One week into flowering, so excited

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by submast3r, Jul 28, 2009.

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    After a little under a week of flowering cycle on my first grow I of course assume that it will never initiate flowering cycle and I totally messed up and I've wasted all this time. I get back from work today and it was impossible to deny some small hairs in the main coda that simply weren't there before. It's starting to look less like a new leaf site and more like a bud site. It was then that I realized all of the new, or at least bigger, codas that had been popping up lately and I realized that's where the other buds would grow. Wow its exciting to see my effort actually take SHAPE for the first time instead of it just being some random looking pain in the ass highly illegal plant that I have to take care of.

    I figured out today that with the five weeks I spent in veg and the presumed 7 it will take to flower, I could start a new seedling three weeks before harvest on the other plant and just grow it out of the grow box for its first three weeks when it will still be a relatively small plant. Shaving those three weeks off of my 12 week seed in soil to harvest I could be seeing a new crop every 9 weeks. Considering I have a little under an eighth/week habit, even if I only get an ounce (which I would still be totally happy with) per harvest, that means that this one plant will mean I pretty much won't have to buy weed again. Worth it to me.

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    Glad to see your effort starting to pay off. And congrats also for figuring out you can take a cutting and keep on going.

    Welcome to the wonderfull world of growing :thumbsup:

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    Dont be mad at me Mac :)

    Are all the noobs getting to you Mac? I just read his post 3 times trying to figure out where you got the mention of cuttings from? I think he means he is going to pop a new seed each time.

    Sub- Keep in mind that if you are growing from seed and they aren't feminized you will have to probably grow out quite a few seeds to ensure all your effort isn't in vain on a male or a slow or weak female.

    Learning to clone really would be your best option to have a consistent reliable perpetual harvest. Do some looking around here, best thing to do is to jump in and make a few mistakes. Nothing will teach you like experience.

    Best of luck on your grow.:Rasta:
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    after a few times you will find cloning is the easiest part of the grow ..... and you can store cuttings in the fridge for up to 8 weeks!! I have done it :thumbsup:
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    You are absolutely right, on both points.

    I did misread his post. I thought he said cuts, see it was cutting time. He did say pop new seeds.
    BTW I make errors all the time and I won't get mad if they are pointed out to me. :thumbsup:

    I have noticed tho a rash of recent noobs (we all have to start sometime) who ask a basic question, ususally first post or two, then suddenly becoming experts on all things growing by post 10. lol

    Like you and Tinytoon point out, going for clones would be more efficent.

    Hey Tiny,

    For a long time I saved cuttings for a week or two using the frig crisper, but have come up with a better method. I use a mason jar with a samll amount of water in it, place cuttings with bottoms in water and pull a light vacum and seal the jar. Jar into box into frig. They stay viable for 6 months or more.

    Next time I do it I will take pictures and post a tutorial.
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    I'm a "noob" that is in week 1 of flowering on my first grow. I have 3 lovely ladies. The biggest one I named Barbara cuz she is the Big Bush Mama. I have learned SOOO much from the forums on here and can't wait to spark up my very own home grown.
    Also, I promise to not be an expert in the next 8 posts. ;) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that is contributing to my education.
    Hey Mac - Anybody who quotes Kevin Fowler and Willie is good by me!
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    At least he admitted it...

    No sooner do we mention it, it happens. Welcome bro, in the future don't jack another members thread to introduce yourself. Go to the introduce yourself forum, it would be appreciated much more there.

    Don't beat yourself up about it either. In the future keep the thread subject in mind when replying to a thread.

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    Hey Mac!!

    I never could understand why one would post a question and have to wait a day or 2 before getting an answer when you type in what looking for in search box and BANG!! there it is lol :jointsmile:
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    what type of light is that? I think I saw you with your cooltube thing somewhere else on this site. But what wattage is it?

  10. oldmac

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    Welcome hellraizer,

    Any noob who appreciates the philosiphy of Willie and the humor of Fowler, plus promises not to become an instant expert is ok by me, on or off topic.

    You are welcome at any thread I started, I always state in my first post that comments or questions on or off topic is always ok with me.

    BTW Tiny, I suck when it comes to computers but the first thing I learned researching anything on the 'puter was that google was my friend.
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    Its just two 42 W 2800K CFL lights stuck in a bake-a-round I got off of ebay. Then I connected both ends to dryer tubing. One tube to an intake slot and another attached to the inline fan that propels air across the bulbs, cooling them down.

    Then I have a couple smaller cfl's attached to the side for extra lighting for flowering, One is 13watt and the other is 20 or something. Made those small because I don't have a cool tube for them and didn't want them running too hot but honestly temp has never even approached being a problem for this entire grow.
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    Very nice idea using the "bake-a-round" they make excellent cool tubes, even for small HIDs, especially nice for small cabinets and spaces. :thumbsup:

    I've used them myself and you can't beat the prices.

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