One of my seedlings (about a week old) is drooping!

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    Check the pics. My big seedling's first set of true leaves is starting to curve downwards pretty hard. I dont understand why either. I've been watering like 2 times daily, and I added 1/8 concentration nutes last night (Pure Blend Pro Bloom and superthrive, I'm waiting for my Pro Grow in the mail so I figured a little something is better than none).

    They are growing in Pro Mix Potting and Seedling Pro. It seemed like this single one was growing in a curved manner the whole time, whereas the other two are doing great.

    The curved one has some light blackening on the tips of the cotyledons and also the underleaf is turning black. Is this fungus??

    Troubleshooting sheet:

    I'm using 4 CFL bulbs, totaling around 114 watts. I'm waiting to put them under a 400 watt MH. They are probably 3" from the top of the plants.
    All of the bulbs are underneath one of those half spherical work-style reflectors.

    I have a large fan on low blowing across the plants. The setup is too small right now to have an exhaust fan, as the intake fan blows enough air to exhaust.

    The bulbs are on 24/0, and are 23, 23 , 26, and 42.
    I added perilite to the soil.
    The container is about 4 inches tall, about the size of one of those bathroom dixie cups (a little bigger).

    The source of water is tap that has sat out a couple of nights to allow the Cl- to sediment out.
    My pH meter is in the mail right now, so I have no means of checking the pH.

    So far, I just added the first dose of Pure Blend Pro Bloom (like I said, waiting on the grow), which is 2-3-5 (Ca 1, Mg 0.5).

    I have been watering the seedlings twice a day, in the morning and evening, enough to wet the surface. I've been checking the moisture by putting my finger nail completely in the soil, and if its moist I wouldnt water.

    It is an indoor grow. The room is large, but they are concealed right now in like a tunnel of sheets that I've made cause my tent is in the mail (Sounds ghetto, but it seems to have been working for the other two). My temperatures are a consistent 74 degrees F and around 42-55% humidity.

    The room has an AC unit, so that has been keeping temps in check.
    I have not seen signs of insects in here.

    I believe the strain is Sativa (Strawberry cough, but I got them mixed up during germination like an idiot unfortunately, I was pretty high :D ), and they are from seed.

    Please help my baby!

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    Watering twice a day is too much. Once a day is too much for that matter. Im pretty sure you want to water on a schedule only a few times a week.
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    One of my plants is sick

    So the bigger of the now four plants is overwatered it appears and theyve all been on the same schedule so I'm giving them all a day off. Hopefully this will fix my problem.

    Also, the little one got a little light burned, but looks ok. Is this a problem?
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    I see also you havent gotten a ph test meter yet. Maybe just wait until it arrives before watering again, if you can. Because I had my sprouts at 6.0 ph, their growth came to a stop and their false leaves (the round ones) started to yellow. If that sounds similar to yours, I would try to correct/flush the pH to about 6.5 or there about. When your checking for dryness in the soil, make sure to dig your finger down there an inch or two to check the moisture. The soil on top dries out relatively quick I've noticed.
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    Here are some pictures of the plants currently, taken with my Nikon D80.

    They are comfy in their new home too. I still havent watered them, and am going to try and sparingly water them until the pH meter comes.

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    Way too young for nutrients. Flush now (regardless of tapwater ph) and don't resume fertilizing till the 3rd or 4th set of true leaves.
    Ingoing ph should be in the 6.3 to 6.8ish range. You can check online for your local municipal water quality report, which should give you the water ph for your area, what they use to chlorinate it, and other handy facts...Even if you are on your own well, local water reports are available.

    Did you get a soil probe, or a ph pen? (soil probes are worthless)

    Water seedlings when they need it, but do not let the pots (cups) completely dry out, nor should you keep them sopping wet. Once a day should be fine in cups that size. Possibly less. If the cups feel empty when you pick 'em up, it's past time to water. :thumbsup:

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the 24/0 light schedule. I've tried a few different times with various strains, none performed as well as when on 18/6.
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