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    I am a small online business owner and am thinking of investing in an online headshop that sells waterpipes, bubblers, and other smoking accessories. I've quickly learned that the big advertisers (google, bing, yahoo, facebook, etc.) frown on advertising anything that has to do with drug paraphernalia. My question is if anyone has some advice on advertising an online headshop that sells waterpipes and other smoking accessories? Thanks for any advice or constructive feedback.
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    My advise is keep your price lower than others. To have more sales.
    Make sure you have good shipment because most users purchasing online has encountered issues on deliveries or shipment.
    Making a website with information of your products will greatly help your business. Using this, you can show to the customers the products capabilities and also for them to see what they want to buy. Make sure they get what on the picture. False advertising sucks.

    Hope that helps you on your business.

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