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    I am a small online business owner and am thinking of investing in an online headshop that sells waterpipes, bubblers, and other smoking accessories. I've quickly learned that the big advertisers (google, bing, yahoo, facebook, etc.) frown on advertising anything that has to do with drug paraphernalia. My question is if anyone has some advice on advertising an online headshop that sells waterpipes and other smoking accessories? Thanks for any advice or constructive feedback.
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    My advise is keep your price lower than others. To have more sales.
    Make sure you have good shipment because most users purchasing online has encountered issues on deliveries or shipment.
    Making a website with information of your products will greatly help your business. Using this, you can show to the customers the products capabilities and also for them to see what they want to buy. Make sure they get what on the picture. False advertising sucks.

    Hope that helps you on your business.
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    Well Old Man it is like this, I have done the same thing. Built a little online head shop. No one on this green earth will let us advertise. Some websites are getting through with google somehow.

    I am still researching and doing my due diligence. I am learning just like you.

    Social media is a joke...

    Twitter is OK but then again you have to twitter your ass off...

    I get a little action with my youtube crap...

    Our dispensaries in our town are cool as shit and let me put some rack cards up on their counters...

    T-Shirts Stickers and talking a bunch...

    If I learn anything more I will divulge...

    Do you need a payment gateway? I know it is tough to get a legit one in our biz that is for sure... took me two months to get approved.

    They made sure I was no drug dealing money laundering terrorist.

    Hit me up if you need the gateway info
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    I suppose Weedmaps is your best shot. You really can't advertise in the mainstream online at the moment. Best to just have reasonable prices with good weed and let word of mouth be your best advertising.

    You could go with the high end weed shop if your wanting better prices. But you'll have to make sure your weed is properly cured, etc. Too often I hear of consumers buying overly dried out cannabis from marijuana shops.

    Not sure if that's a problem in states where the growers do the packaging. I'd think most growers would take pride in the cure process, then the weed would be packaged at peak freshness.
    I think consumers probably would prefer to have weed in jars, like in Colorado, but outside air will dry out the weed over time if a jar sits long enough and get opened frequently. I suspect more states will, over time, tend toward the growers doing the packaging. Not really sure why, but I'd think the weed would actually be better if it sat around a while before being sold. (As oppose to weed from the bottom of a mason jar that sat for a spell and got opened frequently.)

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