Ontariogrower's 2005 Organic Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ontariogrower, Jul 25, 2005.

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    Hello everyone, I finally took some pics of my plants when I went out to the farm to see them and they are doing well. The camera didn't really show them in all their glory and they don't look very impressive but they look alot nicer in real life. Oh well this is only my second time growing so I'm happy with it so far. There are three plants, a shorter one (short because other plant is blocking light) and there are two 5+ footers. Two of them are Nepalese Grizzly from Kootenay Seeds, Nepalese Grizzly is a Nepali/Dutchtreat/Chemo mix or thats what i've heard. The other one is an m33, freisland female. I hope you enjoy! Next year i'll go out to the farm and put them in the field instead of somewhere with low light.

    P.S---Oh by the way! i know the caterpillars are eating the little plant, oh well fuck them. This happened last year at another spot too but they didnt seem to eat any bud so it's all good. I apologize for the poor quality photo's I didn't have much time to do it properly I will get some more the next time I go up to the farm. I can hardly wait to see them when they bud!

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    The one near those white chairs is the Freisland Female! The other pics are of the tall Nepalese Grizzly female and the short Nepalese Grizzly Female. Thanks so much for viewing this thread :)

    Any comments would be appreciated!

    Oh, by the way, they were all planted as a seed on may 24th!
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    Hmmm gee thanks for all the comments. Lol, this has been up for a while and no one has said anything. My plants must be pretty fucking pathetic. Oh well.
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    Nice grow .. dont trip .. you'll get ur comments lol ..

  5. ontariogrower

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    Yes i should be more patient. Sorry lol

    HARDDON Registered+


    That there made today end for me with a smile.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Your plants are very nice looking.....very nice....very nicely shaped. You should get some good flowers on them.

    Keep us updated....great grow :)
  7. ontariogrower

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    Yesh I will keep you all updated. I will post new pics every week or two. Thanks for the comments!
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    Better than i ever done thats not sayin much but u wanted comments so :cool:
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    Thanks Harddon & Meatrulz! Does anyone else think the plant near the chairs looks more sativa than indica? Or is it just me. The leaves are much slimmer than the other two Nepalese Grizzly. Anyways, i'm off to get a percocet. I shall return soon, with pie. Homemade cherry pie. :D
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    Okay well, here is a written update. Pics will come within the next week depending on if my fucking plants are dead or not. My grow is now not organic. Some fucker who I will not name put miracle grow on my plants. ALOT of miracle grow. As some of you know, miracle grow totally fucking kills anything it touches. SO! after I found out he did this I got someone to rush me out to the farm and I attempted to flush the soil with loads of water. So i'm hoping that when i check on them tommorow they will be alright and not totally fried and yellow from the "nutrients". Wish me luck. It would be sad to watch these plants die :( I don't know what else i could do except flush the soil over and over again. This person put like an entire fucking box of miracle grow on 3 fucking plants!!!!!! WHAT A MORON! your supposed to use a little tiny spoon that fits hardly anything for every gallon of water. How stupid could you possibly be? This world is full of idiots and it never ceases to amaze me. Good luck on your grows fellow cannabis lovers! I'm going to sleep now, well i'll try to sleep as I imagine my babies turning yellow and brown and then flopping over. Night!
  11. J DOG 6000

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    Tell me about it...I don't let anyone mess with mine,and I make that very clear.
    I'll pray for you.
    They sould be OK since you flushed them.If you would'nt have done that they might of not made it...
    Just keep an eye out for nute burn on the tips of the leaves and the teeth on the leaf.
  12. OzzyOz

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    good man
    hopefully your plants recover
    if they don't grow, you can always use the plants to make hash

    well peace out
  13. ontariogrower

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    Yah i checked them today after the horrible news from the doctor. I have cancer in my adrenal gland. For some reason i'm not too worried right now, but at other times, i'm crying and freaking out. But anyways my plants are okay i think they were like deadish today but they will be okay maybe just a bit burned the leaves looked kinda dead on the big one which sucks...they were flopping.... :( anyways....it's a month to my 20th birthday yay!!!! i think..lol.hopefully i'll have some good weed shortly after if no one rips me off or busts me. Oh well i may get a pound if i'm lucky from those plants. That would be ideal. we'll see though. Last year i got about a pound off of the same amount. but the weed was shit because it had gotten mixed with wild hemp. This stuff is the good shit though so meh. I'm in alot of pain right now, i couldnt sleep i went to bed hours ago but found myself writing a letter to my father...i'll post it in my cancer thread for everyone to read. Anyways i'm off to play xbox in bed while i try to pretend my arms and legs and stomach and hips and neck dont feel like they are being stabbed and ripped everytime i move them.
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    Shit, just gazing at them brings tears of joy to my eyes! If you ever need a tester for it, just let me know! lol
  15. faralos666

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    sorry to hear about cancer

    Sorry to hear about your cancer. I have 2 herniated disks, and can understand about the pain, when nothing the docs do can help. weed calms down the spasms when even valium doesn't, but no can find any here in Philly. Will chemo help? are you covered for it? lost a good friend to cancer a short while back, he refused to get chemo...
  16. rastabill89

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    well man very nice grow....looking good and keep us updated
  17. ontariogrower

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    My plants are still alive and well!!!

    Well my plants are still alive they made it through the miracle grow incident and they are bigger than before.......they are about 8 feet tall each....and the little one is about 5 feet tall. Anyways, i'll have some new pictures up soon enough. I have alot of doctors appointments coming up this week and for months probably. But i will take some pics anyways and you can see how they are doing. I'm not feeling good at all. My muscles are so sore and i feel almost like there is a pain in my bones. I'm not doing too well. I smoked some cannabis for the first time in a long time on Sunday night and it was pretty nice. I didn't get paranoid like i used to. It made the pain more severe though at the beginning but after about 20 minutes the pain was almost gone. The only problem is I dont enjoy the smoke. It really does a number on my throat and lungs. I have problems breathing and a very sore throat thats always filled with mucus and it just makes it worse. But other than that it was really pleasant. Moreso than i ever imagined. The combination of my painkilling medication and the weed helps with the paranoia i used to experience. I find that I don't need much cannabis to get medicinal effects. I could get by on maybe 10 good hauls before bed and I would be good to go. I only need to smoke maybe a quarter of a decent sized joint or half of a little pinner and i'm good. I'm very sensitive to medications and drugs, possibly because of the cancer in my adrenal glands which is basically on your kidneys. I've found that even 10 little balls out of a dexedrine capsule makes me too nervous and edgy. So i stopped asking for them from my doctor. I hope to get a vaporizer when i have enough money. I refuse to smoke it often. Maybe i'll do it once a week. Also, one other thing. It really helped to mellow me out. I have a hormone imbalance in my adrenal glands. My body makes too much Cortisol, this is a stress hormone and so, it makes me VERY edgy, very confrontational, and I cannot control my temper. I always feel like I am on an adrenaline rush and it's unbearable sometimes. I tend to get very upset alot of the time. Before i got sick i was very mellow and relaxed. After i got sick, i always felt like I was on a constant adrenaline rush and trust me it feels horrible. This high cortisol also screws up your seratonin and makes it so you cannot enjoy things. It totally depletes your seratonin. This makes for severe depression. I have some serious problem but I'm hoping I will overcome them. I hope to get a grow light and grow my own medical marijuana and I will get a vaporizer and use cannabis that way and I will also make tinctures for my nausea. Thanks for looking at my thread :)

    Sincerely, Tom (aka, Ontariogrower)
  18. J DOG 6000

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    Wow ,everything you,ve explained sounds alot like something I went through years ago ,allthough not quite as serious , pretty bad.
    I was a heroin addict for afew years when I was younger and the withdrawls where alot like what you explained...constant muscle pain,feels like your bones hurt and the constant anxiety was the worst pain I've ever felt.
    Last time I kicked in LA county jail...I was detoxing from heroin(alot of it)xanax(alot) and methadone(not alot).
    I have to say the xanax was worse then the heroin...it made me sick for about 2-3 months,grinding my teeth,couldn't sleep or eat for about 2 weeks...felt like I lost my mind and was never coming back...seeing things,hearing things...horrible things,the worst you can imagine...
    I know what some of you are thinking,Why do you still smoke pot if your a recovering heroin addict...well I'll tell ya...I quit several times only to relapse and start all over again.The more I did this the more I realized that if I didn't smoke bud I would go straight to heroin if I relapsed,but if I got stoned when I would start craving the smack I would more often then not be to high or to lazy or just content,so I would be less inclined to go through all the trouble of going out and commiting a felony.
    Ha Ha
    Or the weed would make me think things through and I would deside not to do it for my own sake.
    So for me cannabis as saved my life in everyway possible...
    My brain is alittle fryed from all the differant chemicals I've put in my body so I need it to feel normal(calm).
    I'm proud to say I don't even crave that crap anymore and the only chemical in my body now is THC!!!

    If you want to call it a chemical( I wouldn't)
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  19. FunkyMonkey

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    dude nobody can reply to your plea for lights in that forum, so I followed you here.
    drop me an email and we can talk

  20. ontariogrower

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    Hey check your email funkymonkey. I mailed you. Thanks

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