About 4 feet, and F*ck no they didnt notice
  7. Its a Plant

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    Ahh, my trusty cig hitter has lasted almost 2 years now, and is finally showing her age. A great way to conserve dope. All I do to clean it is put a pipe cleaner through it and it's perfect again.

    I've smoked in plenty of bathrooms back in my younger years, like in downtown Chicago because you just can't get any privacy there.
  8. Maniac777

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    Ah you dont know how many hairy situations having lil ol Ciggy has helped, i swear out of all my peices, Ciggy is my fave, always reliable, perfect for smoking in public, great on conserving weed, D*mn good hits, even better Resin hits.
  9. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - -

    Lol, I dunno about resin hits, but yah, it's my favorite piece by far.

    Resin is gross and bad for you!
  10. Maniac777

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    Dawg Resin hits so hard and good, its worth it.
  11. RedRainDrop

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    Had An amazing experience when i tried out one of these the other day at school.... it was funny as hell, some friends and i just stood in the pit smoking the cig one hitter, and we were blazed as hell all day. The security came out twice, and didn't notice at all, even tho we were stoned as hell, and the smell of reefer was around us.
  12. notrightquite

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    Is it as hard hitting as a bubbler or bong hit?
  13. Its a Plant

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    It's probably easier. It's like smoking a cigarette, only this cig contains no harmful toxins and poisons. Very easy.
  14. paul4weed

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    I got one for you guys: how do you clean a wood dugout? we all know the tricks to clean your pipe but is there a special way to clean your "duggie"
  15. gypski

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    Clean the bat with a pipe cleaner dipped in 90% alcohol after you run a ram rod through it. If you don't have a rod, cut up the right size straight part of a coat hanger to push out the debris then use the pipe cleaner dipped in alcohol. Works every time when I use my bat.

    And the dugout can be scrapped with a thin knife or use a chisel lightly scrape the sides to clean it up. You can smoke it too if you do it right. :D
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  16. sarah louise

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    Cigarette pipe? Before seeing this thread I didn't know that such a thing existed. Now that I do, I want one. Since I gave away smoking tobacco I have been looking for something to replace the classic mixed joint and the ciggie pipe looks perfect.

    I had a look at a couple of places and they mention spring loading... but aren't 100% sure what they mean. Is it a spring loaded eject for the pipe, making it easy to remove from the timber case or a spring loaded filler?

    Also, like the OP, NDhawk, I'm interested to know if they can be effectively loaded directly from the dugout. That would be a real asset. I spend a far bit of time at a location that is under constant video surveillance, detection by smell is not an issue but, effective, discreet loading would definitely be an asset.
  17. onehitterwonder

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  18. Kingpiner

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    i have been using my dugout 6 years now. as long as i am downwind i have been sitting in groups of 6 non smokers at the beach and they didnt notice. i also hit it all the time at ther bus stop after university and no one notices, its so fast that by the time they smell it i have packed it away.

    key: first couple hits on a clean cig pipe need to be drawn SLOWLY otherwise you will get a mouth full of ash. dont listen to all the hype about a clean cig pipe, a little bit of resin in there keeps it sticky and filters some of the flying ash. when i do clean, cuz it will block up 100 percent eventualy, i get a 4 inch piece of metal, usualy given away at the local head shop for this purpose exactly, anyway i heat it up with a lighter nice and red hot, and i send it thru there. nothing works like heat to clean resin out, AND you dont ever have to carry any cleaning stuff around, just this little metal poking stick.

    i also find it most effective way of smoking, gets me most high for the amount of weed i use, my bong never gives me the same high for amount.

    make sure you choose a nice smelling wood, it will add a bit of smell to your herb in the chamber, mine has a nice cigar box smell. no i never clean the wood, havent in 6 years

    twisty top seems to be better then slider, since you wont lose the top, tho i have used slider the whole time no problem.

    i also manage to get it into clubs no problem
  19. Mjollnir

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    I have one and it doesn't hit too bad. I have never personally used one in public but I noticed a guy using one at an IronMaiden concert. I only noticed it because of how often you have to light it, and he smoked a few of the tiny bowls. He was in the seat right in front of me, but if you didn't know these already existed I doubt I would have noticed.

    Could somebody post a picture of their dugout? I'm really not sure what it looks like.
  20. gypski

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    I've had this set for about 6 years now. :D

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