Only survivor. Blue mystic autoflower.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bobjob4u, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. bobjob4u

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    Well after great failure on nirvana seeds breeder's part and having to pull them out of stock. Here is one blue mystic auto that made it. Of course all the rest of feminized seeds turned out male. Was wondering if it is a good idea to take some of the male pollin that i saved securely in a jar.After harvesting top of plant. should i pollinate immature bottom buds? will i get good seeds.or should i say stable. I would keep remaining buds secluded, so not to pollinate other. anyway here is a few pics. at 5 weeks from germination.

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  2. oturbojoeo4o

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    autoflowers look so cool so quickly lol good shit man...keep that survivor growing
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    If the genetics suck, my vote is no.
    If femmed seeds are not 100% female, you didn't get what you paid for. If this is the case, there's no telling what you're really growing.
    Stressing a plant you are about to breed is a bad idea. Harvesting her top half, then pollinating the very stressful. The plant will be trying to heal, survive, and produce seeds. The added stress can and likely will degrade the genetics.

    But as a last resort...sure. It would be a learning experience. But I'd insist the breeder replace the seeds, as reputation is paramount in a sucessful business. Especially with what breeders charge for the femmed seeds.
  4. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    thanks rusty sounds very logical. I have decided to just let her run threw life a virgin.As far as the breeder. they are replacing them.So there is no loss.
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    Glad to hear they're replacing the seeds. :thumbsup:
  6. cypher420

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    whats the benefit from creating seeds from a plant and then replanting compared to taking cutings from the plant and creating a clone that will produce quicker?

    btw nice plant! do you always get an ounce or more from your autos?
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  7. bobjob4u

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    cloning auto's is pointless. i agree as far as cloning your photoperiod plants. Yes i always get great yeild . Use deep containers for root depth and use proper blend of light spectrum. and feed accordingly. proper ph ,and willing to learn and read. and you will get the best your abilities and genentics allow.

    LUDACRIS Registered+

    Their new strain of mysic.

  9. bobjob4u

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    Week 7 and Looking very interesteing. There is definatly somthing weird about this screwed up breed. Very stretchy and lanky. Kinda like it isnt recieving proper light. Using 100 watt mh and 150 hps for one plant in 2x2 ventilated area. looking like it is autoflowering at a slower rate then expected. Breeders has harvest at 2 month. but looking more like 9-11 weeks. From what i am seeing and from past experience. also has 4 gallon deep container. over the 2 1/2 gallons usally used. so roots should be fine kinda thinking that it will take longer but will be bigger then most auto's. It is pushin 23 inches.

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  10. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    make that a 3 gallon container....
  11. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Too bad the BM auto sucked. The one survivor is looking good for an auto... that is going to be one big ass cola.
  12. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    it is ok. seems to be alittle taller then most auto's.Will post up final results.
  13. endive

    endive Registered+

    What were the final results?


    I grew the same seeds (Blue Mystic Auto) a few months back (my Blue Mystic pics »), none of the 5 plants autoflowered, but did bloom well at 12/12. Of the five, one produced 13 seeds. I just started one seed about 7weeks ago, in the 3rd week it declared female, it's been in bloom now (in the pic) for 21 days. Looks very similar to yours, very odd plant. I have her in a 3 gallon smart-pot, Fox Farms Happy Frog soil, at an 18/6 light schedule under one Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light.

    Blue Mystic Auto 2nd Gen. She's the one in the center...
    Click to view a larger image!

    More pics of her on my grow blog too »

    I realize this thread is nearly a year old, but if you're still around, I'd love to see how your BMA grow finished up.


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